Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Changes to Blog...

Sorry for the inactivity as of lately, but I'm working almost full-time and taking 5 classes in college. I would love to write posts, but I'm usually tired. However, I'm going to try and write 2-3 posts a week now.

My blog now will be more for the minors. I will have updates on the AZL and player profiles. Also, I will still have Bruce Levine's weekly chat on Tuesday. And, that will count as a post for the week.

But....I will still have updates on breaking news and only breaking news (FA signings, trades, etc). And, that will not count as a post for the week.

I hope the new changes are better.

I will have a player profile tomorrow and it will be Josh Vitters.

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

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