Sunday, January 31, 2010

Former Cubs on the Move...

Since the last couple of days, the Cubs have not been at all mention: Here is a short post on former Cubs:

According to Ken Rosenthal, OF Reed Johnson is close to signing with the Dodgers to be there 4th OF. The Cubs are out after him after signing Nady. I wish he went to the AL so we might not have to see him.

The Marlins have made a offer RP Kevin Gregg, The ex Marlin was traded to the Cubs last offseason after struggling badly. Oh well, he won't hurt them.

The Brewers sign OF Jim Edmonds to a minor league deal with and not-roster invitation to spring training. Edmonds missed all of 2009 but last played in the MLB in 2008 with the Cubs. I hope the best for him.

That is the latest but Pitchers and Catchers meet in about 17 days. Yippee!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More on Nady...

Since News and Notes around the Cubs is slow so here is a fast post:

Nady is expected to be primarily a pinch hitter in April when the weather is cold so he can rehab from his 2nd Tommy John Surgery. His agent Scott Boras had stuff to say about Nady by calling him by his nickname "X".

--"X" talked about seeing where his surgically repaired elbow (Tommy John surgery) would be in "two-and-a-half months." That takes us into April, but neither Nady nor the Cubs seemed to think he wouldn't be ready to start the season on the active roster. Nady said he hoped to throw from 120 feet today and then push it back to 130 feet next week.

Here is what GM Jim Hendry had to say: "Quality, quality hitter. Certainly a legitimate middle-of-the-lineup hitter from his past. We searched long and hard in the winter to come up with one more solid bat to give Lou going into camp. This really came together rather quickly in the last week...We feel like we've got an everyday, legitimate 5-hole-type hitter to augment our offense."

Here is what his self said, Nady: "From a health standpoint, the arm's doing well. It's progressing each week, and I'll continue to do my throwing program for the next two-and-a-half months...Right now, it's hard, I think, to assess where I'll be in two-and-a-half months."

So if this is true, he can help the Cubs. He will also put pressure on Soriano, Kosuke and Byrd to hit if they don't, Levine says Pinella won't hesitant and put Nady in as a starter. I hope that is true.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cubs Sign Nady...

The Cubs officially sign OF Xavier Nady to a 1 year contract today. Deal was pending a physical but he passed it today. Nady will make 3.3 million base salary with 2 million in incentives of games played in 2010.

He missed pretty much all of 2009 with his 2nd Tommy John Surgery. So if he comes back healthy, he can be a good addition, When he had a full year in 2008, he batted .305 with 25hr and 97rbi in 148 games.

Like I said this is a pretty good deal for the Cubs. The Cubs offer the same deal to Dye but he declined and they settle with Nady.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Joe Nelson likes Cubs, Could we see Eric Byrnes in a Cubs Uniform...

Nelson has spoke and said that he would love to pitch for the Cubs in 2010. Nelson pitch for the Rays in 2009. The 35 year old RP went 3-0 with a 4.02 era in 40.1 innings pitch. He can probably come cheap as he only made 1.3 million in 2009 so he will probably come cheap. I would like the Cubs sign him to a 1 year contract worth 800,000 with 500,000 in incentives of innings pitch in 2010. He would be the veteran presence that Hendry and Pinella wants.

Recent Cubs addition Chad Tracy was on the radio yesterday and he said recent release OF Eric Byrnes was jealous when he sign with the Cubs. Byrnes first choice to play for is the Cubs. I think he would be a good signing with his cheap price. He can play good defense and can hit OK. His numbers have been decreasing over the years but maybe can come back to his old form like a couple years ago. I think the Cubs should sign Byrnes to the same exact deal the Cuba sign Tracy to.

I will keep you posted as Catchers and Pitchers are soon to meet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cubs Sign Chad Tracy, More Notes...

Yesterday the Cubs have announce that they have sign IF Chad Tracy to a minor league deal. Today the deal was official. Tracy will make 900,000 in 2010 if he makes the big league club. Plus 525,000 is he has 450 at-bats and a 100,000 if he is name comeback player of the year. I do see him making the big league club but the other 2 I don't see. You could see a trade for Micah Hoffpauir who is 30 years old because Tracy can play 3B, 1B, RF, and LF. But Hoffpauir still have 1 more option to go back to the minors which could happen. Tracy is expected to be primarily backup 3B for Ramirez and also player 1B. He is also a lefty like Hoffpauir to come off bench.

In 2009, Tracy batted .237 with 8hr and 39rbi in 257 at-bats. He is also not bad at defense. This could be a positive signing.

The Cubs have avoided arbitration with Sean Marshall agreeing to 950,000. Marshall filed for 1.175 million while the Cubs offered 800,000. Only 2 more left Marmol and Theriot.

