Monday, November 30, 2009

Predicting 2010 Roster...

With all signings and trades included:

Geovany Soto
Koyie Hill

Derrek Lee
Micah Hoffpauir
Jeff Baker
Ryan Theriot
Andres Blanco
Aramis Ramirez

Alfonso Soriano
Kosuke Fukudome
Rick Ankiel
Sam Fuld
Tyler Colvin

Carlos Zambrano
Ted Lilly
Ryan Dempster
Randy Wells
Tom Gorzelany
Jeff Samardzija
Angel Guzman
Carlos Marmol
John Grabow
Esmalin Caridad
John Gaub
Jeff Stevens

Traded or release:
Mike Fontenot
Aaron Miles
Sean Marshall
Milton Bradley
Jake Fox

I know I won't be right but I hope to be close.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cubs Interested in Takashi Saito

The Cubs along with 8 other teams are interested in relief pitcher Takashi Saito. Saito played for the Red Sox last year and declined the 6 million option of him. Saito posted a 2.43 ERA in 55.2 IP for the Red Sox last year. He will turn 40 years old before the 2010 season.

There are 8 teams interested but the article only named 4 and they were the Cubs, Braves, Mets and the White Sox. The Red Sox were said to be interested in Saito returning to a lesser deal.

The Cubs have no money to spend and were going to used this offseason in trade mode instead of opening their wallet. Saito is probably looking for a 2 year deal but will only get 1 beause of his age but maybe a club option for the second year. The money range he could be looking in is 3-5 million for 1 year. The Cubs could sign him if they trade Bradley and don't eat his whole contract.

Saito will be a nice addition to the bullpen but I would like to sign him to a 1 year deal worth 2-3 million.

I will keep you posted.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cubs Might be Searching for a Shortstop...

With the rising star of SS Starlin Castro who is currently in the Cubs minor league system playing for Tennessee Smokies. The Cubs could be looking for a shortstop for short term. It will be a 1 year deal. Jim Hendry told current SS Ryan Theriot a couple days ago to get ready to play 2B in the near future. The Cubs might sign a SS to a 1 year deal so Ryan Theriot can get use to playing 2B.

Ryan Theriot said he is fine on moving to secondbecause he love Chicago and wants to stay here. Second base is a better position for him because he has no arm and will be a better defender at second.

2 names that play SS and would not care to see in a Cubs uniform are Olando Cabrera and Marco Scutaro. Marco Scutaro and Olando Cabrera are looking for deals in the range if 2 years and 7-9 million a year. The Cubs would only want to give a 1 year deal worth about 4-6 million depending on how Jim Hendry moves around money.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Cubs in Market for Bat...

Foxsports is reporting, that the Cubs will be in the market for a centerfielder. First they will have to trade Milton Bradley and unload some of his contract to make a deal. The Cubs want a centerfielder because they want to move Kosuke back to right because that is where he is an abover average defender. They will most likely look for a CF via trade because of the money issues, they will have to pay to the free agent.

In the same report, they said the outfielders the Cubs could look at are Curtis Granderson, Scott Podsednik, Rick Ankiel, Coco Crisp, Marlon Byrd, and Mike Cameron. In that list, I like Curtis Granderson but don't give up a lot, Ankiel for his defense but none of these are my favorite.

You will here more in 10 days at the Winter Meetings. Can't wait because it will be fun.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and everybody who reades my blog:

The next few days are going to be slow for the Cubs notes because it is holliday and the GM's spend time with their family. But after it is over, back to work for them. The next time you where heard way more is the Winter meeting on December 7th-10.

But if some news does break, I will have it right here as always.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cubs like the O-Dawg...

Bruce Levine keeps mention in his weekly chat on Tuesday, the Cubs like 2B lando Hudson:

If the Cubs do sign him, it will probably be there own free agency signing. He mentions that if the money gets out of hands the Cubs will past. The Cubs are looking at a 1 year deal worth about 4 million (my guess). The Cubs like him last year before he signed with the Dodgers. He will probably be the Cubs leadoff man because he posts a good on-base percentage and does hve little speed.

It will only be for a 1 year contract to get ready for top prospect Starlin Castro who will most likely be the starter in 2010 coming out of spring traing if he keeps doing well.

I would be in favor of a 1 year 4 million deal. Hope he signs with the Cubs.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Derrek Lee Finishes 9th in All-Star Voting...

Today they announce the NL MVP and no doubt it was 1B Albert Puijols of the Cardinals. Derrek Lee finish 9th in the voting with 66 points and had 1 2nd place vote. Lee had a career high in rbis with 111 and had 35 home runs with a batting average of .306. That is his 2nd highest voting in the MVP where he came in 3rd in 2005.

Also I forgot to write it but Randy Wells came in 6th in rookie of the year voting.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wally Haywoood, New Rennovations to Wrigley...

