Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cubs searching for a Power Bat...

Trade Options with the Ownership not in place:

Cubs get 2B Dan Uggla
Marlins get Freel or Miles, Mitch Atkins and Brad Snyder.
That trade can work because Hendry does not have to move money around. Free is making 4 million this year and Uggla is making about 5.5 million.

Cubs get Matt Holliday
Athletics get Kosuke Fukudome, Brad Snyder and Jason Waddell.
I will not like to lose Kosuke but for this only to work the Cubs will need to move Fukudome's contract. Holliday is making 13.3 million this year and Kosuke is making about 42 million over the next 3 years. Holliday is a free agent after this year. The Cubs then move Soriano to second, he can't play any worse than what he is playing in left. In my opinion he looks lost in left field. Then the starting lineup would be Soriano, Kosuke, Holliday, Ramirez, Lee, Bradley, Soto, Theriot and pitcher. I don't care about the more balance of lineup. This lineup might even be better than the Dodgers. The A's are not going to make the playoffs and will want to get something in return for Matt Holliday.

Cubs get Garrett Atkins
Rockies get Miles and 2 minor leaguers.
Atkins is making 7 million this year and with the ownership in secure this trade will be hard to work with the 7 million on Atkins contract. That is why I put Miles in there because he is making 4.25 in 2009 and 2010. Atkins is not hitting good this year but maybe a change of scenery will help to get his stroke back.

Cubs get Jorge Cantu
Marlins get Miles, Atkins and a relief pitcher in the big league or minors.
I think this will be the easiest trade to get done because Cantu is only making 3.5 million this year. With Miles going to Marlins the Cubs save money in less they pay Miles contract and the Marlins pay Cantu's contract and that will work too.

That is some names I can come up with and if you have any thoughts on what I wrote, just leave a comment.

Also lets hope the Cubs have a better month than May, starting with a win against the Braves tonight.


  1. when do u think a trade a power hitter will happen???

  2. I say the ownership will be reolve in 2-3 weeks and you will start hearing rumors abot in1.5-2 weeks. Id the Cubs are going after a power bat, I will say 2-3 weeks. Nat Mclouth if off now, he was traded to the Braves.

  3. Pretty good how you trade Kosuke for Holliday . . then bat Kosuke second . . not sure how we can get that one done