The Cubs will be in attendance to watch P Noah Lowry throw next week. He missed all of 2009 with a arm injury. This would be a good signing.

When the Cubs signing of Nady becomes official I will have a full post on the signing. The deal is pending a physical.

I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Cubs Rumors... Update 1? (Cubs Sign Xaiver Nady) Update 2? (A's Sign Sheets) Update 3? (Chan Ho Park Signing Unlikely) Update 4 (Nady's contract)

Update 4 5:20: Jon Heyman is reporting that Nady will make 3.3 million in 2010 with 2 million in incentives. I think that deal could pay off even if he does average. I will have a full post of just the Cubs signing Nady tomorrow.

Update 3 12:37: Bruce Levine reports that the Cubs have contacted Park's agent but a deal is unlikely. He wants 3-4 million a year. Yeah I think that is to much to so oh well.

Update 2 12:10: The Oakland Athletics have sign P Ben Sheets to a 1 year contract worth 10 million in base salary and maybe incentives to. I would of love the Cubs to get Sheets but 8 million is way to much for a pitcher who miss all of 2009 with a shoulder injury.

Update 1 12:05: The Cubs have sign OF Xaviver Nady to a 1 year deal worth, contract details undisclosed. The deal is pending a physical and with elbow injuries and pat seasons that can hold up the deal from going through. Depending on how much he got, it could be a good deal. He is a good hitter against lefties and that can spill Kosuke Fukudome. I will update you later if the contract details are announce.

Jon Heyman tweets that the Cubs and Rays are looking at pitcher Chan Ho Park. In his career Park has been a starter and a reliever. But his stats as a reliever are way better than as a starter. In 2009 Park went 3-3 with a 4.43 era in 83.1 innings pitch. This is as a starter and a reliever. Since he is 37 years old, I would give him a 1 year contract worth 2 million plus. incentives.

Ken Rosenthal talk to Chien Ming Wang agent and the agent said 6 teams are interested in his services. The agent did not mention any names but why won't the Cubs be in on him, he can pitch as a starter and a reliever. In his career, he has won 19 games in a season twice. He was injure pretty much all in 2009 and but up horrible stats. He went 1-6 with a 9.64 era 42 innings pitch. That is as a starter and a reliever. He is only 29 so I would offer a 1 year contract around 2 million with a club option for the second year with incentives.

The Mesa council has approve the Cubs new facility so the Cubs will be officially in Mesa in 2010. Finally this is over, it has been dragging on for like ever.

Jim Bowden tweeted that P Ben Sheets negotiations are starting to heat up as Pitchers and Catchers meet in about 22 days. The teams most interested are the Mets, A's, Mariners, Rangers and the Cubs. The A's reportedly made a good offer to Sheets already. But id Sheets want to win he should go to a different team. Also remember Sheets will love to pitch with the Cubs. Lets hope he will take a discount.

More to come, I can smell it.

Monday, January 25, 2010 Cubs Rumors...

These rumors and notes are brought to you but

Jon Paul Morosi ( writer) reported last week that the Cubs have engage in contract talks with RP Kiko Calero but that has waned. He also says the Cubs still want a veteran RHP out of there bullpen in a couple weeks. He does not mention any names. I say they should have somebody in a week or two.

They say that Xavier Nady is there top choice for the 4th OF vacancy id Jermaine Dye does not lower his price. I think Johnny Gomes and Nady will both come for the same price as Dye and that would be good to have both on the bench. For the week bench the Cubs have right now. That is my opinion.

They say Ben Sheets is unlikely to land in Chicago, Jayson Stark said that last week. I wish they are wrong but as right now that seems more likely.

The Cubs have look into 2B's Adam Kennedy and Olando Hudson but 2B is not high on there priority list. At least it is on there list but would rather have Baker start over hose 2.

I will keep you posted as the Cubs should have moves on the horizon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baseball Prospectus: Cubs Top 10 Prospects....

Here is the list for Baseball Prospectus:
1) 3B Josh Vitters
2) SS Starlin Castro
3) P Hak-Ju Lee
4) OF Brett Jackson
5) P Andrew Cashner
6) P Jay Jackson
7) P Chris Carpetner
8) P Chris Archer
9) OF Kyle Burke
10) 2B/SS Ryan Flaherty

So in this list a lot of the Cubs top prospects are pitchers but the hitters are coming around. It actually is even 5 pitchers and 5 hitters.

