Monday, May 31, 2010

If I was the GM and Manager...

To start off with, I can probably do a better job than both. But I will start with "if I was the GM". These are moves I would make in weeks and moves I would be working on all the day.

1) Trade Derrek Lee: He is a free agent after the year and is aging. I think right now the Cubs could get decent prospects for him. Trade him to the Angels, they need a 1B badly and Lee probably will fit that need. Seems not a perfect scenario to me. I know Lee has a NTC but he has said before he will waive his NTC to a west coast team. Because that is where his family lives.

2) Trade Kosuke Fukudome: He still has value but Jim Hendry waited to late to trade him. I would of ask the Yankees if they wanted him as they have always have interest in Kosuke even when the Cubs signed him. This is when the Yanks lost Granderson but now Winn and Thames are doing a pretty good job as replacements. Also Kosuke only has a good April and that is it so why is he still on the team. Hendry should know that but he does not get it. This will also open up a spot for 24 year old rookie Tyler Colvin.

3) Trade Ted Lilly: I know this is not an ideal move but the Cubs need to get younger and Lilly is a free agent after the year. He is a lefty that is above average and has pitched great in his last 2 outings. Teams maybe looking for a rental in pitching should look at the Cubs because he won't cost as much as some pitchers do. He is also a lefty which is hard to come by. Also this will open up a roster spot for top pitching prospect Andrew Cashner who should not be in the bullpen.

4) Trade Ryan Theriot: I know this is probably not the best move but he is still kind of young but getting older as the years past. He does hit a lot of singles and multi hit games but he is a below average infielder with OK speed. I would trade him for average prospects.

5) Call-up Darwin Barnery: In corresponding move to trading Theriot. I would call Barney up who is batting .312 for Triple A Iowa this year. He is 24 years old and plays above average defence. He also has above average speed and I think would do a better job than Theriot. I would not insert Fontenot as the starting 2B because to me he is only good as the utility man.

6) DFA John Grabow: First you will have to see if someone will take him off of your hands by putting him us a DFA and see if a team will claim him. But everybody should know that is not going to happen and try to see if he will go to the minors to get some work in. But if that does not work, release and pay his contract. (But if I was the GM in the offseason, I would of signed him but not for the much because he did do pretty good last year).

7) Release Bob Howry: There is no need for him on the team as the Cubs are getting younger and younger players can go to the pen to get work in. (This is another move, if I was the GM, I would of never made). I would just pay his 410,000 get him off the team.

8) Trade Tom Gorzelanny and either Baker or Fontenot for a relief pitcher: The relief pitcher would have to be young as the Cubs would be more of a younger team. The Cubs have so many infielders so one has to go and with the Cubs adding Gorzelanny who has pitch pretty good this year, I think that can happen if you put your mind to it.

9) Shop Ramirez, Zambrano, Silva and Soriano: This is only to get there contracts off the book. But if a team wants the Cubs to pay majority of the contract, I say no then. And don't trade any of them. I think all these players will be on the team when the season comes to an end.

10) Put Aramis Ramirez on DL: He is not helping the ball club and when you have a 29 year old in Triple A who is hitting over .400, bring him up. That is to simple of an answer. So it would be, Call up Chad Tracy. Who is also a pretty good defender.

11) Call up Jackson and Diamond: This will fit 2 needs in the bullpen as both are pitching lights out in Triple A and should be on the ball club now. Scouts has praised Jackson's breaking ball and Diamond is a former first round pick of the Rangers.

12) Call-up LaHair, Fuld, and Snyder to fill Bench: Brian LaHair would be the backup 1B for Nady who will need one as he recovers from arm surgery and will need days off here and there. Sam Fuld will fill as the defensive replacement for Alfonso Soriano in late innings and occasional starts. And Brad Snyder will fill as the Cubs 4th OF who is doing pretty good for Triple A Iowa this year.

This is what I would leave the manager: Starters first, reserves second.
C: Soto, Hill
1B: Nady, LaHair
2B: Barney, Fontenot or Baker
SS: Casstro, Barney, Fontenot (if not traded with Gorzo)
3B: Tracy, Fontenot or Baker
OF: Soriano, Byrd, Colvin, Snyder, Fuld.
SP: Zambrano, Dempster, Wells, Silva, Cashner
RP: Marmol, Marshall, Russell, Diamond, Jackson, Stevens, the relief pitcher the Cubs get for Gorzo and Baker or Fontenot.

I know all this moves won't happen right away if at all but these are moves I would like to make and I think it will help the ball-club now and for the future.

Now "if I was the manager". There is not a lot to do right here but lineup and etc.

1) Starlin Castro SS
2) Tyler Colvin RF
3) Xavier Nady 1B
4) Malon Byrd CF
5) Chad Tracy 3B
6) Alfonso Soriano LF
7) Geovany Soto C
8) Darwin Barney 2B
9) Pitcher P

* For some reason I love that lineup with speed at top 2, power, power, contact so he can get on base for Soriano, power, power, contact with speed and then pitcher.

Starting rotation:
1) Carlos Zambrano
2) Ryan Dempster
3) Randy Wells
4) Carlos Silva
5) Andrew Cashner (for now but if he pitches good, he will move up)

Relief pitching:
Closer: Carlos Marmol
Lefty set-up: Sean Marshall:
Righty set-up: Pitcher Cubs get for Gorzo or either Baker of Fontenot
LHP: James Russell
RHP: Thomas Diamond
RHP: Jay Jackson
RHP: Jeff Stevens

1) Koyie Hill C
2) Mike Fontenot or Jeff Baker U
3) Brian LaHair 1B
4) Brad Snyder 4th OF
5) Sam Fuld 5th OF

This is how I would shape up the team if this is how the "brilliant" GM left it for me.

(If I was new owner and chairman Tom Ricketts, I would FIRE Lou Pinella and Jim Hendry first then make all these moves.)

I think if the Cubs did look like this, they will win more games and perhaps make the playoffs too.

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