Friday, August 28, 2009

Should the Cubs Pursue Marco Scutaro...

If you were Jim hendry would you pursue SS Marco Scutaro?

Positives: Scutaro has a good glove, only making 4 errors in 120+ games this year. He bats close to .300 with decent power (10-15 home runs a season). The Cubs then could move Theriot to 2B and use Scutaro at SS (Theiot is not a good defender).

Negatives: The only negative thing I can think of is his age, Scutaro is 33 years old.

Verdict: I say sign Scutaro to a 3 year deal worth about 18 million and then move Theriot to 2B, Scutaro to SS, use Baker as utility man like Derosa type and then the gives Jim Hendry the chance to trade Fontenot.


Tomorrow I will have what relief pitchers the Cubs should pursue in the offseason.

Other notes:

Both Rich Harden and Aaron Heilman were claimed on waivers yesterday.

Aaron Heilman was claimed by a NL team.

Bruce Levine is reporting the Twins are the team that claimed Rich Harden.

I seen a post that there could be 4 or 5 other Cubs players that have been claimed and Jim Hendry said he is willing to trade anybody.

More to come, I guarantee.

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