Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moves the Cubs could make in the Offseason...

I said last Tuesday that I will have Bruce Levine's chat recap, but he did not say anything we already didn't know. I instead will have a write up on potential moves the Cubs could make in the offseason.

1) Hire a Manager: This is SO obvious, as the Cubs can't go into next season without one. They could have one within a week and as of right now, it sounds like the guy will be Mike Quade. Bruce Levine predicts and said the 3rd week of October, Jim Hendry will hire a manager. I'm not too thrill about Quade being named manager as he was third on my list. I had Girardi one, Sandberg two and Quade three. There is still a chance the Cubs could hire Girardi, but it would be better if the Twins knock the Yanks out in the first round. Then, they could interview him earlier then. But, as of right now, Quade sounds like the guy.

2) Sign a 1B: I think this move will happen, as Quade wants Colvin to stay in the OF and he will likely be the manager. I don't think they will get a big name like Dunn, Pena or Matinez, but I think they could re-sign Nady or sign-trade for Adam LaRoche (depending on what the D'backs do with him). Too be honest, I like LaRocke because he has pop, plays good defense and is a left-handed bat.

3) Sign a RP: As we already know, the Cubs bullpen was not great last year, but they did turn it on as of late. I think the Cubs need one more RP that can help out. He could go along with Cashner, Marshall and Marmol who were great last year. I would love for the Cubs to sign Kerry Wood and it's not a bad idea, but what what I have read, its unlikely. Which kind of sucks because I would love a Cubs-Wood reunion.

4) Sign a 4th OF: I think the Cubs could sign one and two names that I wouldn't mind are Brad Hawpe and Pat Burrell because I like them and I think they could help in this role. But, the Cubs could open the season with Sam Fuld or Brad Snyder as the 4th OF, with Brett Jackson possibly getting the call to the majors fast. And, that way the Cubs don't spend money. I actually could see the Cubs going with Fuld or Snyder to open the season in 2011.

These are moves that I could see happen in the offseason, but with the payroll not determine yet and no manager, who knows what is going to happen this winter. There are a lot more moves that I see happening, but over the next 3-5 days, I'm going to have a post "If I was Jim Hendry" and I don't want to give much away. But, I do know this, it's going to be an interesting winter. I just can't wait!

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