Friday, February 20, 2009

Spring Training Day 8 and other news

This is from spring training day 8:

According to, Carlos Marmol is reconsidering playing for the Dominican Republic in the WBC. For the past few weeks, Carlos Marmol was going to be the closer for the Dominican Republic. This was his quote from the report on "I want to be the closer here. I need to work here. I'm not sure I'm going [to the World Baseball Classic]." Carlos Marlosl is going to talk to Felipe Alou the manager of the Dominican Republic and then make his decision. The decision should come by Saturday. The Rosters for the WBC have to be finalized by Tuesday.

Lou Pinella said when Aaron Miles play second and Kosuke Fukudome plays center, he likes this lineup, Soriano, Miles, Lee, Bradley, Ramirez, Fukudome, Soto, Theriot. So that lineup does not have a righty batting right behind another, until when Soto and Theriot come up.

Earlier this winter the Cubs sign LHP Bill White to a minor league deal, today the Cubs release him because he failed a physical. The Cubs added Brian Schlitter to the 40 man roster.

Alfons Soriano is telling everyone around him that he is going to start stealing more bases again. The Cubs just have to hope his legs stay healthy, so he will be at full strength to steal again.

12 pitchers threw off the mound this mourning in spring training phase 2. All the pitchers threw 25 pitches today.

The pitchers pitchers that stand out the most were Jeff Samardzjia, Ken Kadokura. Jeff could not fine home plate and almost smoke Ryan Theriot. Kadokura shattered a couple of bats with his moving fastball, although he got hit hard other times.

Jake Fox took grounders at third base again with coaches Alan Trammel and Ivan Dejesus (They hit him the grounders as watching him to).

The players that look the sharpest swinging today were the first baseman's Micah Hoffpauir and Derek Lee. They bath face live pitching.

This is news that does not relate to spring training:

According to Ken Gurnick, the Dodgers sign Olando Hudson to a 1 year 3.4 million deal, with 4.6 million in incentives. So if the Cubs don't want to trade for a backup infielder, the most likely candidate is Nomar. The only bad part is the Phillie's are looking at him and if the Cubs and Phillie's offer him the same deal, he will chose the Phillie's (my opinion). I think when he played for Chicago his last time, I don't think he liked it. 2 other options for a backup infielder is Olando Cabrera and Joe Crede. It seems that both Crede and Cabrera want starting jobs somewhere and Cabrera could get a starting job in Oakland and Crede could get a starting job in San Francisco. Plus they would want a lot of money and Jim Hendry won't give them that kind of money as a backup.

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