Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cubs First 3 Picks...

Sorry for the dealys but I have class, work and have not have much time to for the blog. But here is the 3 first picks bu the Cubs and they have been a surprise.

1st round pick, 16th overall: Hayden Simpson. He is a RHP and was from Southern Arkansas University. 21 years old and was a reach in the 1st roud pick.

Video on Simpson

A lot of people were surprised by the Cubs picking him here because on most draft boards he went in the 3rd-4th at the earliest. But Wilken was hearing he woul not be there at 65thand he took him. Every Cubs fan will hepe he is no not a bust and will pan out.

2nd round pick, 65th overall: Reggie Golden. He is a CF who has the speed and some pop but doe not hit consistently and this could of been a reach in the draft also. He is 18 right now about to turn 19 in a couple months.

Video on Golden

Right now he is to young to tell if he will have a good career but it might of been better to draft a player who is older and can tell what kind of career he will had. But I say give him time to mature.

3rd round pick, 97th overall Micah Gibbs. He is a C and is 22 years old. This could be the best draft pick by the Cubs in the draft so far. Keith Law calls it a steal and I hope he is right.

Video on Gibbs

He is already 22 so I think he could be closer to the majors than other guys drafted. I think he will be pretty good. But that is manly hope.

So with the 3 picks, I give the Cubs a C because of Gibbs pick or it would be a D or F. The Cubs just need to sign them and get them on the field so they can keep moving up.

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