Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick Hits

Jeff Samardzija has been recalled from Triple A Iowa and Jose Ascaino has been sent back down to Triple A Iowa. I think Kevin Hart should of been the one to be sent down.

According to Peter Gammons, the Cubs will make 1 or 2 trades before the trade deadline. All the people he talked to said that they will do something to help their ailing offense.

Ken Rosenthal mentioned today the Cubs don't have to make a trade and the offense just needs to start hitting.

The Royals are having a firesale and are going to trade their non core players. I still say the Cubs should trade Mike Fontenot and Mitch Atkins for Mark Teahen.

The Toronto Blue Jays want to cut payroll and are willing to trade outfielders Vermon Wells and Alex Rios. I would love the Cubs to have both but will they be allow to add payroll.

Stats in 2009: Vermon Wells, Alex Rios and the Cubs CF Kosuke Fukudome:

Vermon Wells will be 31 in December and is making 11.5 in 2009 (12.5 in 10, 23 in 11 and 21 12-14). Wells in batting .248 with 7 HR, 36 rbi's, 26 walks and struck out 38 times.

Alex Rios is 28 years old and is making 5.9 million on 2009 (10 9.7M, 11 $12M, 12 $12M, 13:$12.5M, 14:$12.5M, 15:$13.5M club option ($1M buyout). Rios is batting .263 with 9 HR, 37 rbi's, 23 walks and struck out 54 times.

Kosuke Fukudome is 32 years old and is making 11.5 million (13 in 10 and 13,5 in 11).
Kosuke is batting .260 with 5 HR, 23 rbi's, 42 walks and struck out 50 times.

I don't care if you do get them but their numbers don't look like they will help the Cubs offense woes.

NL Central News:

Today the Pirates trade Nyjer Morgan and Sean Burnett to the Nationals for Lastings Milledge and Joel Hanrahan. Also they traded Eric Hinske for Casey Erickson and Eric Fryer.

The Reds are looking for a bat and are scouting White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye and Athletics outfielder Matt Holliday.

With the acquisition of Mark Derosa, that probably calls off their pursuit of outfielder Matt Holliday due to the payroll.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Miles to DL Again and Other Notes

Aaron Miles is going to be placed on the 15 day DL before todays with a hyper extended arm and OF Sam Fuld will be called up from Triple A. I think Fuld was called up instead of Scales because the Cubs need a CF to give time off to Kosuke Fukudome. Kosuke is the only player on the team that can play CF. Also when Johnson returns, Fuld might get sent down because they will have 4 outfielders and Hoffpauir-Fox as 5-6 outfielders.

Fuld has some speed with 20 SB in Triple A this year. He also has been hitting lately with a batting average over 400 in has last 5 game. His last time in the majors was 2007.

Angel Guzman will pitch in a rehab start on Tuesday.

Aramis Ramirez will go on his first rehab start on Friday and that will not be his only.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cards Acquire Mark Derosa, Teahen and much more...

Yesterday Mark Derosa was traded to are rivals the St. Louis Cardinals for right hand relief pitcher Chris Perez and a PTBNL. Mark Derosa was in their starting lineup today going 0-3 with a walk and playing third. Man how bad does that blow now.

A couple days ago Hot Stove Cubbies mentioned that the Cubs were interested in Mark Teahen. Today Peter Gammons mentioned the Cubs were in fact interested in Mark Teahen with the Red Sox and Yankees. If the Cubs can get him cheap Jim Hendry better counter what the Cards did and get him. Until Ramirez gets back Fox can play third and Mark Teahen can play second, they won't be losing a left handed bat because Teahen is a left hander.

Aramis Ramirez said today he will not be back until after the all-star game and when there is a day game after a night game he will sit out. That can give more chances to Fox and more of a need for utility man Mark Teahen.

Lou Pinellia said when the Cubs get back to playing NL baseball, he will still play Jake Fox at third. I am really happy for the 26 year old Jake Fox.

Aaron Miles is likely to be placed on the 15 day Dl because his arm still has more fluid in it. Bobby Scales is the likely player to be called up.

Reed Johnson will be back in a couple days and that will be good so Kosuke Fukudome can get a day oll. To me he looks warned out and out matched at the plate.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bradley, Derosa, A-Ram, and more...

During yesterdays game Bradley was sent home by manager Lou Pinella after he threw his helmet and smash the Gatorade bottle. Pinella told Bradley to take off his jersey and go home, when Bradley was walking down to the clubhouse Pinella and Bradley said words back in fourth. After the game Pinella said Bradley will not be disciplined and will be penciled in for the game today against the White Sox today.

* The Cubs are versing a lefty today and Bradley will bat right where he gets moistly all his hits.
* I hope this sparks Bradley and he starts hitting from both sides.
* If that does not spark him to hit from the left side Bradley should just try and hit righty for all his at-bats.
* If he is still having trouble after that Pinella should platoon Hoffpauir and Bradley in right with Bradley playing against lefties and Hoffpauir playing against righties.

Aramis Ramirez took batting practice for the first time yesterday after dislocating his shoulder 7 weeks ago. Gordon Wittnymer mention today in a report that Ramirez could come off the DL before the all-star break. I see Ramirez going on a rehab start in a week to a week and a half.

According to Gordon Wittnymer of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs had talks about a month ago about reacquiring utiliy man Mark Derosa. Wittnymer says any move about bringing Mark Derosa back to the North Side depends on the price and if the ownership can take on about 2 million in salary. It all depends on the performance of Aramis Ramirez when he returns.

