Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Lilly Update...

I won't make a big article today but I will write up the latest rumors around the MLB related to the Cubs. Most of the rumors are based around Lilly. Here's the latest:

Ted Lilly to the New York Mets is reportedly on life support. The Mets have cooled on Lilly recently and might not even add a SP at the deadline. A lot of people expect Ted Lilly to be traded to the AL Central. In which the Twins or Tigers will acquire him. They are one and two of who will acquire Lilly. The Cubs had a scout at the Twins/Indians game today but I have no clue why and who he was scouting.

I think if Lilly is traded to the Tigers, Theriot will also be in that trade, going to the Tigers. It would be Lilly and Theriot for prospects. However, I think the Twins will offer more for Lilly as they will be more desperate. It's going to be an interesting week ahead, as I think Lilly will be traded to the Tigers or Twins before his next schedule start. But, I don't now for who.

Pretty much, all the rumors were based on Lilly in the last few days or so. But, much more to come on Lilly and other players on the Cubs.

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