Saturday, November 8, 2014

Do NOT Work For G4S Security Solutions

G4S is a private security contractor that is based out of the whole United States and many countries. The office I previously worked for was out of the Chicago office, located at 2235 Enterprise Drive, (Suite 3510) Westchester, Illinois. I recently quit my job and moved on to other adventures in the work force, but wanted to get my story out there. Never work for G4S security and here's why:

I started with G4S in January, 2013 and to say the least, it was not a good year and a half. I quit the company in September, 2014. I worked hard every day I came to work and even worked overtime on many occasions, to help them keep the account. But the personnel in the office did not even thank you for doing the work that keeps them employed. Because if there's no accounts for them to oversea, there's no work for them to do and with that being so, there's no job then. Here's what they may do to you:

G4S will mess up on your paycheck and not pay you the owed money. That would be okay if they paid you in a reasonable time. I had missing four hours of pay on a paycheck and we told the office about the claim and filed a payroll discrepancy. This is what my account manager said; "what checks are messed up, can you re-submit a payroll discrepancy. If you were not properly paid I will absolutely get this fixed." Four months later I still have not see that money.  Another case was a month later as they missed four more hours and that was overtime pay. My site supervisor sent my boss emails and phone calls to get that situated, but to no dice. We sent in a couple payroll discrepancies once again and to no more money on a check. Now a few months later, same as the first check, still no more money received.

Here's where the aggravation arises. After a year with the company, you get a paid vacation. Since I started in January 2013 and took my vacation in August, 2014, I'm obligated to a paid vacation if the proper paperwork was sent in. Which the proper paperwork was sent in twice before I took the vacation and once more when I returned. The paycheck my paid vacation was suppose to be on was 40 hours short and yes, they did not pay me for my vacation. My check was $350 short. That is still a lot of money for me. Yes, I still live with my parents and don't have many bills. But I was counting on that money for school. I had a $480 school payment that day and was counting on that money. Plus, I have a $500 car payment and a $100 car insurance. My account manager told my boss a week later after the hours were missing that they are aware of it and the hours will be added next week. Now we're a month in and still have not received my vacation check. The only way I was able to pay for my payments is that I saved up and had savings. But if someone is check to check, they count on that money and would become a major issue. Like my boss told me if it had happen to him; "I would be screwed and not be able to pay my rent." Luckily I was not in that situation and could manage it. However, that cannot happen and not ethical at all.

My last day of work at G4S and my second to last paycheck from them, I was missing another 8 hours. After this one, I just became fed up and didn't get why they were doing this. With all my paychecks screwed up, I had to get a lawyer to my money. As they do not listen to me nor my boss and refuse to talk to me. That was the only way to retrieve my money and the lawyer plans on getting the money owed to me. I was told they were getting tired of me asking for my money and could potentially fire me for harassment. I didn't get why, so I stopped asking as I needed my job at that time.

Here are a few other instances I have encountered working for them: 1) I was working overnight at a site and I told them I couldn't do it anymore as I was having panic attacks on the way home. They initially told me they had no sites opened. I kept emailing them and calling them, but to no answer or reply. The day I knew I was being transfer is when my replacement came in and I had to train him for two days. No warning whatsoever and no new site was given. I called that morning for a new site and they said none were open. I had to wait another month for a new site. 2) I was offered a new job and I of course I took it. My account manager told me on Friday at 11:00 a.m., if I can show up on Monday. I said I could not as I am not going to be in town. I said I'll come in Tuesday. He said what about Saturday at 7:00 a.m.? I said I couldn't as I had plans being less than 24 hours in advance. He told me I had to be there Saturday at 7:00 a.m. or I would be fired. That just goes to show you, they don't care about you whatsoever and only about their business and clients.

Those are the main ones that I dealt with, but here are a few of incidents my co-workers have dealt with: 1) G4S loves to lose paperwork and blame it on their employees for not sending the paperwork in. One of my co-workers was trying to get medical insurance and G4S lost the paperwork and they kept delaying it for months. They finally got back to her and said for her to re-file the paperwork. But of course it was after the Obama Care deadline and that hurts her but saves G4S money. My co-worker said that to them and they blamed her, saying they wouldn't do anything about her claim and help her. They literally made one of their employees go into tears and didn't care. She kept calling them and they kept ignoring her calls and she was told if she went to the office about this, Human Resources would have terminated her on the spot. How can they do that when she's trying to better her life? 2) Another one of my co-workers was sexually harassed at work and the guy that said inappropriate gestures to her was not even punished. The co-worker at my site was third shift and making $11 an hour. G4S removed him from the site and like rewarded him for doing so. Now he works 2nd shift, doing a lot less work and making $12:50 an hour. G4S supposedly did not believe her and the other girl that was told the gestures. Here's the kicker, he was fired from 3 other jobs for sexual harassment. Maybe that's a clue, but they are desperate for workers and don't care.

