Thursday, August 27, 2009

Should the Cubs let Reed Johnson Walk...

So would you sign Reed Johnson to be the 4th OF next year or let him walk?

Reed Johnson will be a free agent after the season and is recovering from a foot injury.

Positives: Johnson is a good defensive OF that can play all 3 outfield positions and is cheap. He is a good bunter and hits in the middle .250's.

Negatives: He is still not back from the broken foot injury and we don't know how he will act. Also he does not have a lot of power to come off the bench and hit a home run to tie or take the lead in a game.

Verdict: I say let him walk because the Cubs have a lefty in Sam Fuld who makes a good catch like everything he is out in the field and they also have a righty in Brad Snyder who has power and bats close to .300. Also if the Cubs do trade Soriano or Bradley they might go for another outfielder and that give about 4 more million to the other outfielder. I say let Sam Fuld be the 4th outfielder next year if Bradley is in right, Soriano in LF and Kosuke in CF.


Tomorrow I will have, should the Cubs pursue Marco Scutaro.

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  1. I say you keep him...we gotta have someone to be the right side of the centerfield spot...neither kosuke nor sammie fuld can hit lefties