Monday, July 5, 2010

Cubs Beginning to Sell...(At least Rumors make it sound like that)

The Cubs have not made a trade yet to show that they are beginning to sell but...the rumors are starting to pop up.

The newest rumor is the Cubs will trade starting pitcher Ted Lilly before the July 31st trade deadline and then try to sign or re-sign him in free agency. I am iffy on that because I would like Andrew Cashner and Jay Jackson get a shot to make the rotation as the Cubs will start to rebuild and don't need Lilly as he will keep aging. But I guess if you can sign him to a 1 year contract worth 3 million do it but that's not happening. So if the Cubs trade Lilly, you can say bye bye to Lilly as he won't be a Cub again. Also I would only trade Lilly if you can get a pretty good return for him. Because you can get compensation from him, if the Cubs dare to offer him arbitration which they may not as it will be a good 1 year offer.

Also Gammons said the Cubs are marketing 1B Derrek Lee as he will be a free agent after the year. The only way I can see Lee being traded if the Cubs pay like 3-5 million of his contract and if he will waive his NTC to a California team and the only team I can see is the Angels. But if the Cubs do trade a player to the Angels, I think it will be Nady as he can play 1B and is way cheaper. As of right now I say the Cubs won't re-sign Lee but that can change fast.

Both of these notes by Peter Gammons are by twitter where you can find it here.

Also other players that could be on the move in the next couple of weeks are... They will be number from 1-3, 1 being I think there could be a good chance, 2 being maybe (can go either way) and 3 being I doubt it and pretty sure they won't be traded.
1) 2B/SS Ryan Theriot-1
2) P Tom Gorzelanny-1
3) IF Mike Fontenot-1
4) U Jeff Baker-1
5) P Ted Lilly-1
6) 1B/OF Xavier Nady-1
7) OF Kosuke Fukudome-2
8) 1B Derrek Lee-2
9) OF Alfonso Soriano-3
10) P Carlos Zambrano-3

I am pretty sure all these players will be on the block but I don't expect all them to be traded like Alfonso and Big Z because of there contracts. Also for some players like Lee and Kosuke, how much money will the Cubs eat. Like Baker and Fontenot, I only expect one of them to be traded.

Well here comes the best part of July as your team can gain good players or quality prospects. Also the rumors will start coming and I will try to have it here as soon as it is posted but that has been hard lately. Only like 3 more weeks or so to July 31st. Me like all Cubs fans will just have to wait and see what GM Jim Hendry does in the upcoming weeks. What I want him to do is, cut salary, trade veterans and gain good prospects. So I hope he does this which is unlikely as it is Hendry.


  1. I'm with you on all of these comments, except for adding to two items:

    1) I don't get why so many people are determined to move Gorzelanny. Unlike Lilly (who is 34), Gorz is only 27 (about to be 28 this month); if he is traded for one or more younger players, it likely would be for pitching prospects, in the hope that in a few years one of them could develop into ... Gorzelanny?!?!?

    2) I'm convinced that DLee has been hurt all year; that suggests that he will have no trade value. Until this year, he had been holding up well, with stats that at least ARGUABLY were improving over 2007-2009. I'm comfortable with him at 1B next year; it's the FOLLOWING year that is going to be the good year for FA Firstbasemen ...

  2. I agree with you on Gorzo and Lee. We shall wait and see what happens. Going to be an exciting couple of weeks.