I guess you wonder who Wally Haywood is from the title, he was appointed to chief of sales and marketing director of the Chicago Cubs today. He was helping out the 2016 Olympics for Chicago.

The Cubs moved late last week to install plywood that extends 60 feet off the back of the left-center field bleachers. It allows the team to block the Horseshoe Casino advertisement on that building and allows the Cubs to begin to sell their own ads on future billboards in that area.

According to Cubs officials, only two rooftop views will be impeded slightly by this new project.

Rooftop owners, as part of their agreement with the Cubs, can only advertise their Web sites for sales purposes on their buildings. No other advertising is allowed.

If the Ricketts family doesn't feel the new 60-foot structure fits into the culture of their famed ballpark, it will have the right to remove the temporary sign.

The Cubs are hoping not to have a problem with the landmark authority. Wrigley is registered as an history landmark. Any changes to the exterior of the park must be approved by the landmark authority.

The Cubs believe since the sign is temporary, they are entitled to extend the billboard above the bleachers.

Nothing spectacular today but more news will come shortly, patience I guess

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cubs Can't Find Way to Trade Bradley...

The Bradley saga has been going on since early September with tons of trade possibilities but no ending to it:

At the GM Meetings reported by Ken Rosenthal that there was a propose trade of the Cubs, Mets, and Blue Jays. The Cubs getting Luis Castillo, Mets getting Lyle Overbay and the Blue Jays getting Milton Bradley. This trade was shot down because the Blue Jays GM who is new, did not want Bradley to be his first addition as new GM.

Then in recent days Phil Rodgers reported (usually never listen to him) that the Cubs, Rangers and Mets were talking a trade. With Mets getting Kevin Millwood, Cubs getting Luis Castillo and the Rangers getting Milton Bradley. Also reported by Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs and Rangers were talking a deal of Milton Bradley and Aaron Miles for Kevin Millwood but the Rangers also wanted either Sean Marshall or Angel Guzman included in the deal which they were reluctant to do.

Now according to Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs, Mets and Rays are talking a deal. Cubs getting Luis Castillo, Mets getting Pat Burrell and the Rays getting Milton Bradley. Also with the Cubs putting money in the deal. This will probably be the deal at the end because this makes sense for every team involved.

I will keep you posted as the Cubs want Bradley gone before the Winter Meetings on December 7th.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update on Recent Rumors...

Lets get caught up:

It was reported yesterday that the Blue Jays contacted the Cubs regarding pitcher Roy Halladay. This kind of surprises me because the Cubs don't have a lot of death in their farm system and the Blue Jays probably want top prospect Starlin Castro who is untouchable. The Cubs can trade Vitters, Cashner, Flaherty and Carpetner. That won't get a deal done but might get their attention. But another problem is, can the Cubs take on his 15 million contract.

There was a report of a 3 way deal with the Rangers, Cub and Mets. Cubs get Luis Castillo, Mets get Kevin Millwood and the Rangers get Milton Bradley but that deal was quickly shut down by the Rangers and Cubs officials. This deal does make kind of sense and probably has been talk about at least once.

The Cubs and Tigers are stilling talking a trade for Curtis Granderson but will not part ways with Carlos Marmol or top prospect Starlin Castro. I am still in favor for Granderson but don't give up too much including Josh Vitters.

Jon Heyman keeps insisting in his reports that the Cubs are players in Matt Holliday but with what money. Holliday is expected to get Alfonso Soriano kind of a contract and the Cubs will not do that. If you are a Cubs fan, let this leave you mind because this will not happen.

The Cubs have not shown any interest in former Cub Mark Derosa. I think the Cubs will not sign him because of his age.

The Cubs are also expected to be players in the running for 2B Placido Polanco. I would be in favor of this, if they sign him to a 1 year deal to get ready for the upcoming star Starlin Castro.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cubs Complete John Grabow Deal, A Look at the Cubs 40 Man Roster... Update 1?

Update 5:20: The Cubs added outfielder James Adduci, catcher Welington Castilla ans pitchers John Gaub, Blake Parker and Rafael Dolis to there 40 man roster. The roster currently stand at 38. 2 more remaining spots on the 40 man roster have to be filled by midnight tonight.

he Cubs officially announce today, they have signed lefty relief pitcher John Grabow to a 2 year deal worth about 7.5 million. So this whole this has been going on since the end of the World Series if not longer. But at least they got this deal and could move onto other things like a Bradley trade.

A look at the Cubs 40 man roster because they have have this set by midnight today. Anyone not listed as on the 40 man roster can be pick up in the Rule 5 draft in December.