Other peoples list of Cubs top prospects:

Andrew Cashner - RHP
Starlin Castro - SS
Josh Vitters - 3B
Hak-Ju Lee - SS
Jay Jackson - RHP
Chris Carpenter - RHP
Ryan Flaherty - INF
Dae-Eun Rhee - RHP
Logan Watkins - 2B
John Gaub - LHP

Baseball America:
Starlin Castro - SS
Brett Jackson - OF
Josh Vitters - 3B
Andrew Cashner - RHP
Jay Jackson - RHP
Hak-Ju Lee - SS
Logan Watkins - 2B
Chris Carpenter - RHP
Ryan Flaherty - IF
D.J. LeMahieu - SS-2B

Pretty much all the lists have the same prospects in them but in different order. I think Baseball America has the best list but that is my opinion and could be wrong.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cubs Poise to Sign Johnny Gomes...

According to David Kaplan the Cubs are in negotiations with OF Johnny Gomes. He will probably only get 2-3 million a year with possibly incentives. He would be a good bat to come off the bench but his defense is liability but I think he will be fine.

Also Kaplan reported that the Cubs are planning on only offering P Ben Sheets a 1 year deal on a low base salary with possibly a year for the 2nd. At least the Cubs are offering him something and maybe will take a discount because he likes Chicago. A man can hope.

ESPN Jason Stark says the Cubs have kept contact with P Chan Ho Park and U Fernando Tatis. I really don't like both and are probably on the bottom of there list.

That is it for now but will keep you posted.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rumors, Rumors Keep on Rolling in...

News from Bruce Levine:

He says the Cubs are still talking to Padres about RP Luke Gregerson and Closer Heat Bell and with the Blue Jays about RL Jason Frasor. I think the best one the Cubs can get is Gregerson because he is cheaper and won't cost as much.

The Cubs are moving on from Dye because he is still asking for to much. Levine said he will have to take a 60% discount or retire. I still think Dye is the best option.

The Cubs have contacted RP Kicko Calero but at this point have no interest in him. This downplays the Foxsports report that the Cubs and Calero are talking numbers. I figure that.

The Cubs have interest OF Johnny Gomes to be the 4th OF and he confirms it. Gomes signs a minor league deal with Reds last year and might of pays off. In 281 at-bats he had 20HR, not bad. I think Gomes is pretty much only a pinch hitter like Jake Fox because he can't field and not a 4th OF. If the Cubs do sign Gomes, there should be another OF on there way. That is what I think.

I will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mesa is Still Cubs Spring Training Site...

Breaking News: According to David Kaplan via twitter, the Cubs have chosen Mesa, Arizona over Naples, Florida as where they will play spring training for years to come. The Cubs will still be playing in cactus games instead of grapefruit games.

The city council approves their formal proposal in a vote on Monday evening to finish the process.

I am glad the Cubs stayed in Mesa Arizona, will update as soon as more information in revealed.

Cubs Talking to Kiko Calero...

According to a report from, the Cubs and relief pitcher Kiko Calero are in contract negotiations. Calero has been on the Cubs radar for a long time but are hesitant to sign him because of pat arm injuries. They don't really want to pay the 35 year old if he won't be out in the filed. The age really doesn't because older players with arm injuries are more incline to get re-injure.

If you go by 2009 stats this guy should have found a team by now and really the only team that has been mention to have interest are the Cubs. He missed pretty much all of 2008 with the arm injury. After missing the first month of 2009, Calero put up 1 hell of stats. In 2009, Calero went 2-2 with a 1.95 era in 60 appearances (most of his career). Those are not bad stats at all.

I would love the Cubs to sign Calero. I would sign him to a 1 year deal (he wants 2 but the Cubs are not willing to give that to him) worth 1.775 million plus 2 million incentives to make about 3 million.

I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cubs Interested in Mark Mulder, Shot Down...

Yesterday Foxsports reported that the Cubs have interest in pitcher Mark Mulder but according to Bruce Levine's source there is no truth to that.

It has been said that the Brewers have already sign Mulder but that rumor was untrue and he is still on the free agent market. He probably will end up with Milwaukee on a 1 year deal worth 2 million plus good amount of incentives.

Mulder is going cheap because he missed all 2009 with a shoulder injury. He could be a good low risk high reward player.

But like Levine said the Cubs have not talk to Mulder's agent this offseason.

Well this is probably not happening but will keep you posted on everything else.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jermaine Dye Good Fit, Little Interest in Luke Gregerson, Levine's Chat and Arbitration... Update 1?

Update 5:20: SS Ryan Theriot ask for 3.4 million, Cubs offered 2.6 million. Closer Carlos Marmol ask for 2.5 million, Cubs offered 1.75 million. P Sean Marshall ask for 1.175 million, Cubs offered 800K. They have until the arbitration hearing anywhere from February 1st to the 21st. If they don't get a deal done before hearing, it will be first hearing for Cubs since 1993 for 1B Mark Grace.

