Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Training Day 7 and other notes

Spring Training Day 7:

Rick Sutcliffe will be a guest instructor until the WBC starts.

Lou says Alfonso Soriano is the leadoff man but will try people in the number 1 hole in spring training.

The Cubs will look for a backup infielder in spring training on there team or another team (Nomar or Hudson). Hoffpauir will likely not make the team if the Cubs get a backup infielder. Hoffpauir can only play first and a corner outfielder (the Cubs have 5 outfielders). I think Gathright will make the team as a backup outfielder because he can play all 3 outfields positions and has good speed to come in as a pinch runner.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Alfonso Soriano said he would move to the second base if we land Manny Ramirez. I thin there is about 0% to land him because of his price. I think if his price is around 10-15 million 1 year with a club option for a second year, I will then give it a 45%.

Lou Pineela will like to carry 14 position players amd 11 pitchers. He will be thinking about that in spring training. That means the Cubs will have 6 bench players.

Lou Pinella has not yet talk to the Rickett family but can't wait.

On other news:

According to Phil Rogers of the Chicago Tribune, Jim Hendry had calls regarding a trade for Kosuke Fukudome. If the Cubs were going to trade Kosuke they will have to take on a bad contract like Kosuke's. One of the teams that were mention was the Seattle Mariners, the would of probably traded Washburn, Bedard or Johjima. If I was Jim Hendry I would of traded Kosuke for Bedard because Bedard can be a good pitcher if healthy and is also a lefty.; The the Cubs can get Marshall in the pen as the second lefty because as right now the Cubs only have 1 lefty in the pen and it is Cotts. Cotts will be the Cubs only lefty in the pen if Marshall goes to the 5th spot.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the teams that are still interested in Olando Hudson are the Dodgers (leading for Hudson), Royals (Hudson wants to play for them), and an unknown team (could be the Cubs because they were mention to Hudson). If Hudson goes to the Dodgers, it will probably be after they sign Manny Ramirez.

This is another note not related to the Cubs or baseball:

The Bulls have traded Larry Hughes to the Knicks for C Jerome James, PF Tim Thomas and SF Anthomy Roberson.

They also traded Thabo Seplosha to the Thunder for a first round pick.

I will keep you posted on the Cubs rumors.

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