Catchers: Koyie Hill, Geovany Soto
First Baseman: Derrek Lee, Micah Hoffpauir
Second Baseman: Jeff Baker, Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles
Third Baseman: Aramis Ramirez, Jake Fox
Shortstop: Ryan Theriot, Andres Blanco
Outfielders: Alfonso Soriano, Kosuke Fukudome, Milton Bradley, Sam Fuld, Tyler Colvin
Pitchers: Carlos Zambrano, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Tom Gorzelanny, Jeff Samardzija, Sean Marshall, Carlos Marmol, John Grabow, Angel Guzman, Esmailin Caridad, David Patton, Justin Berg, Jeff Stevens, Neal Cotts, Mitch Atkins, Marcus Mateo

I will update you as when more names are added to the 40 man roster.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

John Grabow Signs 2 Year Contract, See Ya Aaron Heilman...

The Cubs were busy today for the first time this winter:

The Cubs lock up relief pitcher John Grabow to a 2 year contract worth about 7 million today. The Cubs acquired John Grabow along with Tom Gorzelanny from the Pirates on July 30th for Jose Ascaino, Kevin Hart and a minor league 3B. Grabow is slated to be the the primarily lefty set-up man for Carlos Marmol.

Also today the Cubs traded relief pitcher Aaron Heilman to the Diamondbacks for 2 minor leaguers Scott Maine and Ryne White.This move isn't much of a surprise because Heilman is expected to be a non-tender player and the Cubs save about 2 million in this deal. Now the Cubs 40 man roster stands at 37. The Cubs have to finalize there 40 man roster by Friday. Now they just have to trade Bradley. We all know when Hendry makes moves, they all come right after each other, so can we see a Bradley trade tonight.

I will keep you posted as free agency starts at midnight tonight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cubs are About to Sign John Grabow...

Bruce Levine is reporting that a person close to negotiations for relief John Grabow are close to being completed. The deal is worth about 2 years and 7-7.5 million. The person close to this said it should be completed tomorrow and announced tomorrow.

On Wednesday, the Cubs sent an offer sheet to John Grabows agent. Grabnow is expected to be the Cubs lefty set-up man in 2010.

Tomorrow is the last day that the Cubs have negotiating rights with Grabow because on Friday at midnight the free agency period starts.

Finally this is getting done and I will keep you posted as this should be finalized tomorrow.

David Kaplan: Bradley to the Rangers...

More on Bradley:

David Kaplan who just got back from his vacation in Mali is hearing that the Cubs and Rangers are seriously talking a trade for Bradley. He did not say who Bradley will be traded for but Levine said that if Bradley is traded to the Rangers, it will be pitcher Kevin Millwood.

I would be in more favor of this trade than the one to the Rays for Pat Burrell who is the other team to land Bradley possibly. Other teams that have express interest in Bradley are the Diamondbacks (Eriz Byrnes), Giants (Aaron Rowand), Rays (Pat Burrell) and the Rangers (Kevin Millwood).

Out of all those bad contract swaps, I like the Kevin Millwood because he is an innings pitcher and he will be the 5th starter and Jeff Samardzija will have to compete for a spot in the bullpen then.

Levine thought Bradley would of been gone already and I did too. I guess we have to want and see how this ends up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aroung the NL Central Before Free Agency Starts Friday...

Lets get caught up, on the NL Central before 12am Friday:

Cubs: They are interested in Curtis Granderson but will not trade Castro, Cashner or Marmol but maybe Vitters. The Cubs have about 3 more days to sign John Grabow before he hits the market on Friday (deal around 2 years and 7 million). There is also mile interest in CF Mike Cameron and OF Marlon Byrd.

Cardinals: There is a report out there that the top 3 teams to sign Matt Holliday are the Yankees (not first choice), Red Sox and the Angels but not the Cardinals. They are also interested in re-signing John Smoltz. They are also interested in outfielder Xaiver Nady.

Brewers: They already made a trade this year by trading SS JJ Hardy to the Twins for CF Carlos Gomez, they most likely won't re-sign Mike Cameron with the addition of Gomez. They decline the option on P Braden Looper and are also talking to the Tigers about 2009 all-star Edwin Jackson.

Astros: They would still bring back Miguel Tejada but to play 3B. They are interested in John Smoltz along with the Cardinals and are interested in Billy Wagner. They could bring back soon to be free agent closer Jose Valverde.

Pirates: They made a big splash to the start of the offseason by acquiring 2B Akinormi Iwanura from the Rays for relief pitcher Jesse Chavez. There payroll is still low but might be able too add 1 or 2 low cost free agents. The Pirates are expected to shop Ryan Doumit and closer Matt Capps this winter.

Reds: Reds declined the option on catcher Ramon Hernandez option but re-signed him a couple days ago to a 1 year contract. The Reds want to cut payroll with players like Aaron Harang, Bronson Arroyo and Brandon Phillips being traded.

That is pretty much the latest from the NL Central and I will always keep you posted on everything Cubs.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jim Callis: Updated Cubs Top 10 Prospects...