I think the Cubs will not have to got to hearing with any of these players. I think Marmol will get 2.3 million, Theriot will get 3 million and Marshall will get 1.1 million

Bruce Levine, Chicago Baseball reporter chimes in on rumors:

Levine is reporting that the Cubs and Dye have mutual interest and are talking about a deal. Dye will come in as the 4th outfielder, where he still wants a starting role somewhere else. If Dye did come to Chicago he will still get a lot of playing time. He would play for Kosuke when a lefty pitches or if Kosuke goes into another hitting funk, he could become the starter. Also he will give off days to Marlon Byrd and Alfonso Soriano.

Other outfielders that have been mention of coming to Chicago as a 4th outfielder are Xaivier Nady, Eric Byrnes (if clears waivers), Reed Johnson and Johnny Gomes. I think the Cubs will sign Dye to a 1 year offer worth 2-3 million with possible incentives. In 2009 Dye batted .250 with 27hr and 81rbi in 141 games. I would love to have Dye, he would be a good cheap pickup.

In the same report Levine says the Cubs have interest in right-hand reliever of the Padres Luke Gregerson. The Cubs want a RP that has major league experience out of the bullpen. The 25-year went 2-4 with a 3.24 era in 75 innings. He struck out 93 batters with only 31 walks in those innings pitch. He would be a nice addition to the bullpen. I would trade Sean Marshall, Mike Fontenot and a PTBNL for Gregerson.

The Cubs are still talking to the Blue Jays about RP Frasor that has been mention before.

The Cubs have reach agreements on arbitration eligible players INF Jeff Baker (975K), 2B Mike Fontenot (1 million), RP Angel Guzman (825),Tom Gorzelanny (800K), Catcher Koyie Hill (700K). These are all 1 year contracts. 2 players still remaining are closer Carlos Marmol, SS Ryan Theriot and P Sean Marshall. There number figures will come out at 2:00 Chicago time. I will update as soon as that happens.

Notes from Levine's Weekly Chat:

1) Bruce Levine likes Jeff Baker over Mike Fontenot at second base. I totally agree with him.

2) He says we should know fast on Dye if the Cubs sign him. (He answer my question I sent him).

3) He has heard there in no truth to the Ben Sheets rumor that came out of Toronto. I figure that.

4) The Cubs have been taking offers for RP Angel Guzman because they are concerned about his health. I hope Guzman is on there 2010 opening day roster.

5) Next offseason the Cubs will start new rennovations at Wrigley Field. That would be cool and awesome.

6) The Cubs are still talking to pitcher Jose Contreas. I really don't want the Cubs to sign him.

7) Pitcher Jeff Samardzija is not being shop. I wish he was, he could brig something good in and is not that great at throwing.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cubs Could be Close to Signing Ben Sheets... Update 1?

Update 7:30: This is subjected as just a rumor, nothing else. I wish it wasn't.

According to a report out of Toronto, the Cubs all but sign pitcher Ben Sheets. Sheets who is expected to throw for mutiple teams on Tuesday to show he can still throw the ball. Sheets who missed all of 2009 with a should injury has announce his self healthy.

Jim Hendry just said at the convention that the Cubs are not in the market for a starting pitcher. That is so BS.

I hope this is true, it could be a rumor but also true because Sheets said he would love to play with the Cubs. The Cubs maybe could sign him to a 1 year deal worth 3 million (base salary) with 3-4 million in incentives. That is what I think, hoping they sign him.

I will keep you posted as this could be good news. You won't here anything until at least tomorrow when he throws for teams.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

R.I.P. Gaines Adams...

I know this is not related to Cubs but I think it deserves a post:

Today Bears DE Gaines Adams passes away with cardiac arrest (heart attack) from an enlarge heart. Adams was only 26 years old with a bright furure ahead with the Bears.

Adams was the Bucs 2007 1st round pick, 4th overall. He was traded to the Bears in October for a 2010 second round pick. If the Bears can not resign DE Oguleye who is a free agent, Adams was expected to start in his place. Now the Bears plans change and have to find a way and sign DE Oguleye. With the passing of Adams, the Bears will not get a draft pick.

All our prayers of everybody in Chicago, Tampa, and around the NFL are for Gaines friends, pass teammates and his FAMILY.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

News from the Convention...

Catcher Geovany Soto has lost about 30-40 pounds this offseason so far. Way to go Geo.

Lou Pinella: OF Marlon Byrd will bat 5th in lineup in front of Alfonso Soriano. I figure that.

Tom Ricketts: We are still trying to get all-star game for 2014 which would be 100th year Wrigley has been played on. I hope so, that would be awesome.

Tom Ricketts: We will make improvements to Wrigley Field.

