Friday, August 6, 2010

Could we see Dunn in Cubbie Blue Next Year...

With the 2010 season in shame for the Cubs. I thought I would go ahead and look at a move that could happen for the offseason. Could we see Adam Dunn in Cubbie Blue next year?

With no news swirling the Cubs right now, and the Cubs have no first baseman under contract for the 2011 season. I will look at that situation right now, with the possible signing of Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn is currently the Nationals 1B and is a free agent after this year. The Nats can still try and sign him as Dunn wants to stay in Washington and they would like the same thing. They have the rest of the season, counting playoffs and 2 weeks after the World Series ends to try and re-sign him. After that, it's fair play and all teams can start talking with him about a deal. Like I said, the Nats would like to re-sign him, but they haven't already because they can't reach a deal. So, from what I've seen, Dunn will not be a National next season. The Nats are offering him less years and money for him to come back in 2011.

I have an unconfirmed source, that says the Cubs will be aggressive in pursuing a big left-handed bat for 1B. He names Adam Dunn and Carlos Pena. Out of those two, I pick Dunn because he's one year younger, hits for a better average and has more power. Dunn's home run total, will double at Wrigley and that's what I would like to see. He always kills the Cubs at Wrigley, but on the opposite team. It would be nice to see him kill the ball at Wrigley, for the good team.

In the first four months of the season, Dunn has posted a .277avg, 28hr and 71rbi. I think his stats will improve at Wrigley and as a Cub because it's a smaller park, he will have a good power bat behind him in Ramirez and he's playing for the Nats this year. Playing for the Nats, will never help.

I think Dunn will be looking for a 3 year contract, worth anywhere from 30-40M and I think that's too much for an offensive guy with no defense. But, as you know teams will pay him that because it's the MLB. GM's in the MLB always overpay players, even if they're not worth it. I just hope Jim Hendry is not that GM to offer him a contract like that.

The Nationals have been shopping Dunn for about 3 weeks now, but could not pull off a trade before the July 31st non waiver trade deadline. However, the Nats placed Adam Dunn on waivers about 3 days ago and was claimed by an unknown team. The unknown team will have 48 hours (well, it's less now) to try and work out a trade for him. The team is most likely an NL team and my guess it's the Giants, The Giants were interested in Dunn before the trade deadline and are in need of a 1B badly. And, they will need a 1B next year too. So, I think there is a chance they can re-sign Dunn before he hits the free agent market. But, that's just speculation on my part.

If the Cubs do sign Dunn, that means Lee's years with the Cubs will be numbered. Even though Lee will not be a Cub, he will always be remembered. I'm not going to lie, but I will miss Derrek Lee at 1B a lot. Lee will come way cheaper than Dunn and even Pena for that matter. Lee has said he would like to finish his career as a Cub and Cubs owner-chairman Tom Ricketts would like the same. But, in all fairness, that's looking unlikely as every day passes. The one thing I will miss and all Cubs fans too, is his glove. Lee saves so many errors from the Cubs infield and that would be dearly missed. Because, having Dunn at 1B will make the Cubs error total rise. GM Jim Hendry can offer Derrek Lee compensation, but I do not expect him to do so, in fear of him accepting it. I also think he will accept it because he's not about the money and is a family guy. His family would love to stay in Chicago. In the latest Elias Rankings, Derrek Lee is registered as a Type B free agent. But, that can change on a daily basis. He would also get a nice 1 year contract. If Lee does hit the open market, I think he will get a contract of 2 years, worth anywhere from 15-17M. Derrek Lee has posted a .252avg, 12hr and 51rbi so far this season. He has been improving in recent weeks.

There has also been speculation that 3B Aramis Ramirez or OF Tyler Colvin will move to 1B or the Cubs will sign free agent 1B Carlos Pena. I say no to all 3 options. Ramirez is not an 1B and will struggle at 1B, Colvin is an average+ defender in the OF and Pena is not better then Lee in my opinion, but he's (Pena) younger.

I think there's a 50-50 chance the Cubs sign Dunn in the offseason. If the Cubs do not sign Dunn, I see Lee returning to the Cubs for the 2011 season. So, I think these two are the only options for 1B next year. I would be fine with either one. Dunn will provide the offense, while Lee would provide the defense.

Remember this, the offseason is still long ways away and a lot can change in that time. There's still like four more months left until the offseason starts.

Who do you think the Cubs 1B will be next year? Also, do you see Dunn in Cubbie Blue next year?

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