Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bruce Levine's Chat: 10/26...

I'm back! Now to Levine's chat recap. I will share information that I thought was interesting:

1) The Cubs will find out next Tuesday, if there 84M training facility will be approved in Mesa.

2) Adam Dunn is still the Cubs number 1 priority.

3) Kosuke Fukudome is likely to be traded.

4) The Cubs could look at Cliff Lee, but nothing major. Don't look for any legs on the Lee movement.

5) Levine does not even know how much the money the Cubs will have to spend on free agents this winter.

6) Levine states there's a good chance Hendry is gone after 2 years when Quade's contract is up.

7) Jim Hendry can probably fit Adam Dunn in, if Kosuke is traded.

8) The Cubs will have interest in bringing Kerry Wood back, but the Yanks are preparing a contract for him.

10) Levine thinks Brett Jackson and Jay Jackson will make the team sometime next year. While, Archer could be a summer call-up.

Next week I'll have his recap again. In the next few days, I will have another player profile; that will be Jay Jackson.

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