It was updated as of November 16th (today).

1) Starlin Castro-SS
2) Brett Jackson-OF
3) Josh Vitters-3B
4) Andrew Cashner-RHP
5) Jay Jackson-RHP
6) Hak-Ju Lee-SS
7) Logan Watkins-2B
8) Chris Carpetner-RHP
9) Ryan Flaherty-IF
10) DJ DeMahieu-2B

A look at the Cubs top 5 prospects:

*Castro is an upcoming star and is only 19 years old, Bruce Levine thinks he can be on the roster after the all-star next year.
*Brett Jackson was the Cubs 2009 first round pick, 31st overall.
*Josh Vitters is 20 years old and was the number 1 prospect last year.
*Andrew Cashner had surgery on his arm and looks healthy as ever
*Jay Jackson is 20 years old and scouts say he has 1 of the best breaking balls with a fastball in the mid 90's.

Chris Carpetner and Hak-Ju Lee could be players to go over to Detroit if the Cubs make a trade for Granderson, Levine thinks Vitters could also be in the deal. Levine also said the Cubs will not trade Castro, Jackson or Cashner in a deal for Granderson.

Last years top 10 prospects:

1. Josh Vitters-3b
2. Jeff Samardzija-rhp
3. Andrew Cashner-rhp
4. Dae-Eun Rhee-rhp
5. Wellington Castillo-c
6. Kevin Hart-rhp
7. Starlin Castro-ss/2b
8. Ryan Flaherty-ss
9. Jay Jackson-rhp
10. Hak-Ju Lee-ss

Hart was traded to the Pirates in the Grabow trade so he was obviously dropped, Samardzija is not a prospect no more, Castilla and Rhee dropped out and every other one is still in the top 10.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cubs/Grabow Closing in on a Deal...

Bruce Levine said the Cubs sent lefty relief pitcher John Grabow an offer sheet to his agent in recent days for 2 years worth around 7 million with possibly an option for a third year. Levine also states that the deal is not as much as Grabow wanted but thinks the Cubs will hit a deal this week.

The Cubs have until Friday to reach a deal with him or they will have to compete with other teams to sign him. They have negotiating rights with him until Friday because that is when free agency starts.

The last time we heard about this what by at the GM Meetings about a week ago.

Lets hope this deal gets done as soon as possible so they can move on too new priorities.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Updates on Curtis Granderson...

Here are a few more links on Granderson:

More by Rogers, Rogers source indicated that the Cubs could trade low price veterans that the Tigers can either trade or keep for Granderson. Rogers mentions Jake Fox, Micah Hoffpauir, Aaron Heilman, Mike Fontenot, Aaron Miles and Tom Gorzelanny. If that would get Granderson, I would trade any of those players, but that is unlikely to get a deal done.

Rogers also said that Jim Hendry did talk to the Tigers GM about multiple players at the GM Meetings. My guess is they did talk about Granderson and this is one team Jim hendry talk to about Milton Bradley.

Lynn Henning of the Detroit News mentioned a possible package from the Cubs that included Starlin Castro, Josh Vitters and Andrew Cashner and if the Cubs would not do that package, they should hand over Carlos Marmol. I would not trade any of those players for just Granderson. I would only trade any of those players for Adrian Gonzalez, Roy Halladay, Felix Hernandez and etc.

So, would the Cubs get a deal done, I sure hop so but with not giving much up. I will keep you posted.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Jim Callis: Cubs Best Team to Land Curtis Granderson...

Jim Callis had an interview with the bad writer Phil Rogers recently:

It was reported today that the Angels and Tigers are talking about a Curtis Granderson trade. In the same report, it mentions that the Yankees really like Granderson and the Cubs would eventually inquire about him. Callis said, out of the 3 teams, the Cubs have the best shot lo land him. The Tigers made Curtis Granderson available at the GM Meeting along with P Edwin Jackson and utility man Brandon Inge.

Why do the Angels need another outfielder, they have Bobby Abreu, Tori Hunter and Juan Rivera as starters while Gary Matthews Jr. is the 4th outfielder.

The Yankees might need him because they have Johnny Damon and Jerry Harrision Jr. as free agents but still have Nick Swisher and Melky Cabrera as starters.

The Cubs need him because he will be there leadoff man that they have been searching for and he will also take over CF while Kosuke moves back to right.

Propose trade:
Cubs get Curtis Granderson
Tigers get Hak-Ju Lee, Jake Fox, Sean Marshall, Chris Carpenter and Ty Wright.

