Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Koyie Hill Should be Non-Tender...

With the season starting to get worse and worse by the day, I thought I would look at a move that needs to be done in the offseason. The Cubs should non-tender catcher Koyie Hill.

I think this move will help the Cubs now and in the future. The backup catcher, then, will be 23 year old Welington Castillo. I think Castillo is a backup and not a starting catcher for his career. He was called up when Geovany Soto was placed on the DL, but has only started one game because Piniella is playing the veteran. Koyie Hill is on the team because of his defense and throwing out baserunners, but both have been so bad lately and he's useless now. Like I said, Castillo has only played one game, but from what I've saw, he has a cannon of an arm and plays pretty good defense. Also, he has some pop and will hit for a mid 200 average. Unlike Hill who really has none of that.

If the Cubs did in fact release Hill, they will save money, not a lot, but some. Also, the Cubs are trying to get younger and this will be a move in the right direction. I think their is a good chance Castillo could get 2 starts a week and maybe a late substitution for Soto. Castillo can also learn information from Soto behind the plate.

I think there is a 60% chance Koyie Hill will be non-tendered and with that percentage increasing by the day.

Castillo should be in the lineup today, but as we all know Piniella, Hill will be in there again and that is the wrong move. Definitely after how bad Hill played yesterday. The good news is, Castillo will play tomorrow because Casey Coleman is pitching and they pitch together for Triple A this year. Castillo was Coleman's battery mate.

So, do you think Koyie Hill will be non-tendered?


  1. Where do you get 60% chance? And how do you figure they save money by releasing him and having to eat his contract? You then have to pay him not to play AND pay Castillo. Not that it's that much, but, in no way do they save money. Are you just pulling these numbers out of your ass?

  2. The Cubs could non-tender him and they will eat nothing. He got payed 700K this year and will then non-tender before arb and they will save money. Because, he will be in his 2nd year or arb and he will make more than 700K next year. Castillo will make 400K or lower if he was the backup. That's how the Cubs will save money. Castillo looks better than Hill in every way and that's how I think he will be the backup.

  3. No they do NOT save money. They LOSE money. If they non-tender him, THEY STILL HAVE TO PAY HIS SALARY THIS SEASON. Plus, they are paying Castillo. How is that saving money?

  4. They already payed Hill for this season but he won't be under contract nest year. They non-tender him before arbitration and he will not be on the books for next year. Castillo will make like 500-800K less than Hill next year.