Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carlos Silva Hospitalized...

Cubs starting pitcher, Carlos Silva has been hospitalized with an heart problem. Silva started today's game in Colorado, but was not able to get out of the first inning. He only made one out (0.1 innings) and LHP James Russell came in for him. Silva said, he was having trouble breathing and his heart was racing fast, while he was on the mound.

After he was taken out, the Cubs ruled out he was injured and called it an "illness". The Cubs hooked him up to heart monitors, and discovered he was suffering from PSVT, or an abnormally high heart rhythm.

After the Cubs figure that out, they sent him to the nearest hospital by Coors Field. The good news is, Silva will just be fine. But, he will stay overnight for more observations.

Acting manager Alan Trammell said, "He's staying overnight for observation and we'll go from there". He also said the heart problem caught us "off-guard".

I feel sorry for Silva, as he wants to compete and be out their on his 5th day to pitch. I hope that trend can continue but...if he can't or has to be sent on the DL. I see current relief pitcher Carlos Zambrano, taking his spot in the rotation.

My best wishes goes out to Carlos Silva and hope he will be able to pitch again soon. Only time will tell us and maybe more information will come out tomorrow.

Here's where I got the info: It was brought to us by Paul Sullivan.

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