Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Colvin to not Start at 1B...

The 1B situation for next year is wide open again, after new manager Mike Quade said Tyler Colvin will not start at 1B any time soon. It was reported that Tyler Colvin will get a shot at 1B during the Nats series, but that was when Lou Piniella was manager. Many thought Colvin would be the leader for 1B next year but this changes many views. Along with me.

Tyler Colvin started taking grounders at 1B when long time 1B Derrek Lee was traded to Atlanta. That's when Colvin started taking grounders, during the Atlanta Braves series. Before Piniella stepped, due to ailing family members, he said Colvin would play 1B in the Nats series. But, that changed fast as interim Mike Quade said Colvin would not start at 1B any time soon. However, Quade did mention Colvin could move over to 1B late in the game.

Colvin has played 1B before...but when he was a sophomore in college. That was his last time, he also played 1B in high school.

Right now, Xavier Nady and Micah Hoffpauir will be playing 1B to finish out the season. But, that can change fast. Hoffpauir? Ugh, he can't hit in the majors and plays 1B so bad. Nady? OK, that's is fine. He has played 1B pretty good and has hit as of late with playing time.

This is how I see it, the Cubs are out and why not give Colvin a shot...maybe they will find out that he can play pretty good. But, that's unlikely. I just would like to see a new face over there and not Hoffpauir. But, for some reason the Cubs love him and I don't get it.

Here's the link to the article.

We'll just have to wait and see if Colvin plays 1B before the season ends. Quade just said "he won't play 1B any time soon", but he doesn't say he won't play 1B all season. Their is still hope Colvin will play 1B.


  1. Did a child write this?

  2. NMo. I know it was not that great but I was busy and rushed it. Time is at little to none now and I just scrapped it together fast. I really just wanted to get my points and the articles points in there and I was fine with that.