Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bruce Levine's Chat: 9/28...

I'm going to start a weekly trend, by having a post on Bruce Levine's chat. That will be every Tuesday, as that's the day he has the chat on. This chat was kind of weak and I mean there were not a lot of news that stood out. But, I will still present what I thought was kind of interesting.

1) He says the Cubs are in badly need of a set-up man, depending on what they do with pitcher Andrew Cashner. He thinks the Cubs should keep Cashner in the bullpen.

1) My take: It's kind of obvious that the Cubs are in badly need of a RP, even if they keep Cashner in the bullpen. Right now, I think the Cubs should keep Cashner in the pen because he has pitched pretty well and the Cubs have pitchers Jay Jackson and Chris Archer who are ahead of him in succeeding in the rotation. Also, I have a feeling the Cubs will put him as a starter, then a RP, then a starter, then a RP again and I think that will screw him it up. It could be a replay of the Samardzija situation.

2) The Red Sox have a lot of interest in Aramis Ramirez.

2) My take: I would be in favor of the Cubs dealing Ramirez. Only, if the Red Sox take on 75% of his contract, if not all and still trade mid level spects. But, I doubt that will happen. The Cubs could then go after Adrian Beltre if the Red Sox don't retain him, or call up 3B Marquez Smith from the minors who has put up nice stats. This could give the Cubs money for a 1B.

3) Levine keeps re-stating Adam Dunn is the Cubs top priority this offseason, but now he says "if the Cubs can afford him."

3) My take: We will keep hearing this until he's signed by the Cubs or another team. I think the Cubs will have enough money for him, but this will be the only impact FA signing. I would be fine if the Cubs sign him or not. It do not care if Adam Dunn is or isn't in Cubbie blue next year.

4) The Cubs are unlikely to sign Carl Crawford because they won't have the money. However, Levine does not say the Cubs will not pursue him because they could. He said there will be 8-10 teams bidding for him.

4) I would love the Cubs to sign Crawford because he brings speed that the Cubs need, a left handed bat and does have some pop, but not much. The only bad thing is, he's a OF and the Cubs don't have room unless they move Colvin to 1B but that's still TBD. However, I agree with Levine because I doubt they will have the money unless they unload 50% of Zambrano's, Kosuke and even Ramirez's contract.

5) Levine says Wood would be a good idea, but he also says I don't think going back in time is the best thing to do.

5) I totally disagree because Wood will help out a lot and every Cubs fan will be happy. He won't be too expensive, like other RP, but for some reason I think the Yanks will re-sign him.

That's the latest from another week of Bruce Levine's chat.

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