Jim Hendry: We are not looking for starting pitching. I totally disagree, you need another SP that can pitch out of relief to.

That is it for now more to come, I hope.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Hits...

This is just little news:

Single Game Tickets for the Cubs goes on sale on February 19th. They are way to expensive in my opinion and I go to other ball parks where it is cheaper.

Ryan Theriot hopes the Cubs sign P Ben Sheets. I hope so too, but as right now it is unlikely.

Bruce Levine says the Cubs will have there spring training facility out by next week. I hope they stay in Mesa.

That is it for now but will keep you posted.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cubs are About to Acquire Jason Bourgeois and other notes...

It has been reported that the Cubs are poised to acquire utility man Jason Bourgeois from the Astros who was DFA about a week ago. Jason will most likely get a non-roster invitation to spring training to prove that he can play and be in the majors. He will not cost a lot because the Astros will be happy just to get something for him because after 10 days he becomes a free agent and then they get nothing for him. I say they will have to trade a low level prospect. He can play all OF spots, 3B, SS and 2B and most likely 1B but has never player there before. Jason is a 28 year old switch hitter who batted .316 in Triple A last year. He will be a nice addition and could depth in Triple A.

Other Notes:

The Cubs have there eye on outfielders Jermaine Dye, Xaivier Nady and Reed Johnson. I would be in favor for all of them, they will come in to platoon with Kosuke and be the 4th outfielder.

The Cubs will be in attendance to watch P Ben Sheets throw on Tuesday. I just wish the Cubs do sign him.

Jim Hendry is trying to work out trades with the Padres, Blue Jays and Rockies. I just hope he does not over pay.

That is it for now but I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cubs Non-Roster Invitation to Camp...

The Cubs issued there list today of who has a chance to compete for a roster spot in spring training and here they are: There is 19 players:

•J.R. Mathes - LHP
•James Russell - LHP
•Andrew Cashner - RHP
•Casey Coleman - RHP
•Thomas Diamond - RHP
•Jeff Kennard - RHP
•Vince Perkins - RHP

•Steve Clevenger
•Robinson Chirinos
•Blake Lalli
•Chris Robinson

•Darwin Barney
•Matt Camp
•Starlin Castro
•Bryan LaHair
•Bobby Scales
•Josh Vitters

•Brett Jackson
•Brad Snyder

Of this list the only players I could see making the club for opening day are Castro, Cashner, Snyder, Scales, Russell and Diamond but all are long shots in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cubs to make Push for Pitcher Ben Sheets...

Paul Sullivan reports the Cubs are going to make a run at pitcher Ben Sheets who missed all of 2009 with a shoulder injury. Sheets is reportedly a team that he would love to play with. Also yesterday David Kaplan back up this report by saying the same thing. The Cubs are expected to watch Sheets throw off the mound later this month.

"Sheets reportedly has been asking for a two-year deal averaging around $10 million to $12 million per year, but the Cubs believe they have a good shot at landing him with an incentive-laden deal."

"If Sheets is healthy and his desire to pitch for the Cubs is real, he could give manager Lou Piniella a formidable rotation in 2010, anchored by Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster and Ted Lilly." Per Chicago Tribune.

Lilly who is expected to miss about the first month of the season with the shoulder injury, Sheets will come in and fit in perfectly. A starting rotation of Zambrano, Dempster, Sheets, Lilly when comes back and Wells could be pretty dangerous and could be better than the Cardinals. If Sheets comes back to his 2008 form like being an ace this will be one of the better signings due to the price they sign him for.

I would like the Cubs to sign Sheets to a 1 year contract worth about 3 million guarantee with incentive to reach about 7-8 million.

I will keep you posted.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Greg Maddux Back in Chicago...

Today the Cubs made another step to try and win the world series by signing former and future Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux. Maddux will be the assistant for GM Jim Hendry. If Rothchild does do a bad job this year, the Cubs have a back up plan in Maddux . Maddux said he would love to be a pitching coach and stay in Chicago to.

Its funny how the Cardinals sign former slugger Mark McGwire and former steroid user who just admitted to that today as there hitting coach and the Cubs sign future pitcher Maddux to there team.

R.I.P.: Cubs relief pitcher Angel Guzman brother was shot to death in his car. I hope everything goes well for him and his family.

I will keep you posted as more news might be revealed.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heath Bell to Cubs, Not Happening...

The unreliable Rogers has another rumor that is rarely going to happen:

Numbered List

In a report Rogers says the Cubs have interest in Padres closer Heath Bell. At the Winter Meeting the Cubs were said to have interest in Bell and according to his sources (imagination) the Cubs do in fact have interest in Bell. The 32 year old would be a nice addition to the bullpen that desperately need a make over. Bell went 6-4 with a 2.71 era in 69.2 innings pitch in 2009. He would come in and set-up for closer Carlos Marmol. As much I would be in favor of this, here is why it will not happen:

1) Padres officials shot down the rumor and backing it up saying we are not trading Bell all offseason. Cubs officials also shot down the rumor right after it was reported.

