Monday, June 22, 2009

Could we see the Cubs Pursue Brian Roberts Again...

According to Rick Dempsey of MASN, says the Baltimore Orioles should dump high priced older players such as Brian Roberts. Brian Roberts just signed a 4 year extension worth 40 million in February of 09.

Rick Dempsey had to say this:
"He is a quality position player who could draw a lot of attention from a contender and be worth a few good young prospects. Now the only reason I suggest B-Rob is because he has probably missed his window of opportunity to win with the O's and now that the nucleus is becoming much younger, having to wait two more years to contend may take Brian out of his prime and out of his value. I would hate to see him go, but it might be the best overall for the Orioles for the future".

Cubs/Orioles trade proposal:
Cubs get Brian Roberts and Danys Baez
Orioles get Mike Fontenot, Jeff Stevens, Mitch Atkins and Jake Fox. I think Fox is the deal breaker.

Roberts will then play second and Baez will be setup man with Guzman for the Cubs.

Brian Roberts is batting .291 with 7 HR, 31 rbi's and 15 stolen bases.
Danys Baex is 4-1 with a 3.22 era with 13 walks and 23 strikeouts. He pitched 36.1 innings.

Fontenot will then play second, Stevens will pitch in rotation (this year or next year), Atkins will pitch in bullpen (not major league ready yet but will be) and Fox will DH (they then can trade Huff to the Mets and move Scott to 1B).

This will work for both teams in a big way.

If the Cubs want this trade to get done, they will have to get permission from Crain Kenney or the O's will have to pay some of his contract, like 5 million this year until the ownership is in place.

Other notable second baseman they might look at:
Brandon Wood of LAA
Felipe Lopez of Ariz
Jose Lopez of Seattle
Jack Wilson of Pitt
Dan Uggla of Florida
That is some names I can come up with that can help the club.

Yesterday on hit and run, on 670 the score. The Cubs assistant GM Randy Bush joined and had to say this:

He said they are getting frustrated with 2B Mike Fontenot and will look for other options. That is why I mentioned Brian Roberts.

He also mention that they will do what they do every year stay on top of the market and see what player they are going to pursue. Also he said it is very likely we will make a move come July, when we have a better understanding of what are needs are.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

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