Friday, July 16, 2010

Update on the Rumor Mill...

With the trade deadline about 2 and a half weeks away, the rumors are once again heating up. Here's the latest from the rumor mill.

According to Bruce Levine, the Tigers and Rockies are interested in trading for 2B/SS Ryan Theriot. Also, the Phillies have had conversations with the Cubs regarding Theriot. We have heard this recently but from what I've read, Theriot could be on his way out soon. My guess is, Theriot will be traded and ship off to the Tigers as they are in the most need of an IF; to stay in playoff contention. Theriot would fit their need as he's cheap, a contact hitter and won't cost near as much in prospects as some other players they could be interested in. I don't see the Rockies acquiring him as Tulo will return soon and there need for him, will drop. Also, I don't think the Phills will acquire him as they have good IF depth, Polanco will return in the next couple of days and Utley will be back in a month or two. Theriot is having, one of his worse seasons of his career and that has drop his stock bit time.

According to Bruce Levine, the Tigers, Mets, Twins and Dodgers are among the teams interested in pitcher Ted Lilly. I do expect one of these four teams to acquire Ted Lilly and my bet is on the Twins now. A week ago, I said the Mets but the Mets are losing interest in Lilly as they might of found a new target. That would be the Astros starting pitcher, Brett Myers who is having a better season and is cheaper but...will cost more is prospects. Out of those four teams, I think the Twins are in the most need of a pitcher and Lilly will fill out their need. I would love the Twins to acquire Lilly, so he can beat the White Sox and stop them from making the playoffs. Before Thursday's night game, Cubs general manager Jim Hendry and Ted Lilly spoke about his future. But, both declined to comment regarding the meeting they had. I think they spoke about, him (Lilly) being traded and signing him back in the offseason. We will never know unless something leaks to the media.

According to George Ofman, Mike Fontenot is drawing interest from the Yankees. If the Yanks do in fact have interest in Fontenot, Jim Hendry should work his hardest to get Fontenot off the books and out of a Cubs uniform. The Cubs will get close to nothing for him, as they will probably get a low level prospect for him and that's it. Fontenot never plays and should be traded, as it will clear bench space and maybe a guy like Bobby Scales can see the majors again. I don't know if Fontenot will be traded to the Yanks but...I hope.

According to George Ofman, the Padres and Rangers have interest in Xavier Nady. We have heard this for weeks now but not from him. Levine reported over the weekend, he will be surprise if Nady is not traded to the Rangers within the next couple days. Well, it has been within a couple of days and he's still in a Cubs uniform. I have an unconfirmed rumor, that says Nady will be traded to the Rangers within a week. I do expect the Rangers to acquire Nady, who are in need of a 1B and the Padres don't exactly need Nady. Nady is another player who does not play enough and does not deserve to sit on the bench for days at a time.

According to George Ofman, Jim Hendry is working on package deals with teams in order to try to trade OF Kosuke Fukudome. I wonder what other players would be involved in the trade with Kosuke. If it's not a lot and you could trade Kosuke with the other players, I would do that in a heat beat. And, by the time July 31st comes, I hope Kosuke Fukudone is gone. Two teams that come to mind, of who could have interest in Kosuke are the Red Sox who need OF with all their injuries and the Padres who need OF as there depth is bad. My gut feeling is, Kosuke will be a Cub come Aug 1st and I don't like the thought of that.

Side Note: According to a report from the Tribune, John Grabow won't be able to return from the disabled list until the end of July. Thank god, I have a little more time before I have to watch him lose more games.

Well here's the latest, as the day of July 31st is inching closer. Can't wait!

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