A couple days ago Jason Stark mention the Cubs considering requiring Mark Derosa.

About a week ago the Cubs signed first round pick OF Brett Jackson and yesterday it was said he signed a bonus of $972,000. That is around the right price for the first round pick.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Soto, Teahen, Derosa...

A report from the Tribune, Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana in Puerto Rico during the WBC. Soto will not be discipline by the MLB but is suspended for international play for 2 years.

Soto had to say this: He said he "was embarrassed" by his lapse of judgment. He said his behavior was inappropriate and said it was an isolated incident.

That could be why Soto came to spring training 25 pounds overweight. He also mention this was the only drug test he tested positive.

According to Jason Stark, the Cubs have consider bring back utility man Mark Derosa. At this point with Ramirez still not back the Cubs don't know what they need and if you bring in a guy like Derosa who can play pretty much everywhere, it solves a lot of problems.

Can the Cubs be interested in Mark Teahen, Hot Stove Cubbies mentioned it and a report out of Kansas City said the Royals are open to trading players that is not in their core like Grienke, Soria and Butler. Names like Teahen, Guillen, Dejesus they are open to trading. A year ago the Cubs were almost to acquire him but something happen and now they are more in a need for him or Derosa. I can see a trade for him or Derosa within the next 2 weeks.

Stats this year for both of the players:

Mark Derosa is 34 years old and is making 5.5 million this year. Derosa is batting .270 with 13 home runs, 50 rbi's, 29 walks ans struck out 62 times in 2009.

Mark Teahen is 28 years old in September and is making 3.575 in 2009. Teahen is batting .285 with 8 HR, 26 rbi's, 19 walks and struck out 53 times.

If I had to choose I will pick Mark Teahen because he is cheaper in cost, will cost less players to acquire, younger and is putting up pretty good numbers for playing for the Royals. He is also a left handed batter.

I would take Teahen now over Fontenot, put Teahen at second, he can't do any worse.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Cub Injured...

OF Reed Johnson is headed to the 15 day DL with a back problem and Ryan Freel will be activated from the DL, call up from the minors. Pinella said he can't keep playing with a short bench. When Ramirez returns, I see Freel or Miles being DFA.

The Cubs are waiting for Aramis Ramirez to return before making a trade, to see what their needs are.

The only good part with all these injuries, it is in the first half of the season.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Draft Signings...

More players the Cubs have signed from the draft from a week or so:

Round 14, pick 440: 21 year old RHP Daniel Keefe. &
Round 28, pick 860: 22 year old 3B Jordan Petraitis. &
Round 21, pick 650: 23 year old 1B Greg Rohan. &
Round 22, pick 680: 20 year old 2B Derrick Fitzgerald. *
Round 18, pick 560: 22 year old C Matt Williams. *
Round 26, pick 800: 22 year old RHP Stephen Grife. *
Round 17, pick 530: 21 year old RHP Barrett Dail. *
Round 29, pick 890: 22 year old RHP Timothy Clubb. *
Round 25, pick 770: 21 year old 1B Justin Bour. *
Round 8, pick 260: 20 year old RHP Robert Whitenaack. &
Round 27, pick 830: 22 year old RHP Corey martin.
Round 41, pick 1250: 22 year old RHP Jacob Schmidt.
Round 11, pick 350: 19 year old LHP John Mincone.
Round 10, pick 320: 20 year old 3B Charles Thomas.
Round 23, pick 710: 21 year old CF Jeff Pruitt.
Round 15, pick 470: 21 year old CF Cody Shields.

The players with the * have been assigned to AZL Cubs.

The players with the & have been assigned to Class A Boise Hawks.

When more players get signed, I will have them right here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cubs Signed 1st Round Pick Brett Jackson...

According to a press release, the Cubs signed first round pick, 31st overall, 20 year old CF Brett Jackson. Jackson had the second best athleticism in the draft and was one of the better defenders in the draft. Jackson bats left and throws right, he is projected to make it to the majors is 2-3 years and the Cubs have to hope he is not like the other first rounders that were release earlier this year. I don't this he will and will eventually make it to the majors. Terms of the bonus undisclosed.

The Cubs also signed 12th round pick, 380 overall, 20 year old OF Runey Davis. Also terms of bonus undisclosed.

I will keep you updated on the draft signings.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Could we see the Cubs Pursue Brian Roberts Again...

According to Rick Dempsey of MASN, says the Baltimore Orioles should dump high priced older players such as Brian Roberts. Brian Roberts just signed a 4 year extension worth 40 million in February of 09.

Rick Dempsey had to say this:
"He is a quality position player who could draw a lot of attention from a contender and be worth a few good young prospects. Now the only reason I suggest B-Rob is because he has probably missed his window of opportunity to win with the O's and now that the nucleus is becoming much younger, having to wait two more years to contend may take Brian out of his prime and out of his value. I would hate to see him go, but it might be the best overall for the Orioles for the future".

Cubs/Orioles trade proposal:
Cubs get Brian Roberts and Danys Baez
Orioles get Mike Fontenot, Jeff Stevens, Mitch Atkins and Jake Fox. I think Fox is the deal breaker.

Roberts will then play second and Baez will be setup man with Guzman for the Cubs.