2) The Cubs would have to include to prospects such as Castro, Vitters, Cashner or Jackson. Possibly to of them in a deal.

My thoughts? As much as I would love to have Bell in the Cubs bullpen to start 2010, I would not trade any prospects in the Cubs top 10 list.

I will keep you posted as rumors might start rolling in this week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cubs Sign Bryan LaHair to Minor League Deal... Update 1?

Update 1: 11:45: The Cubs have also re-sign OF Brad Snyder to a minor league deal. Levine indicated in his chat that Cubs officials don't think he is far away from the majors.

The Cubs have sign first baseman Bryan LaHair to a minor league deal and a invitation to spring training. The 27 year old have been in Triple A most of his career but in 2008 played with the Seattle Mariners. For the Mariners he batted .250 with 3hr and 10rbi in 45 games and 136 at-bats. He had a career .284 batting average in 1,700 at-bats in Triple A.

It he puts up the same stats he does in Triple A, he will be a good player to come off bench and give Derrek Lee days off. Could this mean that Micah Hoffpauir is going to be traded and they sign LaHair as replacement? They put up pretty much same stats and are both lefties. I betcha Hoffpauir will be traded before Catchers and Pitchers report to Mesa.

I will keep you posted.

Friday, January 8, 2010

NL Central Update...

Here is the latest from the NL Central:

Chicago Cubs:

* The have been searching for a RP, 4th, SP and a bench player. Names in recent posts of options.

* Signed CF Marlon Byrd to a 3 year 15 million contract. Contract backloaded.

St. Louis Cardinals:

* Signed OF Matt Holliday to 7 year contract worth 120 million.

* Have been looking for 3B and have been link to Miguel Tejada but to pricey right now.

Houston Astros:

* Have just signed P Brett Myers to 1 year deal worth 5 million with an option.

* Have signed P Josh Banks to minor league deal.

* Have re-newed contracts with C Josh Towles and Chris Johnson.

Cincinatti Reds:

* They are still in on 21 year old Cuban Defector who is expected to sign in couple days.

Milwaukee Brewers:

* Are expected to meet with P Mark Mulder next week about contract.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

* Have interst in CF Rick Ankiel and relief pitchers Octavio Dotel and DJ Carrasco (both ex White Sox).

I think the Cardinals are better but if Cubs players come back to form they are the best because the Cardinals lost Pineiro, Derosa, Ankiel, and Glaus. Who are all not bad. Also they over paid for Holliday because they were only team interested in Holliday. Also Holliday wont put up same numbers, probably most average.

As of right now Standings are:
1) Cardinals
2) Cubs
3) Brewers
4) Astros
5) Reds
6) Pirates

I will have another one of these down the road.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andre Dawson Inducted into Hall of Fame...

Today outfielder Andre Dawson has been inducted into Hall of Fame and invited to Cooperstown. This was Dawson's 9th time on the ballot. He played in the MLB for 20 seasons, from 1976-1996. He players for the Montreal Expos for 11 season, Chicago Cubs for 6 seasons, Boston Red Sox for 2 seasons and the Florida Marlins for 2 seasons.

Awards in his career:

All-Star Games: 1981,1982,1983,1987,1988,1989,1991,1992.
He was rookie of year in 1977.
He won ML Hutch Award.
He won NL MVP in 1987.
NL Gold Gloves: 1980,1981,1982,1983,1984,1985,1986,1987,1988.
Silver Slugger Awards: 1980,1981,1983,1987.

Andres Dawson is 1 of 3 players in the 400/300 group (400 home runs and 300 stolen bases in a career). The other 2 players are Barry Bonds and Willy Mays. Good group to be with.

Dawson was also a 30/30 player and was in that group, 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases in a season.

Congrats to Dawson for making the HOF and to his family for a great career.

On a non-Dawson topic, I will have infield options for the Cubs tomorrow. I said today but the Dawson election took it up.

Cubs Infield Options...

Yesterday I did 4th outfield options and today I will do infield options.

Olando Hudson: Bruce Levine has reported that the Cubs have look at Hudson in the offseason to be there starting second baseman in 2010. For some reason the Cubs do not have Hudson on there list to go after. A reason could be is that Hudson was bench at the end of the 2009 season of the Dodgers in favor for Ronnie Belliard. In 2009 Hudson had a .283 average with 9hr and 62rbi in 149 games. Hudson is not a leadoff hitter but can bat in the 2 hole. I would sign Hudson to a 1 year deal worth 2 million with 1 or 2 mllion in incentives. His price is falling everyday and not a lot of teams are looking at him. He can be a bargain getting closer to spring training.

