Friday, June 18, 2010

Cubs Should Re-Sign DLEE...

I think the Cubs should re-sign Derrek Lee to a 2 year contract with a team option for the third year and NO NTC. I know I am going to get bash for this but there is reasoning to back this up.

Derrek Lee is the quiet captain on the team but also a role model to young kids all over the world. The Cubs can probably sign him cheaper as he wants to finish his career with the Cubs and then retire. I know Lee has been having trouble in the field as of late but he saves so many errors for his infielders. I think the errors he is making, it just a phase and will get out of it soon.

He does have pop in the middle of the order and still takes a good amount of walks. But he is getting up there in age. So would that decrease? More defiantly but I think he would still be a good aspect to the team and winning ball games.

Lee is a fan favorite by most and the Cubs front office. And the most of them all, the Cubs new owner-chairman Tom Ricketts. He has already stated, he would love Lee back.

There is speculation that the Cubs will not re-sign Derrek Lee and go after Carlos Pena who would also be a free agent. Would he be an upgrade over Lee? I don't know and not sure he would be. OK Pena has way more power than Lee. But Pena hits for a low average, not a great defender and does not take a great amount of walks. I know Lee is not hitting for a great average but his past record has shown unlike Pena. He's actually hitting worse that Lee this year. Go figure. Also the Cubs can probably sign Lee cheaper than Pena. Also, then if the Cubs wanted to trade him, he won't have a NTC so it would be easier. (But has as we know Hendry, he would get one. Here is a big BUT, will Hendry be in charge of those negotiations? As the look of it, he won't.)

Who would you rather have Pena or Lee?

Also the Cubs really don't have an in-house solution if Lee left. But there has been talk that 2007 first round pick Josh Vitters will move from 3B to 1B. And if that is the case, this move would give him more time in the minors to develop.

Derrek Lee stats
Carlos Pena stats

Now to my opinion, I love Lee and would miss if he is gone but that happens. I think this would make so much sense but what do I know.

So would you be in favor of this or not?

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  1. Your comments make sense (oops ... that may be the "kiss of death" in the Cubs organization) --- Pena would not be any kind of upgrade, and he's only 3 years younger than Lee.

    I'm guessing that Lee would take a contract that was much lower but had significant upside/rewards for reaching levels for HR, RBI, etc.