Brian Roberts is batting .291 with 7 HR, 31 rbi's and 15 stolen bases.
Danys Baex is 4-1 with a 3.22 era with 13 walks and 23 strikeouts. He pitched 36.1 innings.

Fontenot will then play second, Stevens will pitch in rotation (this year or next year), Atkins will pitch in bullpen (not major league ready yet but will be) and Fox will DH (they then can trade Huff to the Mets and move Scott to 1B).

This will work for both teams in a big way.

If the Cubs want this trade to get done, they will have to get permission from Crain Kenney or the O's will have to pay some of his contract, like 5 million this year until the ownership is in place.

Other notable second baseman they might look at:
Brandon Wood of LAA
Felipe Lopez of Ariz
Jose Lopez of Seattle
Jack Wilson of Pitt
Dan Uggla of Florida
That is some names I can come up with that can help the club.

Yesterday on hit and run, on 670 the score. The Cubs assistant GM Randy Bush joined and had to say this:

He said they are getting frustrated with 2B Mike Fontenot and will look for other options. That is why I mentioned Brian Roberts.

He also mention that they will do what they do every year stay on top of the market and see what player they are going to pursue. Also he said it is very likely we will make a move come July, when we have a better understanding of what are needs are.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Angel Guzman Placed on 15 Day DL...

Today the Cubs placed RHP Angel Guzman on the 15 day DL and recalled RHP Kevin Hart from Triple A Iowa.

Kevin Hart Stats in Triple A Iowa:
Hart pitched 52.1 innings giving up 39 hits, 20 runs, 18 earned runs, 5 home runs, 20 walks and 59 strikeouts. He also had a era of 3.10.

Angel Guzman was a bright spot of the bullpen this year and with him going down, I am hoping Jim Hendry starts looking for a bullpen pitcher.

I will keep you updated.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Hits

Yesterday Pedro Martinez workout with tons of scouts watching him and when the scouts left they said we were unimpressed and not interested anymore. It was said that the Yankees and Angels are not going to pursue him anymore. That is according to Buster Olney. Pedro will have to drop his price down with more and more not looking at him anymore.

Jon Heyman noted with the Cubs ownership unsure, it will hurt their chances of signing Pedro Martinez.

Mark Cuban will not jump in for the re-bidding for the Cubs again.

Buster Olney also mentioned the top 3 suitors for Mark Derosa is the Mets, Cardinals and Cubs. Earlier this week it was said the Cubs are not going to pursue him.

According to Peter Gammons, with the ownership not in place, it will hurt the chances of making a big addition to help their club.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Pedro Martinez Notes and Jim Hendry Looking at Trade market...

The Cubs are looking at the trade market but are unsure of needs as of right now. Jim Hendry is working the trade market harder than ever but does not know what there needs will be in July. Hendry wants to see what production he can get from Aramis Ramirez when he returns to action. Until then he wants his hitters that he has now to start producing and winning games. Hendry also mentions that he in unsure of who he will add come July. All this is according to Gordon Wittnymer of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hendry had to say this: "For me to say either way in the middle of June makes no sense," he said. "We could be in the market for a player we never even dreamed of a month from now, You just kind of stay on top of it every day and react to what you may need."

Players I will love the Cubs too go after and could help in the long run and right now:

Dan Uggla: He can play 4-5 days a week with Fontenot going back to the utility roll which I think he is better at. Uggla is batting .218 with 12 HR and 41 rbi's. Uggla may come cheaper this year because last years he was a all star. Then you can hope he starts playing next year like he did 2 years ago.

Marlins/Cubs trade:
Cubs get Dan Uggla
Marlins get Mike Fontenot Mitch Atkins and Sam Fuld

Jorge Cantu: He can play first, second, third and the outfield. He would be good until Ramirez gets back. He is batting .276 with 9 HR and 43 rbi's.

I say propose the same trade as above. Also not to mention Cantu and Uggla are younger than Fontenot.

Russell Brayan: He would be a good utility player and a replacement until Ramirez gets back. He is batting .307 with 15 HR and 30 rbi's.

Mariners/Cubs trade:
Cubs get Russell Brayan
Mariners get Esmailin Caridad

Jose Lopez: I like this guy because he can make contact and barely strikes out. Lopez is batting .248 with 10 HR and 42 rbis's.

Cubs/Mariners trade:
Cubs get Jose Lopez
Mariners get Mitch Atkins and Aaron Miles. Miles and Lopez's contract pretty much matches up. Just hope they take it.

Felipe Lopez: Lopez is going to be a FA after the season and can hit the ball to all directions. He is batting .300 with 4HR and 12 rbi's.

Cubs/Diamondbacks trade:
Cubs get Felipe Lopez
Diamondbacks get Mitch Atkins

These are some names that are cheap in which Hendry will be able to take on their contracts. You also can say trade Kosuke Fukudome for a guy that can hit in a consistent way. Believe me Jim Hendry will see what value Kosuke Fukudome has at the trade deadline.

Rating them in order who I will want first:
Jose Lopez
Jorge Cantu
Dan Uggla
Felipe Lopez
Russell Brayan

Pedro Martinez Notes:

Pedro told Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald that his arm feels good enough to throw and throw and throw and throw, he just needs to polish his breaking pitches.

Pedro said he's in "tippy-top shape, and joked about starting another career soon: "I'm thinking of becoming a swimsuit model, he said.

Pedro will play winter ball in hopes of playing in 2010 if he doesn't sign this year.

He said money doesn't motivate him.