Felipe Lopez: Levine mention is his chat yesteray that the Cubs do have an eye on Lopez because he can get on base and he is an left handed batter, he can go with Fukudome as only left handed batter in lineup. Lopez started the 2009 season with the Diamondbacks and then traded to the Brewers. The good thing about Lopez, he is listed as a SS/2B. The Cubs then can prepare Theriot at 2B to get ready for upcoming star Starlin Castro. In 2009 Lopez had a .310 average with 9hr and 57rbi. I would sign Lopez to a 1 year deal worth 3-4 million because Lopez can leadoff.

I like Lopez better because Hudson can't leadoff and play SS. But Hudson will probably come cheaper then Lopez. He would be nice at SS so that Castro can get more work in the minors only being 19 years old.

Tomorrow I will have a different kind of post as the position options is over. I will always keep you posted on everything Cubs.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cubs Outfield Options...

Yesterday I did relief pitcher options and today I will do outfielder options:

Ryan Spilborghs: Bruce Levine has reported numerous times that the Cubs have talk to the Rockies about trading for him. He will come in and be there 4th outfielder and give days off to Kosuke Fukudome, Alfonso Soriano and maybe Marlon Byrd. Levine mention today on his weekly chat that the Cubs are still talking to the the Rockies about a trade. In 2009 Spilborghs had a .241 batting average with 8hr and 48rbi in 133 games for the Colorado Rockies. I would only give up Mike Fontenot and David Patton for him because he will only be a 4th outfielder and Mike Fontenot is going to make millions this year and that will save money. Also we have a younger new replacement in Jeff baker. David Patton really has no spot on this team and will probably not make the opening day roster.

Melky Cabrera: There have been multiple reports out there that the Cubs do in fact have interest in a trade for Melky Cabrera. I know he was traded from the Yankees to the Braves but Jon Heyman suggested that if the Braves do put Cabrera on the block, the Cubs would be interested. I know he will cost a good amount and then Byrd would be a high priced 4th outfielder. The Braves pretty much did the trade to shed a big contract of pitcher Javier Vazquez. In 2009 Cabarea had a .274 average with 13hr and 68rbi in 154 games for the Yankees. The Cubs most likely would have to give up Colvin and a top 5 prospect for him. Would I do that, I don't know.

There have been other names mention this offseason like Ankiel, Pods, and Gardner but with the signing of Byrd, those names are no longer up there.

Tomorrow I will have infielder options if no other story breaks.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cubs Relief Pitching Options...

Yesterday I did Starting Pitching options, today I will do relief pitching options that have been mention over the past weeks:

Kiko Calero: Bruce Levine has reported that the Cubs have been watching 35-year old Calero, to come in and pitch out of the bullpen. He would most likely just be another arm in the bullpen and not be the closer or set-up. But the Cubs are hesitant to sign him because of past injuries and don't want to give money to a guy who might not pitch all season due to injury. In 2009 Calero went 2-2 with a 1.95 era in 60 innings. He pitched for the Marlins last season. I would give him a 1 year deal worth 2-3 million with incentives. Like games pitch and innings thrown.

Jason Frasor: He is not a free agent but a Toronto Blue Jay. Levine reported in an article that the Cubs have ask the Blue Jays about the 32 year old pitcher. In 2009 he went 7-3 with a 2.50 era in 57.2 innings pitch. I would trade Sean Marshall and Mike Fontenot for Frasor. Here's why: Frasor is still arbitration eligible and will make about 2-3 million in 2010, on the other hand Marshall and Fontenot will make 2-3 million each in 2010 and this will save the Cubs a couple million to spend this offseason. Also in the same report, Levine says the Cubs talk about other relief pitchers of the Jays but did not mention any other names.

Those are the only names that have been really mention over weeks.

Side Note 1: Baseball Insider Ken Rosenthal, thinks the Cubs will end up with pitcher Ben Sheets but does not know for how much. Wouldn't that be awesome.

Side Note 2: Happy Birthday to Ted Lilly. Lilly is turning 34 today.

Tomorrow I will have outfield options if no big story breaks on the Cubs but that seems very unlikely.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cubs Pitching Options...

The Cubs might want to add another starting pitcher, with the injury to Ted Lilly and the departure or Rich Harden. Here are some options that have been mention over the past weeks:

Jose Contreras: Bruce Levine keeps mentioning that the Cubs have talk to his agent about being a possible swing man in the rotation until Lilly comes back. Then he will go to the bullpen. In 2009 Contreras went 6-13 with a 4.92 era in 131.2 innings pitch. He pitch for the Rockies and the White Sox in that season. He also pitch in the rotation and out of the bullpen. I would only sign him a to a 1 year contract worth 1 million because he is old and not that good of a pitcher.