Lets look into the trade: Hak-Ju Lee is a SS and the Cubs have a young kid coming up who is Starlin Castro and he is expected to be a star. Jake Fox has no place on the team and has to be in the DH roll to put up good stats. Sean Marshall is a good lefty but the Cubs got Tom Gorzelanny who is pretty much the same pitcher and the same age. Chris Carpenter is a good pitcher but you have to throw a good player in to get a good player in return. Ty Wright pretty much has no place on the team with all these young outfielders coming up and don't forget about the long contract of Soriano. I think this will be enough because the Cubs aren't giving up there top prospects which would be good.

The Cubs have not talk to the Tigers about Granderson yet but will make a offer when the Tigers are ready for offers. Phil Rogers via twitter.

Get it done Jim Hendry, but first get the Bradley trade done.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick Roundup of Today... Breaking News

Breaking News: Carlos Zambrano wins the 2009 Silver Slugger Award as a pitcher with a batting average of .217 and 4HR and 11rbi. He is likely the only Cub to win an award in 2009 after Derrek Lee lost the gold glove award to Adrian Gonzalez.

After Bruce Levine reported yesteday that the Cubs are close to a deal with the Rays for Bradley, Fox Sports quickly said they are not even close to a deal. The money concerns is a big deal but Levine did stick to his report and said he will be gone within a week. This is dragging on forever and I hope this gets over sooner than later. Levine did report last night that Jim Hendry is still talking to the Mets, Rays, Rangers and Tigers about Bradley.

There is an unfound found rumor floating around the Internet about a 3 team deal between the Rays, Tigers and Cubs. Cubs get Curtis Granderson, Rays get Milton Bradley and the Tigers get Pat Burrell, Sean Marshall, Aaron Heilman and Sam Fuld. That would be a good trade for the Cubs but the Tigers will lose big and I don't see that happening but it would be nice.

Hot Stove Cubbies is reporting that he is hearing the Cubs will pursue 2B Brando Phillips hard. I would love Phillips be the Cubs 2B in 2010. How nice would it be if the Cubs got Phillips and Granderson in the same offseason but really unlikely.

Mike Fontenot made the cut off as a super 2 and is now eligible to get arbitration and make over 1 million dollars which he does not deserve. Now expect Fontenot get traded over the winter.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cubs/Rays closing in on Bradley Trade and other notes...

According to Bruce Levine, the Cubs and Rays are finalizing the trade of Milton Bradley for Pat Burrell. They are just working on how much money goes over in the Bradley trade. Levine thinks Bradley will be a Ray in 4-5 days. In my own opinion, I would rather have Kevin Millwood of the Rangers in the Bradley trade. The Cubs need pitching with the expected departure of Rich Harden and the injury to Ted Lilly. On the other hand, the Cubs are not expected to keep Burrell because he can't play defense and will likely trade him to the AL so he can be a DH.

Levine also states that the Cubs will not be the likely destination for Marlon Byrd. I would rather trade for Curtis Granderson who is now available and also give more playing time to younger players.

Over at the Cubs corner, it mentions as a unfound rumor that the Cubs and Jays are talking a trade not including Bradley or Wells. The trade is Brandon League of the Jays for Jake Fox and a a minor leaguer of the Cubs. I can see this trade happening because it is said that the Cubs will trade Fox and are also looking for relief pitching via trade. League is 26 and is making the MLB minimum. The Cubs can do this with out adding money because Fox and League are making pretty much the same. I would be OK with this trade but I think if you wait, you can add Fox in a trade that is a better one. For example, in a Curtis Granderson trade.

Fox sports is reporting that the Cubs are making progress in signing LRP John Grabow and Paul Sullivan thinks a deal will be fianlized in a week or so. I sure hope so, this has been taking forever.

The GM meetings are now over and there was nothing new today. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bradley Latest and the Latest From the GM Meetings...

The Latest of a Bradley trade:

The Cubs are really trying to trade Milton Bradley by the end of the GM meeting and Phil Rogers says the Cubs want Bradley of there roster in the next 36 hours. I sure hope so.

Bruce Levine said that Jim Hendry and the Rays GM stood up pass midnight working out a Bradley trade. Burrell will come over in the trade, they are just trying to work out the contract situation and Foxports is reporting that Bradely could restructure his contract so the trade works with the Rays.

Bruce Levine is reporting that the Rangers are in the thick of things and most likely will trade Millwood for Bradley who is making 12 million in 2010. I would be in favor of that.

Jon Heyman said Texas and Tampa Bay is the likely destination for Bradley. He is probably right on the button.

As it stands right now, Jim Hendry is still talking with the Rays and Rangers.

More from GM Meetings or other tidbits:

GM Jim Hendry said he hopes to have a couple more deals in the next few weeks before the winter meetings.

Bruce Levine stated in his chat that the Cubs will have interest free agent relief pitcher Mike Gonzalez. I would be in favor of that also.

In the same report from Fox sports, it says the Cubs will have interest in free agent outfielder Marlon Byrd. Byrd is 32 years old and gad his best year last year. I would try to trade for a CF first, if you can't find one then sign him. Byrd will be the CF with Kosuke moving back to right.