Ken Davidoff and Steve Zipay of Newsday report that the Yankees are only interested in signing Pedro to a minor league deal.

The Yankees will watch him pitch today, along with the Cubs, Rays and Angels.

Jon Heyman of SI.com presents a revised list of Pedro's suitors. In order: the Cubs, Angels, Dodgers, Rays and the two New York teams.

Maybe Pedro Martinez will take a discount to come to the Cubs and play in there bullpen. The Cubs then can DFA David Patton who never pitches.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pedro Martinez to expensive for Cubs and Updates...

Update 1:30: According to Gordon Edes, he hears the Cubs are serious about Pedro, even though they don't like his demands. We wouldn't be watching him just to waste our time, a Cubs source said.

Update 12:40: Bruce Miles says says Lou Pinella has not discussed Pedro with GM Jim Hendry. Miles adds that the righty's likely too expensive for the Cubs, anyways.

Update 10:30: According to Gordon Wittnymer of the Chicago Tribune, Pedro Martinez is too expensive for the Cubs with the ownership not in place and the small budget Jim Hendry has to work with right now. Jim Hendry has a lot of respect for the 3 time CY winner but will not give him his asking price of 5 million for 1 year. Wittnymer also adds with an injury to the starting rotation, will urge the need for Pedro Martinez.

I think if the Cubs can sign him to a 1 year 2-3 million, I will jump right on it and then the Cubs can DFA David Patton who pitches 1 time in a week if lucky.

Get caught up on from yesterdays news:

The Associated Press said that Pedro Martinez has had talks with the Cubs and Rays to join their team.

"There's a good chance I'll be signing soon, but there still isn't anything firm," Martinez said.

After an hour the news was mentioned Bruce Levine shot down the rumors by saying the Cubs are not in negotiations with Pedro Martinez and none have taken place. The Cubs attended his workout, but that is all.

The Cubs had scouts at the WBC watching him pitch for the Dominican Republic and last week the Cubs had scouts in the Dominican Republic watching him workout and were surprise of how he did.

"Certainly, we've got a lot of respect for him, and he's got a great history," Hendry said."

According to David Kaplan of CSN, one of his sources close to the Cubs said that we are not going to pursue Derosa and will look in a different direction.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pinella Move Soriano Down in the Lineup...

Pinella move Soriano down in the lineup, he is an embarrassment to the club. A lead off man is supposed to get on base and start a rally for the middle of the order. As of today Soriano is batting .226 with a OBP of .290 (really embarrassing). Soriano is batting first because he is more comfortable and wants to try to break the home run record (most home runs leading off the game) by Devery Henderson.

In the last month Alfonso Soriano got 19 hits with 3 home runs and struck out 33 times in 118 at-bats counting this game against the White Sox. Also Soriano is not stealing bases like he did because of his knee, another reason he should not be the Cubs lead off man. That is not good numbers for a guy starting the ball game.

Pinella if you want to win games, put Soriano on the DL until he is 90-100% healthy or move him down in the order. Who is the manager you or Soriano, your the one that makes the moves and that one has to be done.

Lineup with Soriano down in the lineup without Ramirez:

SS Theriot
CF Kosuke when versing a righty/Johnson when versing a lefty
1B Lee
RF Bradley (Looks like he is heating up)
LF Soriano
3B Fontenot
C Soto
2B Blanco (I hate Miles)
P Pitcher

Lineup with Soriano down in the lineup with Ramirez:

SS Theriot
CF Kosuke when versing a righty/Johnson when versing a lefty
1B Lee
RF Bradley (Looks like he is heating up)
3B Ramirez
LF Soriano
2B Fontenot
C Soto
P Pitcher

Lineup with Soriano down in the lineup and at 2B with Ramirez:

SS Theriot
CF Kosuke when versing a righty/Johnson when versing a lefty
1B Lee
RF Bradley (Looks like he is getting hot)
3B Ramirez
2B Soriano (might get a fastball with Hoffpauir next)
LF Hoffpauir (with time giving to Fox)
C Soto
P Pitcher

I am not going to do one with Soriano out of the lineup because we all know Pinella and he will not take out Soriano.

That is why I think Soriano should be out of the lineup. Any thoughts?

I will keep you posted on all Cubs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fox recalled, Waddell to DL...

According to Bruce Levine of ESPN 1000, the Cubs called up Jake Fox placed P Jason Waddell on the 15 day DL for evaluation and treatment of a non-baseball related medical issue.

This move does not hurt because he is a rookie and the Cubs had 13 pitchers and 4 bench players. Now there are 12 pitchers and 5 bench players.

I will keep you updated.

Are the Cubs Interested in Huston Street, Can We see Mark Derosa Back in Cubbie Blue...

According to David Kaplan of CSN, the Cubs are still pursuing Mark Derosa. Craig Kenney said on the radio yesterday we can take on the contract of Mark Derosa without getting permission from Sam Zell. Derosa is making 5.5 million this year.

Hendry was on Monsters in the Mourning yesterday and hinted that they are going after Derosa again and he also mentioned that we would love to have Derosa back.

A source mentioned that the Indians want more in return than the Cubs gave up in the off season when the Cubs traded him. The Indians want a major league ready pitcher and the Cubs only have one in Jeff Samardzija. Samardzija has a no trade cause and said when he came to baseball he wants to be on the Chicago Cubs his whole career.

Other teams that might pursue him besides Cubs, Mets, Cardinals and Giants.