Jon Garland: Bruce Levine mention on Talkin Baseball yesterday that the Cubs have indeed talk to Garlands agent about a deal to play in Chicago in 2010. Garland will most likely be the 4th starting pitcher until Lilly comes back and if does a pretty decent job will be the 5th starter then. In 2009 Garland went 11-13 with a 4.01 era in 204 innings pitcher. He played for the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers in 2009. I would sign him a to a 1 year deal worth 2-3 million. He would be a good pitcher to come in and pitch for the Cubs at a reasonable price and do a decent job.

Ben Sheets: The Cubs have talk to his agent about coming to the Windy City to pitch in the rotation. Sheets who miss all 2009 with an arm injury is trying to make a come back. If he does he can be an ace on any team. He might also come at a reasonable price because of his arm injury. He is reportedly looking for 12 million a year right now and no team is willing to give that him. I would love the Cubs to sign Sheets to a 1 year deal worth 4-5 million a year with a team option for 2011 worth 7 million to see if he holds up.

Out of that group, I like Sheets the best but will only like the signing at a reasonable price. Then Garland at that price or a million more. I really don't like Contreras but at 1 million a year, i would do it. We just have to wait and see.

Tomorrow I will have relief pitching options if a Cubs story does not break.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Predicting Roster for 2010 Season...

Since the Cubs sign Marlon Byrd, here is my updated version of the roster:

1) Ryan Theriot SS
2) Kosuke Fukudome RF
3) Derrek lee 1B
4) Aramis Ramirez 3B
5) Marlon Byrd CF
6) Alfonso Soriano LF
7) Geovany Soto C
8) Jeff Baker 2B

Starting Rotation:
1) Carlos Zambrano
2) Ryan Dempster

3) Ted Lilly
4) Randy Wells
5) Tom Gorzelanny

Closer-Carlos Marmol

Set-up-Angel Guzman
LHP-John Grabow
Lefty Long Relief-Sean Marshall
Righty Long Relief-Carlos Silva
Righty Long Relief-Jeff Samardzija
RHP: Esmalin Caridad

Koyie Hill C
Mike Fontenot IF
Micah Hoffpauir 1B/RF
Sam Fuld OF
Andres Blanco 2B/SS

Early Roster Predictions:
1) I think Tom Gorzelanny will out play Jeff Samardzija for the 5th spot in the starting rotation. Jeff is going into spring training as a starting pitcher
2) I also think Jeff Baker will out play Mike Fontenot for the starting second baseman job. Mike is going into spring training as the starting second baseman.

Other Notes that I think:
I think the Cubs will add a SP, RP, 2B/SS, 4th OF and a bench player before opening day. Maybe not all but at least 2, I say a RP and a 4th outfielder for sure.

I will have an updated roster when the Cubs make another move which seems unlikely right now as the rumors are pretty slow.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Headlines of Moves in the Year of 2009...

These will be in chronological order. It will be bigger moves not minor:

January 6th: Traded P Jason Marquis to the Rockies for RHP Luis Vizcaino.

January 8th: Signed OF Milton Bradley to a 3 year contract worth 30 million.

January 28th: Acquired RP Aaron Heilman from the Mariners for RP Garrett Olsen and IF Ronny Cedeno.

February 2nd: Traded RP Michael Wuertz to the Athletics for OF Richnie Robnett and IF Justin Sellers.

July 30th: Acquired pitchers Tom Gorzelanny and John Grabow from the Pirates for pitchers Jose Ascaino and Kevin Hart and a third baseman prospect.

September 20th: OF Milton Bradley suspended for remainder of year by team for detrimental conduct.
October 22nd: Names Rudy Jaramillo new hitting coach

November 16th: Sign RP John Grabow to a 2 year contract worth 7.5 million.

November 19th: The Cubs traded RP Aaron Heilman to the Diamondbacks for 2 minor leaguers.

December 3rd: Traded IF Jake Fox and IF Aaron Miles to the Athletics for 3 minor leaguers.

December 8th: Named Ryne Sandberg new Triple A Iowa Cubs head coach.

December 18th: Traded OF Milton Bradley to the Mariners for P Carlos Silva in a bad contract swap.

December 31st: Signed CF Marlon Byrd to a 3 year contract worth 15 million.

All the players the Cubs added in 2009 are not on the team which includes Bradley, Miles, and Heilman who were traded. Gregg is leaving in free agency.

Maybe 2010 will bring a better year for the Cubs. Have a Happy New Year.