Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is DLEE Playing Hurt...

According to Bruce Levine, major league scouts think Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee is playing hurt. Lee has been injured numerous times over the past years but no DL stints beside in 2006 where he broke his wrist going after a ball in the baseline; where a player (Rafael Furcal) ran into his wrist. Other injuries Lee has had in years past counting this year are neck spasms and back problems that did prevent him from playing in some games.

Last year Derrek Lee started the season to a poor start but after the first month he came out of it. He started the same this but still has not found a way to come out of it. Lee has missed games this year with neck and back problems and that could be the result of the long year slump so far.

Let's see what Lee did last year compare to this year so far. On this date July 7th.
2009: Lee was batting .288 with 16hr, 53rbi, 31 walks and struck out 53 times in 264 at-bats.
2010: Lee is batting .230 with 10hr, 36rbi, 43 walks and struck out 78 times in 305 at-bats.

As you can see in 2010, his batting average is way lower, his home runs and rbi's decrease in not as many at-bats. But his walks do go up and so does his K's. So just looking at that, his stats are not helping out the Cubs this season but his defense still does.

Now will this hurt his trade stock? I say yes as his stats won't help any club but his defense sure will. The teams that could use Lee are the Angels but I say if the Cubs trade them a 1B it will be Nady because he is a cheaper option and the other team is the Giants but there GM already said they will not trade for a rental player. Lee would be a rental because he is a FA after the season and I doubt the Giants will re-sign him. When Aug 1st comes, I say Lee will still be on the Cubs and playing 1B. But as of right now, I say the Cubs will not re-sign him after the season but like I've been saying for weeks now, that could change fast.

So do you think Derrek Lee is playing injured? I gave my thoughts, now let me here yours.


  1. Personally, I'm convinced he is.

    For a historical listing of player injuries, try this site:

    Plug in Derrek Lee and see what you get ... I have no knowledge as to the accuracy of this info ...

  2. Now I'm on the border, he is starting to hit the ball now so who knows if he is or now. The only one that probably knows is Lee himself.