According to Jon Heyman of SI, the Colorado Rockies closer Huston Street has been heavily scouted by major league teams, he did not mention any teams.

The Cubs are in need for relief pitching and Street is 26 and is making 4.5 million this year. If the Cubs can take on the 5.5 million of Derosa's contract, they should be able to take on the 4.5 million of Street's contract. If I had to choose, I will pick Street because he is not a free agent after the season, younger and the Cubs need relief pitching more than a backup 3B.

According to Buster Olney, the Rockies will not trade Huston Street until next month because they are riding a 11 game win streak and are still in the run for the wild card.

Other teams that might pursuit him besides Cubs, Yankees, Twins, Angels, Mets, Brewers and Tigers.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ryan Freel's Rehab Start

Ryan Freel will play 3B and bat first for Triple A Iowa. If everything goes as plan Freel could come back within a week. When Freel does return, Andres Blanco would be sent down (my opinion).

First at-bat: Ryan Freel grounds out to the third baseman on a 2-2 count.

Second at-bat: Ryan Freel flys out to the right fielder on a 2-1 count.

Third at-bat: Ryan Freel singles on a line drive to left field on the first pitch.

Ryan Freel was taken out in the 8th inning for 3B Luis Rivas. All in all this was a typical for Ryan Freel and I don't see him on the team much longer if he does not contribute. If the Cubs release, they will only have to pay 800,000 of his contract.

Other Notes from that game:
Jake Fox sat out.
Bobby Scales played first base.
Jeff Samardzija pitched 6 innings and gave up 4 earned runs.

I will keep you posted on all Cubs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gerald Perry Fired, D-Lee Interests Giants

When the Cubs were taking batting practice before today's game GM Jim Hendry pulled hitting coach Gerald perry off the field and said he would know longer be on the team and he was replaced with hitting coach from Triple A Von Joshua. He mentor Geovany Soto, Ryan Theriot, Mike Fontenot and Micah Hoffpauir to get to the big leagues.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Giants are interested in 1B Derrek lee. Giants GM Brian Sabean would at least approach Jim Hendry to see if Lee would waive his no trade cause to go to the Giants and if he would they would then start talking trade but if he says no the Giants and Cubs will not talk about a trade all season.

The only way I would trade Lee if you can get P Matt Cain which will not happen because lee is the smartest Cub and the hottest hitter of right now.

It would be nice if the Giants will take the big contract of Kosuke Fukudome which will also not happen. I would take a PTBNL in return for Kosuke if they took the contract. Then the Cubs can look for a OF like Matt Holliday (free agent after season) or Brad Hawpe, I would be find with either of them. Also remember this is really unlikely.

I will keep you posted.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bobby Scales back to Iowa

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs have optioned IF Bobby Scales back to Iowa to make room for P Rich Harden who will be activated from the 15 day DL to make the start today. I they would of send P Jason Waddell because Marshall is in the bullpen now as the lefty.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cubs Scouting Pedro Martinez

According to Nick Cafardo, the Cubs had scouts watching Pedro Martinez workout, he also mention that Martinez fastball reach 94MPH. If the Cubs do sign him, I would imagine that he would go to the bullpen and the Cubs will DFA David Patton who pitches 1 time in a week (waste of a roster spot). If you could sign him to a 1 year 2 million and agrees to go to the bullpen, Jim Hendry better jump on that. The Rays also had scouts to watch him workout.

Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune doesn't think Pedro Martinez is the answer for the Cubs.

I will keep you posted and I hope this goes through.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Draft Recap, Mark Derosa

According to the MLB Network, the Cubs and Braves are the 2 finalists to land utility man Mark Derosa. I will not be in favor with this move because Derosa does not suit are needs right now. The Cubs need power and speed and Derosa pretty much has neither.

