Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Taking Time Off...

I know I've very inactive as of the last 2 months or so, and I apologize. I just have been too busy as of late with school, work and other activities.

Instead of writing posts here and there, I decided to just take time off, until I'm not as busy. I love to write, but no time makes it hard. I had the blog for about 2-3 years and it has been fun.

When I have time, I will get back to writing more posts.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

NO Dice-K for Fukudome Trade...

We heard a couple weeks back that the Cubs and Red Sox were talking about a trade that would send the Cubs Dice-K and the Red Sox Fukudome, per Phil Rogers. Now just yesterday Phil Rogers said this trade could be in the works. However, Peter Gammons shot down Rogers and said it's not happening.

This is from ESPNBoston.com
"Daisuke Matsuzaka’s name did not come up during the Chicago Cubs’ recent organizational meetings, according to a baseball source. That doesn’t preclude the possibility the Cubs and Red Sox had a conversation about him as part of a proposed deal for Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome, as the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rogers reported Wednesday.

But it’s a deal that doesn’t make much sense. It’s understandable that the Cubs would seek to dump a bad contract in Fukudome, who is due to be paid $13.5 million in 2011. But Matsuzaka has two years left on his deal, at $10 million per, so if the Cubs are looking to free up some money for another move, like signing free agent Adam Dunn, a Fukudome-Matsuzaka swap has limited benefit."

I honestly wouldn't get this trade for the Cubs because it takes a spot in the rotation, Dice-K has one more year more than Kosuke on his contract and Dice-K has not pitched good as of late.

So, like the report said, I doubt this happens. I give it a 1% of happening.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quick Hits...

Here's the latest news and notes. Also, some rumors.

Aramis Ramirez excercised his 14.6M option yesterday. He still has to file the paperwork and that has to be turned in my Thursaday at Midnight.

Ryne Sandberg will leave the Cubs organization. He will look for other jobs out there. I hope for the best for Ryno!

The Cubs will remain in Mesa, after the Mesa voters voted to keep the Cubs.

Brett Jackson has been sent him from the AZL because of an infection. He had a good run and showed that he has what it takes to make the majors.

Cubs minor league pitcher Chris Carpetner could make the Cubs bullpen out of spring training. He has hit triple digits in the AZL.

The Cubs will add pitcher Chris Archer to the 40 man roster soon.

Xavier Nady is not expected to return next season.


Jim Hendry likes Nick Johnson and he could be a Cub, if his mkedical records are good. They will pursue him then.

The Cubs will have their eye on Kerry Wood to be apart of the pen next season.

The Cubs are expected to make a run for Adrian Gonzalez next season and XM radio says they have what it takes to get him. The Cubs will most likely have to depart with Vitters and JJ, among others.

That's it for now....