Sunday, June 27, 2010

What the Cubs Need to do to Make the Playoffs...

Man this is a tough one, as a lot has to happen for the Cubs to make the playoffs and even a push. But here I go...

1) The Cubs need too HIT: This has to be number one on the list as this is the Cubs only major problem. As there pitching has held up this year pretty nicely. Guys like Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Theriot have to get back to there 2007 and 2008 form where the offence came together. Lee needs to stop swinging at those high pitches as he can't catch up to them. Ramirez is a little late on his swings and that has to get back to normal but we did see a little of that today against the White Sox. Finally, Theriot, needs to take pitches and more walks. And stop swinging at the first pitch. If these 3 guys get back on track, we might see a late run by the Cubbies.

2) Be more CONSISTENT: This is a major number two as the Cubs have shown some signs of coming out of there funk and then some signs they won't come out. That would go under as a really inconsistent ball club. Like Soto who started off the season great went into a slump and lost playing time to Hill. But as of late, Soto has shown signs of starting to hit the ball and throwing the ball way better when a player tries to steal. With that, Soto got out of Pinella's doghouse and Hill lost playing time again. Another player is Soriano, I know he is a player that goes on hot streaks and no one can stop him but he went cold and fell apart. But he came back to life as he is starting to hit again. Finally the manager Lou Pinella, he needs to pick a leadoff man and stick with him, he needs to try and keep the lineup the same on a regular basis and defintly after a win

3) Colvin and Castro NEED to play everyday: So far, these 2 players have been the bright spots for the Cubs in the 2010 season. When Colvin has played he has produce in any spot in the order. He has speed which the Cubs need and an average defender right now but I see that improving over years. Then Castro, this kid is only 20 years old and so far has only had 2 off days in his major league career and that was last week on back to back days. Castro brings speed, good defense as he can make plays a lot of other guys can't and surprisingly has been patient as he has been taking pitches. That is why I think they should be in the lineup on an everyday basis.

4) Other moves that is spread out and can't be named in a title: Only use relief pitchers John Grabow and Bob Howry when the game is out of reach and if the Cubs are winning by a good amount. Just DL Carlos Zambarno so if the Cubs fail to trade him, the bullpen will not screw up his arm and he can make a return to the rotation with no precautions. If your pitcher is pitching good, relief or starter. leave him in unless he is over 115 pitches or injured.

With that being said, the lineup I would put out there would be...
1) Tyler Colvin RF
2) Starlin Castro SS
3) Derrek Lee 1B
4) Marlon Byrd CF
5) Aramis Ramirez 3B
6) Alfonso Soraino LF
7) Geovany Soto C
8) Ryan Theriot 2B
9) Pitcher P

Starting Rotation...
1) Carlos Silva
2) Ryan Dempster
3) Ted Lilly
4) Randy Wells
5) Tom Gorzelanny

The Bullpen...
CL-Carlos Marmol
Lefty set-up-Sean Marshall
Righty set-up-Andrew Cashner
Long relief-Thomas Diamond (would be called up when Zambrano goes on DL)
Lefty specialist-John Grabow
RP-Bob Howry
RP-Brian Schlitter

The Bench...
1) Kosuke Fukudome-4th OF
2) Jeff Baker-2b/3B
3) Mike Fontenot-2B/SS
4) Xavier Nady-1B/OF
5) Koyie Hill-C

I think if all these were to happen, the Cubs would make a push for the playoffs and might even make the playoffs. But all this to happen is a lot to ask. But we shall just wait and see...

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