Here are the players the Cubs drafted on day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Round 1, pick 31: Brett Jackson, position-CF college-California age-20.
Round 2, pick 79: David LeMaheiu, position-IF college-Louisiana age-20.
Round 3, pick 109: Austin Kirk, position-LHP school-Owasson High School age-19.
Round 4, pick 140: Christopher Rusin, position-LHP college-Kentucky age-22.
Round 5, pick 170: Wesley Darville, position-SS school-Brookswood High School age-17.
Round 6, pick 200: Brooks Raley, position-LHP college-Texas A&M age-20.
Round 7, pick 230: Blair Springfield, position-SS school-MacArthur High School age-18
Round 8, pick 260: Robert Whitenaack, position-RHP college-New York age-20.
Round 9, pick 290: Richard Jones, position-catcher college-South Carolina age-21.
Round 10, pick 320: Joseph Thomas, position-3B college-Florida age-20.
Round 11, pick 350: John Mincone, position-LHP college-New York age-19.
Round 12, pick 380: Burundi Davis, position-OF college-Texas age-20.
Round 13, pick 410: Chad Taylor, position-SS school-Jefferson High School age-18.
Round 14, pick 440: Daniel Keefe, position-RHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 15, pick 470: Bryan Shields, position-CF college-Florida age-21.
Round 16, pick 500: Keenyn Walker, position-CF school-Utah High School UT age-18.
Round 17, pick 530: Barrett Dail, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-21.
Round 18, pick 560: Matthew Williams, position-catcher college-Duke age-22.
Round 19, pick 590: Sergio Burruel, position-catcher school-Arizona age-17.
Round 20, pick 620: Eric Erickson, position-LHP college-Miami age-21.
Round 21, pick 650: Greg Rohan, position-1B college-Ohio age-23.
Round 22, pick 680: Derrick Fitzgerald, position-2B college-Virginia age-20.
Round 23, pick 710: Jeffrey Pruitt, position-CF college-California age-21.
Round 24, pick 740: Gerardo Esquivel, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 25, pick 770: Justin Bour, position-1B college-Virginia age-21.
Round 26, pick 800: Stephen Grife, position-RHP college-Ohio age-22.
Round 27, pick 830: Corey martin, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-22.
Round 28, pick 860: Jordan Petraitis, position-3B college-Ohio age-22.
Round 29, pick 890: Timothy Clubb, position-RHP college-Missouri age-22.
Round 30, pick 920: Daniel Sheppard, position-catcher school-Downers Grove age-18.
Round 31, pick 950: Andrew Clark, position-1B college-Indiana age-21.
Round 32, pick 980: Kenneth McNutt, position-RHP college Alabama age-19.
Round 33, pick 1010: John Lambert, position-LHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 34, pick 1040: Joesph Varner, position-RHP college-Texas age-21.
Round 35, pick 1070: Kevin David, position-catcher college Los Angeles age-21.
Round 36, pick 1100: Brandon May, position-2B college-Georgia age-21.
Round 37, pick 1130: Peter Mooney, position-SS college-Florida age-19.
Round 38, pick 1160: Robert Wagner, position-3B, college-Panola age-22.
Round 39, pick 1190: Nicholas Struck, position-RHP college-Oregon age-20.
Round 40, pick 1220: Eric Whaley, position-RHP school Florida age-18.
Round 41, pick 1250: Jacob Schmidt, position-RHP school-Minnesota age-22
Round 42, pick 1280: Trey Ford, position-SS school-Arizona age-18.
Round 43, pick 1310: Colin Kaepernick, position-RHP college-Ohio age-21.
Round 44, pick 1340: Frank Dijiulio, position-RHP college-Florida age-19.
Round 45, pick 1370: Addison Dunn, position-RHP school-Warren Area HS age-18.
Round 46, pick 1400: Glenn Cook, position-CF college-Miami age-24.
Round 47, pick 1430: Joseph Jocketty, position-3B school-Montana age-18.
Round 48, pick 1460: John Massham, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 49, pick 1490: Christian Segar, position-CF school-New Jersey age-18.
Round 50, pick 1520: Zachary Cleveland, position-RHP college-Colorado age-20

Positions the Cubs drafted:

I say the Cubs did pretty good on the draft for being towards the bottom of the draft. I say 6-10 players will make the MLB and 2-4 players be in the MLB in 2-3 years.

That is it for the draft and when anything Cubs come around, I will have it.

Brad Hawpe, Josh Fields, Roster Move...

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, Cub officials said they are going to do what ever to get OF Brad Hawpe from the Colorado Rockies. Hawpe is batting in the 330's with 8 home runs and about 40 rbi's. They are getting sick and tired of the injuries to OF Milton Bradley. Brad Hawpe tops there list of who to go after.

According to the Cubs Corner, the Cubs had 10 scouts over the past week scouting the White Sox's 3B Josh Fields. Field has power but is not showing is this year, he will fill in for the injure Aramis Ramirez until he is healthy. This rumor was posted on the Cubsreporter.com but was removed and it is also on a thread at Cubs.com message board.

According to the Tribune, the Cubs option Jake Fox back to Iowa and activated Aaron Miles off the 15 day DL. I do not like this move at all, Miles went 0-5 against minor league players with 3 strikeouts. Jake Fox will not be at Iowa for long because he will be called up for interleague play. I think it will be to showcase him for AL clubs that need a DH.

I will have the draft recap tomorrow, I did have it done for today but I will just put it all together tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Draft, Jake Peavy, Ryan Dempster Daughter and Other Notes...

Breaking News: The Cubs draft CF Brett Jackson. Jackson went to College in CF. Jackson is 20 years old.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Jake Peavy will not be traded before the off season unless the Cubs get permission to take on Peavy's contract.

Also according to Ken Rosenthal, the Cubs are not interested in OF Ryan Spilborghs.

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs had 2 scouts at the White Sox/Tigers double hitter yesterday. The Cubs play the White Sox next week and that can be why, to get a scouting report on the White Sox.

According to the Cubs Corner, the Cubs are interested in IF Wilson Betemit. Betemit was DFA by the White Sox last week and will be a free agent on June 15.

Ryan Dempster's daughter has a rare disease called DiGeorge syndrome. That disease is where you have trouble swallowing and digesting your food. Riley (Dempster's daughter) was born April 1st of this year and has been in the hospital for the last 7 weeks. Riley just has surgery on May 11, to have the trachea put in and a feeding tube inserted, where they tie her stomach around her esophagus, so it stops stuff from coming back into her.

I will keep you posted on rumors about the Cubs and on Ryan Dempster's daughter Riley. I will have the rest of the draft tomorrow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Rich Harden's and Aaron Miles Rehab Start...

Rich Harden pitched 5 innings and got the win for Triple A Iowa Today. If everything goes right for Harden, he will pitch Saturday against the Minnesota Twins.

First inning: 1-2-3 inning with 2 strikeouts and a ground out, on 14 pitches.

Second inning: 1-2-3 inning with a fly out, line out and a strikeout, on 8 pitches.

