Saturday, July 31, 2010

Theriot and Lilly off too LA...

The day of the trade deadline, the Cubs only made one trade. The Cubs ship pitcher Ted Lilly, infielder Ryan Theriot and 2.5M to the Dodgers for infielder Blake DeWitt, pitching prospects Brett Wallach and Kyle Smit. Cubs GM Jim Hendry and Dodgers GM Ned Coletti have been talking about a trade like this for the last couple days and finally got a deal done. At first glance, people may think the Cubs lost...but when you look more into the players, the Cubs won the trade.

Blake DeWitt is an upgrade over Ryan Theriot by a little bit. DeWitt plays better defense and is a better base runner but...he hits for a lower average and has less speed.

The 2 pitching prospects the Cubs also got in the deal, have good minor league stats and could make the Cubs in a year or two. Cubs fans just have to wait and see what they do in the minors.

Bruce Levine stated that Blake DeWitt will be the Cubs starting 2B. But, he's not at Coors Field (Rockies Stadium) and is not in the Cubs lineup today. Mike Fontenot is the starting 2B today.

Like I said above, this was the only Cubs trade today. However, according to Bruce Levine, the Cubs were close to trading IF/OF Xavier Nady and IF Mike Fontenot. But, the trade was not able to be completed. Look for the waiver period, to be an exciting one.

Us Cubs fans, just have to be patient and see what August brings us. Can't wait!


  1. Any idea where Nady and Fontenot would have been sent?

  2. I have not heard anything but...

    Here's where I think:

    Nady to Texas for a low minor spect. Texas would use him in a platoon at 1B with Davis. He's cheap and also would be a good pinch hitter.

    Fontenot to the Yanks for a mid spect. The Yanks needed 1 more IF that can play all over. Fontenot won't cost much and is good coming off the bench.

    That's what I think.

  3. Texas already made a move to get Cantu to platoon at 1b. Nady doesn't fit there anymore. Of all the utility IFers the Yankees could get why would they want Fotenot over someone who actually plays once in a while?

  4. I still think Texas could get Nady to come off the bench. They are strap with money and this was probably the best option.

    Fontenot has proven in years he can come off the bench and play pretty good. He's cheap and won't cost a lot in spects. That's why I think thye would go after Fontenot. He's also a lefty.

  5. Nady and Fontenot were close, to being traded to the Giants, per Bruce Levine.