Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Rumors Keep Flowing in...

Sorry for not posting an article in a while, but I was out of town. Here's the latest from around the rumor mill, as the deadline is Saturday.

More Ted Lilly updates:

Ed Price is hearing, but has not confirmed the rumor yet, a JA Happ/Ted Lilly trade in the works. However, the Phills do like Lilly a lot, but they do not like him in there ball park. I would be in favor of the Happ trade because Happ is young at the age of 28, a lefty, and can put up good stats. Like I mention above, this could be a real or fake rumor. So, don't hold me against it, if it is an untrue rumor. Right now, I think it's untrue because the Phills don't like Lilly in their ball park. We just have to see what happens over the next few days.

The Dodgers reportedly have the most interest in Lilly, but to get a deal done, they will have to move money around to acquire him. I think if the Dodgers are able to move money around for Lilly, he will be a Dodger come Saturday evening.

Other teams that have interest in Lilly, besides the Phills and the Dodgers, are the Twins and the Mets. It has been reported, about a week ago that Lilly will decline a trade to the Twins as they are on his NTC list. But, that can change in a moment of time. I don't see the Twins or the Mets acquiring him.

Other non-related Lilly rumors:

The Padres and Diamondbacks are interested in trading for Ryan Theriot. We've heard of the Padres interest in Theriot, but the D'backs interest is new. I have seen on the web that the Padres interest in Theriot, is pretty strong. If that's true, Theriot should be a Padre come August first. I don't know why the D'backs are interested in him as they are in last place and he won't help them be a contender. Will Theriot be traded? I'm 50-50 on that, so I really can't tell. It will be interesting though.

Now to the Derrek Lee saga:

Derrek Lee reportedly told general manager Jim Hendry, he will veto a trade to any team and wants to remain a Cub, to end this season and to finish out his career. It has been reported that Lee rejected a trade to the Angels this month. If I'm not mistakin', this is the second time he rejected a trade to the Angels. I think the first time was a year ago or two years ago. The players in the propose trade were not named.

David Kaplan reports the Cubs have received multiple calls on Lee but now those talks have ended. Teams that have express interest in Lee are the Angels, Rangers and Giants. I don't know if I believe Kaplan because he's wrong half the time. But, I will still post it because it's a rumor.

Here's what Lee had to say about not accepting a trade to the Angels.

"Derrek Lee says he "agonized" over decision to decline Angels deal. Says family played big role in decision"

D-Lee: “When the trade was presented to me, I just felt for me and my family the best thing to do was to stay here."

I'm neutral on the news about Lee. Because, I love Lee as a player and his glove at first base. But, I don't like it because the Cubs might of got good prospects in return and it does not look like Lee will return next season.

It's going to be an interesting few days ahead, as the trade deadline is on Saturday. Too bad I have work the next few days and can't keep updated on the rumors. Oh well...

The one player, I'm pretty sure will be traded is pitcher Ted Lilly. My guess: Los Angeles Dodgers.

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