Third inning: Gave up a 3 singles, 1 run, walk, bunt out, and 2 fly outs, on 22 pitches.

Fourth inning: Gave up a walk, ground out and 2 strikeouts, on 18 pitches.

Fifth inning: Gave up a ground out but reached on error, strike out and bunt out, on 9 pitches . Harden was taken out with 2 outs in the fifth.

Rich Harden's line for the day: 4.2 innings, 3 hits, 2 runs, 1 earn, 2 walks and struck out 6. Rich Harden walk, scored a run and a sacrifice bunt. Harden's rehab start was a pretty good one, just with that 1 bad inning that they scored a run and had a lot of base runners

Aaron Miles went 0-5 with a fly out, strikeout with the bases loaded, strikeout with a man on second, strikeout, ground out, while playing third base. Miles is supposed to come off the DL on Wednesday. If Miles is going to play like this, he should stay in triple A. I would rather keep Fox, Blanco ans Scales in the big leagues.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Harden, Miles Updates, 5 Hours and 14 Minute Game...

The Cubs won the series against the Reds today 6-3 in a 5 hour and 14 minute game.

Rich Harden was going to make a rehab start for Triple A Iowa today but was scratched because he has the stomach flu. If he is fine tomorrow, Harden will make his rehab start for Triple A Iowa.

Aaron Miles had his rehab start yesterday and went 2-3 with 2 singles and a run. Miles played third base. He would be eligible to come off the DL on Wednesday.

I will keep you posted.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Big Z, Other Notes

Cub officials say they are going to see what trade value Derrek Lee has at the trade deadline, that is according to Hot Stove Cubbies.

The Cubs are link to OF Ryan Spilborghs, the Cubs have been interested in him for about a couple years now. Ryan will either be traded or release in the near future. He is the 5th OF now because they just called up OF Carlos Gonzalez from Triple A. I would rather stick with the OF's the Cubs have now.

Here is a good article of what Zambrano said about his carrer:

According to MLB.com's Carrie Muskat, Cubs' righthander Carlos Zambrano says he will retire at the end of his current contract. Zambrano is currently in the second year of a five year, $91.5MM million dollar contract that he signed before the 2008 season.

"After this contract, I'm done," said Zambrano, who is signed through 2012 with a vesting option for 2013. "I'm serious. I don't want to play. I want to help this team, I want to do everything possible to win with this team, but after five years or four years, or whatever I have left on my contract, I just don't want to play.
"I want to stay home and see my daughters grow up and hang out with my family more," he said. "Do you know how many Mother's Days I spend with my mother? Do you know how many things I've lost in my life?

"It's good to be here, it's good to play baseball -- don't get me wrong," Zambrano said. "But five years, four years, whatever I have left in my contract, I will retire. That's it."

Zambrano turned 28 just this past week and just won his 100th career game last night. Like the quote says, his contract doesn't expire until after the 2013 season and has a vesting option for 2014 based on health and Cy Young voting, but it seems a bit odd that he would announce his intentions to retire so early. Perhaps he's just frustrated by some of the recent issues he's deal with. What do you guys think?

If I had to guess, I would say Big Z will not retire because he loves the game.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Notes on your Chicago Cubs

According to the Tribune, Aramis Ramirez can now start doing baseball activities. Ramirez is still about a month away from returning to action.

Rich Harden through a bullpen session yesterday and felt fine. He will pitch a 5 inning rehab game for Iowa Cubs and if he feels fine, Harden will then pitch a week from today for the Cubs.

Yesterdays game against the Braves was postponed do to rain and will be made up on Monday, June 22. Big Z will try again for his milestone, win 100.

i will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jake Peavy, More Pitchers the Cubs are looking at and Bradley

Milton Bradley had a MRI yesterday on his right calf and it revealed a mild strain. Bradley will be out for the weekend to rest and it will be up to him if he wants to go on the 15 day DL to rest. The Cubs have replacements like Hoffpauir and Fox who both can't field but can hit.

According to Jon Heyman, the Cubs are still the favorite to land pitcher Jake Peavy.

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, The Cubs have a plane B ready if they can't land pitcher Jake Peavy. According to Cub Officials, the Cubs are sure the ownership will get completed soon and now are making a wish list of players they want to go after. The 2 pitchers as a plan B are Erik Bedard and Cliff Lee.

Also according to Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs are getting a few calls for Jake Fox. I think Jake Fox will be the sticking point for a AL trade in which the AL team needs a DH.

Erik Bedard is 30 years old. Bedard is a lefty and is making 7.75 million on a 1 year contract. Bedard is 4-2 with a 2.37 era this year.

Cliff Lee is 31 years old. Lee is making 5.75 million for 2009 and has a club option for 2010 worth 8 million ans a 1 million buyout.

If I had to choose, I would rather have Wells in the rotation. I would want the Cubs top go after a power bat or a closer instead of Lee or Bedard.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kevin Gregg Should be Traded or Demoted...

In last nights game Kevin Gregg blew his second save. Since Gregg has been a Cub, he has not done anything. I think Gregg should be traded or demoted from the closer roll. I think it should be Guzman closer, Marmol 8th inning and Ascaino 7th inning.

Kevin Gregg is 31 years old and is getting 4.2 million this year. That is a lot of money for a guy that has trouble getting outs.

