Thursday, October 21, 2010

Player Profile: Josh Vitters....

Josh Vitters is a 21 year old third baseman, who the Cubs drafted in 2007 with the 3rd overall pick. He was 17 years old and was drafted out of high school. He's currently playing for Double A Tennessee Smokies in the Chicago Cubs minor league system. Vitters could be making the transition from third base to first base. As he is playing first base in the Arizona Fall League, but he is also third base too.

Vitters started off the 2010 season in the minors with High A Daytona posting a .291/.350/.445/.795 with 3hr and 13rbi in 28 games and 110 at-bats. Then, Vitters was called up to Double A and posted a .223/.292/.383/.676 with 7hr and 26rbi in 63 games and 206 at-bats. Before breaking his wrist and being out for the remainder of the season.

Vitters is currently playing in the Arizona Fall League and he's not doing so well. The league pretty much just started and as of right now he's posting a .222/.211/.244/.655 with 1hr and 5rbi in 4 games and 18 at-bats. Like I already mention, he's playing third base and trying to make the transition to first base. He's trying to make the transition to first base because the Cubs ordered it. His stats don't look good in the AZL, but it's still early and he's coming off a bad wrist injury. Just give him time and hope he comes around.

Vitters was once the Cubs top rated prospect, before the top spot was taken over by 20 year old SS Starlin Castro. Who is now the Cubs starting SS. He was ranked number one in the Cubs system in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 he was ranked number two. He was ranked number 43 in 2008, 51 in 2009 and 70 in 2010 in the whole minor league system for all 30 MLB teams. That is all according to Baseball America.

Vitters has gone through his share of injuries. He has suffered two injuries, in which he missed significant time. That is one reason why he's on a setback from reaching the majors.

Also, Vitters might not even be a Cub when and if he makes the majors because he could be traded. Vitters has been in trade talks for the past 2-3 years, but general manager Jim Hendry was reluctant to trade him because of his potential. If Vitters would have been included, the Cubs would have either 2B Brian Roberts or P Jake Peavy. Josh Vitters was the deal breaker in both deals. But, Jim Hendry might be more open to trade him because of his struggles in the minors. With the recent news that the Royals will take offers for P Jack Greinke. The Cubs are expected to be a team after him and most likely will have to offer Vitters in a deal with more. So, will he be a Cub when he makes the majors? That question is still to be determine.

My Prediction: He will make the majors in 2012 as a first baseman. I think he will be a Cub because I don't see the Cubs acquiring Zack Greinke and the Cubs are more reluctant to trade young players. He will get an invite to spring training in 2011 to see how he produces. Vitters still has to work on his plate ability. He strikes out a good amount, swings at bad pitches and rarely walks. However, he does have ability as he has hr power and is a guy who can hit 3-5 in the batting order. I also think he will make the Cubs because the Cubs have no third baseman or first baseman in their minor league system are are not going to spend on players anymore.

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So, when do you see Josh Vitters making the majors? Do you even think Vitters will make the majors?

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