Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is DLEE Being Shopped or Anybody...

Here's the latest from the Derrek Lee drama lately. All that I write below are from writers sand according to sources.

David Kaplan says that the Cubs and Angles are in serious trade talks about Derrek Lee. And that is according to sources he trusts the most.

Gordon Wittnmymer said the Cubs and Angles are not talking about a trade for Derrek Lee but Xavier Nady.

Carrie Muskat mentions today, that people she has talked to, says the Cubs are not talking trade with the Angels right now. And it is just rumors.

Now for my opinion:

I can't say if the Cubs are or not talking to the Angels about a trade for either Nady or Lee but I can say there has been conversations. The Angels need a 1B and the Cubs have 2 that would come pretty cheap besides Lee is owed 13 million this year. The Angels current 1B Morales who broke his leg is probably out for the season and when he comes back in 2011 he can came right in even what Lee did for them because Lee is a free agent after the year. So both options could be good for the Angels in short term, right? I would think so. But with Lee's contract being the only issue.

As a fan, I love Lee and would miss him if he is traded but this is a move that will help the ball club now and in the future. The Cubs can either call-up the youngsters, play Nady at 1st if not trades, call-up Tracy to play 1st or platoon Nady and Tracy at 1st. We will just have to wait and see if Lee is even traded to the Angels are any team.

Knowing GM Jim Hendry this will not happen because he does not like to trade veterans but maybe his mind will change. Let's just hope.

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