I will keep you posted as we await the Bradley trade.

Cubs Talking 3 Team Trade, Other Tidbits From Last Night...

Ken Rosenthal reported yesterday that the Cubs, Blue Jays and Mets are talking about a 3 team deal with the Cubs getting Luis Castilla, Blue Jays getting Milton Bradley and the Mets getting Lyle Overbay. I think that would be a good trade for the Cubs because they can maybe get a leadoff man because he still has little gas in him being 34 years old but can be a good 2 hitter because he gets on base a lot and is pretty good at defense. I have know clue, how the money will work.

"This has some legs but no much, the GM of the Jays does not want Bradley to be his first move"

Paul Sullivan is reporting that the Jays want no part of Bradley.

Lee Hamilton said the Cubs talk to the Rangers about a Brandon McCarthy for Milton Bradley swap. I would be in favor of that because he is young and has upside but don't see the Rangers doing that.

The Cubs will not release Bradley. That is a no brainer because there are tons of teams interested in him.

The Cubs have talk to the Rangers (Millwood or McCarthy), Angels (Gary Matthews Jr.), Blue Jays (Wells, JK) and the Mets (Castilla) for Bradley. Those are the teams I have mention.

ESPN had a idea of Bobby Jenks for Milton Bradley. I say no way, I hate Jenks because he is really not good and way overweight.

The Cubs are close to finishing out a 2 year deal with John Grabow for about 3 million a year I hope this does get done soon, its taking forever.

The Cubs are looking for a veteran middle infielder to get ready for Starlin Castro. Tejada, Cabrera and Scutaro all play SS and they can finally move Theriot to 2B where he belongs.

Rich Harden and Kevin Gregg will not be back. Gregg is a no brainer but Harden wants to be back and will take a discount to stay. His agent is planning to meet with Jim Hendry soon. I hope Harden comes back on a 1 year contract.

Kevin Greeg filed for free agency yesterday with 31 other players. He gone.

Elias ranking were official yesterday with nothing changing. Grabow and Gregg Type A, Harden Type B and Johnson and Fox are nothing.

I will keep you posted as GM meeting day 2 will start soon and start hearing more rumors.

Monday, November 9, 2009

GM Meetings Day 1 Recap...

Gordon Wittnymer stated today that his reliable source said that 3 more teams contacted the Cubs about Milton Bradley. So far we know that the Rangers, Giants, Rays, Blue Jays and the Padres had said they have interest in Bradley. The 3 teams that could have contacted the Cubs about Bradley could be the Red Sox (if know they can't get Holliday or resign Bay), Indains, Marlins and the Diamondbacks (a trade for Byrnes). Those are some other teams that possibly contacted the Cubs about Bradley.

Paul Sullivan in his latest post listed the 3 needs the Cubs moistly need are a leadoff hitter, center fielder, and a middle infielder but Bradley has to be gone first. First lets see who the Cubs could get as a leadoff hitter: Chone Figgins, that is pretty much the only fast guy in free agency this year. They might have to look for a leadoff hitter via trade. Second Center fielder: Aaron Rowand (Bradley trade), Rick Ankiel, Mike Cameron. Finally a middle infielder: Marco Scutaro, Miguel Tejada, Olando Cabrera and Olando Hudson. The Cubs will probably move Theriot to second if they acquire a SS via trade or free agency or matter what to get ready for Starlin Castro.

Bruce Miles reports the Cubs could be players in the Roy Halladay derby along with the Angels and Dodgers. He said the Cubs could package a deal with Milton Bradley in the deal (The Jays are said the have interest in Bradley). The Cubs could maybe trade Bradley, Fox, Cashner, Camp and Parker (player in rising star game). If the Cubs make the trade without trading Jay Jackson, Josh Vitters and Starlin Castro it will be a steal. Then at the trading deadline the Cubs can try and trade Halladay for more players in return who desperately need pitching because Halladay will be a free agent after that season.

MLBTR owner Tim Dierkes post the top 50 free agents and he said the Cubs will sign RP Billy Wagner and I really don't see that happening because of his age.

Baseball Prospectus floated a rumor that the Cubs are asking teams if they want 2008 rookie of hte year Geovany Soto who had a down season in 2009. I would only trade Soto if you can get 2 pretty good prospects or 3 prospects that could make the majors. Because the Cubs catcher Welmington Castilla who is in Double A is moving up the Cubs minor league system. It is said that he is a good defensive catcher but still needs more work on his hitting. This same report mention the Cubs will still listen to offers on Carlos Zambrano but will have to be overwhelmed to trade him. They will have to get offers like what Halladay was getting and what the Indians got for Cliff Lee.

