Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bradley, Derosa, A-Ram, and more...

During yesterdays game Bradley was sent home by manager Lou Pinella after he threw his helmet and smash the Gatorade bottle. Pinella told Bradley to take off his jersey and go home, when Bradley was walking down to the clubhouse Pinella and Bradley said words back in fourth. After the game Pinella said Bradley will not be disciplined and will be penciled in for the game today against the White Sox today.

* The Cubs are versing a lefty today and Bradley will bat right where he gets moistly all his hits.
* I hope this sparks Bradley and he starts hitting from both sides.
* If that does not spark him to hit from the left side Bradley should just try and hit righty for all his at-bats.
* If he is still having trouble after that Pinella should platoon Hoffpauir and Bradley in right with Bradley playing against lefties and Hoffpauir playing against righties.

Aramis Ramirez took batting practice for the first time yesterday after dislocating his shoulder 7 weeks ago. Gordon Wittnymer mention today in a report that Ramirez could come off the DL before the all-star break. I see Ramirez going on a rehab start in a week to a week and a half.

According to Gordon Wittnymer of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs had talks about a month ago about reacquiring utiliy man Mark Derosa. Wittnymer says any move about bringing Mark Derosa back to the North Side depends on the price and if the ownership can take on about 2 million in salary. It all depends on the performance of Aramis Ramirez when he returns.

A couple days ago Jason Stark mention the Cubs considering requiring Mark Derosa.

About a week ago the Cubs signed first round pick OF Brett Jackson and yesterday it was said he signed a bonus of $972,000. That is around the right price for the first round pick.

I will keep you posted.


  1. seems to me like derosa is the guy they want

  2. it probably is but what are they going to give wont be marshall only lefty, Ascaino no because young and has potential to be good and Samardzija has a no trade cause whick he said when he signs, want to be with Cubs whole career. Ther package Mitch Atkins, will be in MLB in next 1-2 years but not with Cubs and another player. If they make a deal with the Cubs they wont get a MLB ready player.