Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cubs are looking at

The Chicago Cubs are looking at

OF Milton Bradley I think Bradley would be a good fit in RF because if he needs to take a break the cubs have alot of outfielders such as Gathright and Kosuke can play RF if needed

OF Adam Dunn if cant sign Milton Bradley Dunn said he would take a discount to play for the cubs I imagine 3 year 27 million so 9 million a year

Utility Chone Figgins I would imagine if the cubs do get him Derek Lee would be in the deal the trade would be like Derek Lee for Figgins ans a relief pitcher because the Angels just lost out on Mark Texieria

P Jake Peavy I think the Cubs do have a good chance to get Peavy because he said he would go to the Cubs and the Padres need to cut budget and there afraid they might lose him without getting anybody in return the trade would be something like this
Padres get Vitters Pie Cedeno Hart and 2 pitching prospects from the Brewers
Brewers get Marquise and half his contract
Cubs get Jake Peavy

Pitchers Kadokura, Noguchi to play in there bullpen and they want Kosuke to feel more comfortable with more japanese players on there team

Who they might trade

Utility Mark Derosa the likely destination for Derosa will be the Twins if he is going to be traded. If Derosa is traded I will like to see Nathan there coser in the deal

First Base Derek Lee Like what I said above to the Angels

P Jason Marquise The Cubs are trying to cut budget and he will probably go to the Rockies Mets or the Brewers in the potential Peavy deal and the cubs will pay half his contract that trade can happen any time now and after that is when the cubs will then sign there left handed bat to play right field

Who they are going to lose or not resign

OF Jim Edmonds To old and have alot of outfielders

P Jon Lieber to old and is thinking to retired

utility Darlye Ward to old and was poorly last year Hoffpauir will take over his spot

C Henry Blanco this is probably the only Bub that has a chance to get resigned

After I wrote all this I think the Cubs will

Sign Milton Bradley to 3 year around 33 million

trade for Jake Peavy

trade Marquise

resign Henry Blanco

Sign a Japanese player to comfort Kosuke