Jim Hendry had to say this: ''I think you'll see a lot of that,'' Hendry said. ''At the same time, I think the free-agent world will be a patient market like it ended up being last year, and some good players will probably be available as the winter progresses. We'll be looking to trade some pieces to get some pieces.''

This was the recap of GM meetings on Day 1 and this was the day that the GM's just come get caught up and start the work tomorrow. The GM meeting goes through Wednesday and I will keep you posted as Milton Bradley could be traded soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quick Tidbits...

Phil Rogers said the Cubs will probably look for relief pitchers via trade and some names that could be made available this winter are:

Kerry Wood of the Indains.
Francisco Cordero of the Reds.
Matt Capps of the Pirates.
Joe Nathan of the Twins.
Chad Gaudin of the Yankees.
Johnathan Pappelbon of the Red Sox.
Brian Wilson of the Giants.
Bobby Jenks of the White Sox.

Those are some names, I can think of and I know they are moistly closers. I like Wood, Pappelbon, and Cordero the best.

Also Rogers mention that the Cubs could look for starting pitchers to fix the openies os Harden leaves and Ted Lilly's injury. Here are some cheap option in which the Cubs will look:

Doug Davis
Vincente Padilla
Brett Myers
Eric Bedard
Braden Looper
Randy Johnson

In that list, I like Brett Myers and Eric Bedard the best.

I will keep you posted and remember the GM meetings are tomorrow as we await rumors on the Cubs.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Notes...

Bruce Levine shares rumors on Talkin Baseball:

Mike Cameron said he would sign with the Cubs after the Brewers trade for Carlos Gomez and Levine still said Cameron is there back back up plan. I hope Cameron is there 5th or 6th option because of his age

Levine thinks Milton Bradley will be traded in 30-45 days. I think he is pretty much right on and I think it could be a little earlier.

Levine is hearing Reed Johnson wants a 2 year and 6 million deal and the Cubs are hesitant if giving that because it is out of there price range. I say play the younger guys like Fuld or Snyder.

Levine thinks John Gaub will make the 2010 roster out of spring training and Starlin Castro can come up as early as the second half. I agree with both statements.

Other Notes:

Jim Bowden thinks Chone Figgins will sign with the Cubs. He would be a nice addition by don't overpay for him.

Derrick Gold of the St. Louis Dispatch think thinks the Cubs will make a offer to Mark Derosa. I say offer a 2 years 10 million for Dero because I would love to have him back. That will not be enough but Deros is a back up plan.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Johnson, Harden File For Free Agency...

A report from, said yesterday pitcher Rich Harden and outfielder Reed Johnson have filed for free agency among 79 players who filed yesterday. Harden who is projected as a type B free agent while Johnson is bot projected as a type A or B. The Cubs said they would like to have Johnson back but don't like that he has back problems and the Cubs have Sam Fuld who is a cheaper option. There have been reports that the Cubs will not bring back or even offer arbitration to Harden because he is injury prone.

The Cubs still do have 14 more day to work out a contract with either Harden or Johnson.

Well Hendry did talk to Harden agent and with the injury to Lilly, will they sign him, I sure hope so. I do not want to go into the season with Samardzija in there rotation.

Other players who are free agents for the Cubs are Gregg, Grabow and Fox. The Cubs will probably sign Grabow to a 2 year contract in a short while and Gregg and Fox will not be back.

Other Notes: Jon Heyman said yesterday that the Cubs are not the front runners for IF Chone Figgins or P John Lackey but the wild cards for both. The Cubs are not expected to get into a bidding war with either players. I rally do not see the Cubs signing either player because of there price.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lilly had a Successfull Shoulder Surgery, will that Alter Plans...

Yesterday pitcher and last year only all-star Ted Lilly has arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder (throwing arm) and the surgery was called a success. Lilly is expected to miss the beginning of the 2010 season and be place on the 15 day DL. He will start throwing again 4 months from Wednesday.

So will the Cubs go after a starting pitcher, Jim Hendry "said have not made any decisions yet on who's coming back or not from the club we ended the season with." Hendry explained that Lilly's surgery "wouldn't alter our plans about adding another starter because Lew Yocum is one of the best in the world." Hendry said, "If he felt ... if the rehab went according to plan, the way Ted goes about his business, there's a good possibility Ted will be pitching in April. We certainly don't want to take that spot away from Ted if he's ready."

Also Hendry did not want any questions about the return of Harden and he said he has talk to the agents of pitchers Grabow (working on deal) and Rich Harden.

Bruce Levine has been reporting that the Cubs will work out an extension with Ted Lilly in the 2010 season, will that change? If I had to guess the Cubs will see how he throws and made a decision in the upcoming season.