These are just the instances I heard and what I went through. But all these cases and more do happen all the time through the company and they need to stop. It is bad business and not ethical one bit. Many people that go through a problem with them or has missed hours accounted for, just let's the problems go. That's what they want you to do as it benefits their company and they save or make money.

If the office does see this, they will know who wrote it and I'm perfectly fine with that. They can't do anything to me as I'm writing in truth and don't work for them anymore. The problems from the office comes down from the GM of the branch, to the account managers and to human resources. No one should be trusted and they will back-stab you in a heart beat to better them self and to save the company money:

I know I will not be making out in my owed money with taxes deducted and the lawyer fees. But that's not my case for writing this article. I want to be heard and make sure people are not being taken advantage of by G4S or any company for that matter.  If you have a problem with a company, speak up because if you don't, the problem will never be fixed if you don't. Member you as an employee work for the company and you help them make money. With that said, you should be treated right and paid for the job you do!

If you do not want to go through my problems or my co-workers problems, DO NOT WORK FOR G4S SECURITY SOLUTIONS!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

An company would invest in stocks because the potential win is huge. If the companies stock rises, the companies payday would be huge. Since companies have more money and could put more money in the stock. If the companies stock does rise and get a good payday, the money you win could go into the company and to expand the company. By expanding the company, you could make more money with improvements and new ways. That is how a company rises and and attracts more consumers. With a company investing in debt securities, the bonds they received are added up in interests and the bonds that were initially 100 dollars are now a lot higher with interests. By having bonds, the company will have more money in the pocket and more money in the bank. In which, can go a lot further into the companies ways. By having stockholders, you have more investors that give you money to the company to expand the company. Plus, more opinions to make the company better and new ways to improve. But if the company does not do good, depending on the deal, you could be out a lot of money and would have to pay the stockholders back. That would be money out of the pocket you do not have. It is not always bad to have binds because after years, the bonds turn into a lot more money and more money given to you, which is nice. However, having bonds is like a waiting game. Since you cannot cash bonds for years, that is the downfall for investing into bonds or another name, debt securities. 

Friday, May 30, 2014


This article shows how young consumers think and their mindset to buying. Young consumers are the most one's to watch out there.


When coming the buying, consumers don't think of the consequences. But there are always consequences and this shows.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

When discussing consumer psychology, you try to get into the consumers head. In reality, the business owners play a mind game on the consumers for the consumers to lose money and him to gain money on their cost. As a business owner you need to dissect the area of where you are planning to put your business and to get into the consumers head. So, you can tell what people go for and what will make you money. For instance, McDonald's and Subway are popular fast food places and do make money. When trying to put out a popular place like McDonald's and/or Subway , you have to look at the income of the people that live in the area, population and families. The more people with a higher incomes will only make you have more money in your pocket and a better opportunity to expand your place of business.

To start off with, business owners have to figure out who their consumers are as Kendra Cherry of "The Psychology of Consumer Behavior" mentions. When evaluating a business, consumer psychologists look at many areas to see what gits right, such as how consumers chose products, services and products, the thought process behind thoughts and emotions behind consumer decisions, how environmental variables such as family, friends, media influence busying, what motivates people to buy that particular product over another product, how personal factors influence people to buy that product, and finally what can be done to reach consumers about that particular product. (Cherry, Kendra) If you were ever to open your own business, those are the six steps you should take deep detailed on. If you go through all six steps and all comes up clean, that your business will sell, then go right ahead and open the business. Of course, if you have the money. But like many entrepreneurs, they do not know when to give up and if they see not business selling or the six steps did not come up clean, they will keep the business up and running, losing more and more money each day. Researching is huge to being a consumer psychologist as you have to do your due diligence on your idea. Under researching also includes marketing. Marketing can be very expensive, but can find cheaper ways out of it. The expensive route is going commercials and ads in magazines or newspapers. If you want to go the cheap route, you can have sales, promotions or print out flyers and hand it out to your demographic area. In Cracking the Code of Consumer Psychology by Dorie Clark, Clark brings up a good point of business owners take easy routes out and do not do their due diligence on their business to see how it will fare in the demographic area. Clark also brings up a quote by the famous Steve Jobs; "people do not know what they want until you show them the service or product." That is a great quote by Mr. Jobs as that is 100% true. That is where your marketing will come in handy and have to do a great job. If you have great marketing, there will be no turning back and your business will have complete success.

