Saturday, May 17, 2014

The instrument that I believe is the best to use in an survey. Conducting a survey can get a vast majority of all demographics and best results possible. Going with the lack of production with employees. You can have the survey on all co workers and see how they feel about one another. A survey regulated around what all the co workers think will give good results and see how they feel about one another. Working at McDoanld's for four and a half years saw that and how other co workers will back stab you in a heart beat to get one step ahead of you. Places in retail or the food industry and worker by younger adults and drama is huge when it comes to it. With drama being in the work place, production is down and the best service will not be there at that given time. Also, when conducting the survey you should ask the customers as well. In reality, customers are whom make up your business and opinions are valid to the point of knowing there thought. The customer you survey would have to be ones that have come back and new ones to see what they all think. It doesn't hurt on how much information you get out of the survey unless the demographics, genders and races are not a like. The best sampling to look at and use when conducting a business is the convenience sampling. An survey is not expensive and cheap. Cheap is exactly what convenience sampling is. Saving money these days is all that matters and by saving money, you can work on more better stuff that means a lot more. If you were looking for a method, stick with the convenience method and you'll be just fine and will get all the results you need to know. When conducting a business research, use the survey instrument and the convenience method. 

Collecting data is not a hard task but have to be very detailed. Collecting data can be fun at times. It is fun to see what comes out of the date that you never knew before. Especially in a survey as results are mixed and get to see people's different views on each and every subject. For example Family Feud and every question varies in different subjects and taken from as many people in all different areas and varies from all kinds of people. Family Feud is the best example to relating to this week and how surveys generally work. Another good technique is an interview. When you want to get to the bottom line of an answers, go the interview route. Going with an interview, you can ask the question you want to know and not go through all the back chains of getting the same answer. When interviewing a professional athlete, you can just ask him and how he feels and what is going on with his career and if he heard anything about a call-up in the minors. Instead of being a fan or in the media guessing when he will get a call-up. That usually does not work too well and the guessing is never right. The front office of whom does the call ups doesn't do what we want to get done. Primary research is research you conduct and are the one that compiled all the information on your own while secondary research is research other researchers found out and you just took their information down. Like looking up research, that would be secondary research. Random Sampling is an sample of random stuff that you don't know at first. Like picking names out of a hat with eyes closed.  

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