Names that the Cubs could go after:

Will they re-sign Rich Harden
Will the pursue John Lackey, Jason Marquis again, Joel Pineiro.
Will they trade for Barry Zito (will be in Bradley trade), Derrek Lowe, Ian Snell, Chris Young, Kevin Millwood (has been mention in trade for Bradley) and Roy Halladay (just kidding). All those players have mention that they could be on the trading block this winter.

In that list I like Joel Pineiro the best because the Cardinals won't re-sign him and he will come cheaper than any one else. Also I can see the Bradley for Millwood trade happen.

Or will the Cubs go in the 2010 season with Marshall, Samardzija, Atkins, Gorzelanny competing for a spot at the roster.

We just have to wait and see as the offseason officially starts today with the Yankees who was there 27th world series title yesterday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recap of Levine Chat...

I will write down what I thought was interesting and my take on it:

1) The Cubs love Reed Johnson heart but they don't know to bring him back because of his back.

1) I say let Johnson walk and play the younger guys who are in the minors.

2) The likely scenario than Levine sees for Bradley in to the Rays for Burrell.

2) I don' think that will be a good trade and I would rather trade him for a low end prospect.

3) Levine thinks the Cubs will sign Derrek Lee to an extension before the 2010 season and Ted Lilly to an extension in the 2010 season who are both free agents after that season.

3) I am up for locking them both up.

4) Levine thinks Hoffpauir is just a pinch hitter in the majors.

4) I agree 100% with him.

5) Mike Cameron is going to be the Cubs back up plan if there other plans fail.

5) I hope he is like 10 on therelist.

6) The Cubs have discussed Rick Ankiel to play CF next year. They like his defense and durability.

6) I say stay away from him because he strikes out way to many times and hits a low average.

Other Note: Arizona Governor and Mesa officials made pitch to keep the Cubs spring training in Mesa. Via twitter by Crrie Muskat.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cubs Rumors Keep Rolling in...

Lets get caught up on the latest Cubs news:

The Cubs are attempting to sign lefty relief pitcher John Grabow to a 2 year contract worth anywhere from 6.5-7.5 million plus incentives. Grabows agent is trying to get Grabow an option for the third year.

I think will sign a 2 year deal worth 7.5 million with a option for the third year. Plus incentives with innings pitch.

The Cubs were interested Akinori Iwamura and I say were because Iwamura was just traded to the Pirates about an hour ago but the deal has not been announced yet. He might of been a good pick up but I think there are better options out there.

Before that trade happen the Tribune reported that they can see the Cubs trading for Burrell and Iwamura in the Bradely trade and then trading Burrell to another team.

I am not a big fan of Burrell but would be a fan of trading him then.

Also the Cubs would look for a leadoff man with speed and a corner outfielder this weekend.

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, if Mark Teahen or JJ Hardy are non tender expect the Cubs to be serious of going after them.

I will keep you posted as the offseason starts in a couple days.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Rangers Still have Interest in Bradley...

T.R. Sullivan reported today that the Rangers won't rule out the possibility of bringing back outfielder Milton Bradley. Sullivan reported on October 2nd that the Rangers have no interest in Bradley.

The Rangers club officials said it is unlikely but won't rule it out because they know how much the Cubs want to get rid of Bradley.

Earlier in September, an baseball analyst said the Rangers could trade pitcher Kevin Millwood who has 1 year (was a club option but was exercised with innings thrown) and 12 million left on his contract.

I would do that trade because Millwood would be a good 5th starter and he throws a lot innings without getting injured. The Cubs trade Bradley's 21 million to the Rangers Millwood's 12 million.
The Rangers will get Bradley and 4 million while the Cubs get Millwood and save 5 million.

Other players that have big contracts on the Rangers:

Michael Young who has 4 years and 64 million left on his contract: No way in Hell the Rangers trade him for Bradley. Young is pretty much the only other Ranger than Millwood that has a big contract.

On other Notes the Cubs talk to 21 year old cuban defector Aroldis Chapman agent but he does not fit into there team budget, Carrie Muskat.

I will keep you posted.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bradley for Matthews, Maybe and other notes...

The Cubs really want to trade Milton Bradley to the Angels for Gary Matthews Jr. Matthews recently spoke and said he wants to get out of LA.

Matthews whos numbers have decrease since signing a deal with the Angels will be rejoining his old hitting coach in Texas Rudy Jaramillo.

Matthews who has 2 years and 23 million left on his contract, while Bradley has 2 years and 21 million left on his contract.

Matthews will most likely play RF and bat 5th if the Cubs do trade for him.

I would do that trade if they pay there players contract.

Other notes thanks to Hot Stove Cubbies:

The Cubs would love to trade Bradley for Kerry Wood who has 1 year and 10.5 million left on his contract.

The Cubs are also interested in Noah Lowry who was not put on the Giants 40 man roster and opted for free agency. Lowry has had arm injuries and will come cheap.

I will keep you posted.