Here are a few names I wouldn't care if the Cubs traded for:

Joe Nathan: He is 35 years old and is getting 33.75 million thru 2011 and has a club option for 2012 worth 12.5 million. The Twins are in second place and are 3.5 games out of first. My guess is he won't be traded because the Twins will be in the race all year long.

George Sherrill: He is 31 years old and is getting 2.75 million this year. The Orioles are in last place and 7.5 games out. I think he will be traded because the O's want to get younger and the O's will be out of the race all year long.

Huston Street: He is 26 years old and is making 4.5 million this year. The Rockies are in last place and 14.5 games out. I also can see him being trade because the Rockies are already out of the race.

Brian Wilson: He is 27 years old and is getting 0.48 million. The Giants are in second place and 9 games out. I think he won't be traded because the Giants will be fighting for the wild card (in my opinion) and he is a cheap ball player as of right now.

This is who I will go after first (rated 1-4):

1) Huston Street (young)
2) Brian Wilson (young and cheap)
3) George Sherrill (older but still a strong pitcher)
4) Joe Nathan (old and way to much money left on his contract)

Tomorrow I will have the top of the line pitchers, the Cubs could be looking at.

I will still keep you updated on everything Cubs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cubs searching for a Power Bat...

Trade Options with the Ownership not in place:

Cubs get 2B Dan Uggla
Marlins get Freel or Miles, Mitch Atkins and Brad Snyder.
That trade can work because Hendry does not have to move money around. Free is making 4 million this year and Uggla is making about 5.5 million.

Cubs get Matt Holliday
Athletics get Kosuke Fukudome, Brad Snyder and Jason Waddell.
I will not like to lose Kosuke but for this only to work the Cubs will need to move Fukudome's contract. Holliday is making 13.3 million this year and Kosuke is making about 42 million over the next 3 years. Holliday is a free agent after this year. The Cubs then move Soriano to second, he can't play any worse than what he is playing in left. In my opinion he looks lost in left field. Then the starting lineup would be Soriano, Kosuke, Holliday, Ramirez, Lee, Bradley, Soto, Theriot and pitcher. I don't care about the more balance of lineup. This lineup might even be better than the Dodgers. The A's are not going to make the playoffs and will want to get something in return for Matt Holliday.

Cubs get Garrett Atkins
Rockies get Miles and 2 minor leaguers.
Atkins is making 7 million this year and with the ownership in secure this trade will be hard to work with the 7 million on Atkins contract. That is why I put Miles in there because he is making 4.25 in 2009 and 2010. Atkins is not hitting good this year but maybe a change of scenery will help to get his stroke back.

Cubs get Jorge Cantu
Marlins get Miles, Atkins and a relief pitcher in the big league or minors.
I think this will be the easiest trade to get done because Cantu is only making 3.5 million this year. With Miles going to Marlins the Cubs save money in less they pay Miles contract and the Marlins pay Cantu's contract and that will work too.

That is some names I can come up with and if you have any thoughts on what I wrote, just leave a comment.

Also lets hope the Cubs have a better month than May, starting with a win against the Braves tonight.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Best AL/NL Team for 2009 (ALL-Star Team)

NL Team:

C Russell Martin
1B Adrian Gonzalez
2B Chase Utley
3B David Wright
SS Jose Reyes
LF Ryan Braun
CF Carlos Beltran
RF Hunter Pence

Starting Rotation:
Johan Santana
Jake Peavy
Roy Oswalt
Chad Billingsley
Rich Harden

Closer Francisco Rodriguez
Setup Jose Valverde
Carlos marmol
Angel Guzman
J.J Putz
Jonathan Broxton
Brian Wilson

C Brian McCann
SS Jimmy Rollins
3B Aramis Ramirez
OF Manny Ramirez
1B Adam Dunn

C Jorge Posada
1B Mark Texieria
2B Ian Kinsler
3B Exan Longoria
SS Derek Jeter
LF Jason Bay
CF Ichrio Suzuki
RF Vladimir Guerrero

Starting Rotation:
Roy Halladay
CC Sabathia
AJ Burnett
Zack Greinke
Felix Hernandez

Closer Mariano Rivera
Setup Jonathan Papelbon
Joe Nathan
Bobby Jenks
Brian Fuentes
George Sherill
Frank Francisco

C Jason Varitek
2B Duston pedroia
3B Alex Rodriguez
OF Matt Holliday
1B Kevin Youkilis

That is what I think, will be the best NL/AL Team of 2009.

Next Monday when the Cubs are off, I will do the pitching rotation and lineups.

If I hear any notes on the Cubs, I will keep you posted.

Quick Hits

The Cubs are targeting utility man Ty Winningtion. He can play 3B, 2B, LF and RF. I would be OK with that move and when Ramirez gets back, he would be a good guy coming off the bench.

Ken Rosenthal says if Jake Peavy is going to be traded, it will be down to the Dodgers and Cubs. The Cubs have to wait for the ownership to get solve and the Dodgers have to move some money around to get a deal done.

Lou Pinella said when Harden returns Marshall will go to the bullpen and Wells will take over the 5th spot in the rotation.

Notes around the NL Central:

Reds 1B Joey Votto was placed on the 15 day DL with a stress related problem.

The White Sox had some scouts at the Astros game and were to believe looking at P Roy Oswalt and SS Miguel Tejada. Roy Oswalt who has a no trade cause said yesterday he will not accept a trade to the White Sox. It looks like no one wants to go the White Sox and can I not blame them.

I will keep you posted.