Friday, June 11, 2010

Cashner Should Start...

This is with out doubt and an obvious statement.

Since the Cubs brought up 23 year old Andrew Cashner, he has only pitched perfect. It goes with out mention, he is the Cubs top pitching prospect for a reason. He has reached 99 on his fast with good breaking balls to go with that. But as we all know Pinella, he does not trust his young players and finds does not find time to play them or get them ion the ballgame. So why would Pinella have faith in him and put him in the rotration? I say he wouldn't right now but he needs to. If they want to win more games.

He should switch with Randy Wells who is struggling really bad, while the pitches to batters are getting hit as much as all the Lebron James rumors. Once again, he struggle today and made it harder for the Cubs to win.

So in my mind this is the move you have to do. But right now he is the righy set-up man but you can let Marshall keep that job as he has been pitching amazing.

So wouldn't that be the right move?

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