Lastly, consumer psychology and marketing strategies are pretty similar. But like most definitions, both do have their differences.  Consumer psychology is the beginning process of research. As that means, doing research to see if that business will make the business owner money. Going back to those six steps above. If you go through the six steps and you say; "yes, I know my business will sell and the demographic area is perfect." When you say that to yourself, you can then move onto the marketing strategies Marketing strategies is just to see what ways you can put your topic on top and to get your product or service out there. Like I mentioned above, newspaper, ads, flyers or words of the mouth. Marketing is a lot of work but a process you have to do to make more money and to have a happy stress free life.

At the end of it all, opening a  business is a lot of work but if you nail all the steps, you will be a lot more happy than working a full-time job all the time looking up to another boss. The downfall is your business could fail and lose oout on money, but if you are confidence, that is a gamble worth taking.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Let me first off saying, I would much rather do this in person but we don't see us much as in where we can talk. I hate it a lot and want to have conversations with you. You are a very beautiful and hard-working girl, plus I can tell how sweet you really are. It's not to see that in you and why I like you so much. I would like to get to know each other better and maybe hope for you to give a chance to take you out on a date. I guarantee you will not regret the decision. I would do anything for you and help you anyway I can. I'm very nice and you will be the first thought that comes to my mind 24/7. I would make time for you anytime and change my schedule if I have to so we can hangout. Whatever your schedule has, I'll coordinate out schedules together so we can go out. A main reason I still like to go to work is to see your beautiful self come in. Just seeing you makes my day. I don't know if you know the song, but "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins feels like the situation and makes me thing. I would have the link to click to, but since it's a letter, it's kinda hard to, lol. Oh what technology has done to us, haha. I would do anything to have you in my life, seriously! You can either talk to me about this in person - I can stay later to what you get off or you can text me still at 815-272-1135 at anytime! :)


Saturday, May 17, 2014

The instrument that I believe is the best to use in an survey. Conducting a survey can get a vast majority of all demographics and best results possible. Going with the lack of production with employees. You can have the survey on all co workers and see how they feel about one another. A survey regulated around what all the co workers think will give good results and see how they feel about one another. Working at McDoanld's for four and a half years saw that and how other co workers will back stab you in a heart beat to get one step ahead of you. Places in retail or the food industry and worker by younger adults and drama is huge when it comes to it. With drama being in the work place, production is down and the best service will not be there at that given time. Also, when conducting the survey you should ask the customers as well. In reality, customers are whom make up your business and opinions are valid to the point of knowing there thought. The customer you survey would have to be ones that have come back and new ones to see what they all think. It doesn't hurt on how much information you get out of the survey unless the demographics, genders and races are not a like. The best sampling to look at and use when conducting a business is the convenience sampling. An survey is not expensive and cheap. Cheap is exactly what convenience sampling is. Saving money these days is all that matters and by saving money, you can work on more better stuff that means a lot more. If you were looking for a method, stick with the convenience method and you'll be just fine and will get all the results you need to know. When conducting a business research, use the survey instrument and the convenience method. 

Collecting data is not a hard task but have to be very detailed. Collecting data can be fun at times. It is fun to see what comes out of the date that you never knew before. Especially in a survey as results are mixed and get to see people's different views on each and every subject. For example Family Feud and every question varies in different subjects and taken from as many people in all different areas and varies from all kinds of people. Family Feud is the best example to relating to this week and how surveys generally work. Another good technique is an interview. When you want to get to the bottom line of an answers, go the interview route. Going with an interview, you can ask the question you want to know and not go through all the back chains of getting the same answer. When interviewing a professional athlete, you can just ask him and how he feels and what is going on with his career and if he heard anything about a call-up in the minors. Instead of being a fan or in the media guessing when he will get a call-up. That usually does not work too well and the guessing is never right. The front office of whom does the call ups doesn't do what we want to get done. Primary research is research you conduct and are the one that compiled all the information on your own while secondary research is research other researchers found out and you just took their information down. Like looking up research, that would be secondary research. Random Sampling is an sample of random stuff that you don't know at first. Like picking names out of a hat with eyes closed.