Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cards Acquire Mark Derosa, Teahen and much more...

Yesterday Mark Derosa was traded to are rivals the St. Louis Cardinals for right hand relief pitcher Chris Perez and a PTBNL. Mark Derosa was in their starting lineup today going 0-3 with a walk and playing third. Man how bad does that blow now.

A couple days ago Hot Stove Cubbies mentioned that the Cubs were interested in Mark Teahen. Today Peter Gammons mentioned the Cubs were in fact interested in Mark Teahen with the Red Sox and Yankees. If the Cubs can get him cheap Jim Hendry better counter what the Cards did and get him. Until Ramirez gets back Fox can play third and Mark Teahen can play second, they won't be losing a left handed bat because Teahen is a left hander.

Aramis Ramirez said today he will not be back until after the all-star game and when there is a day game after a night game he will sit out. That can give more chances to Fox and more of a need for utility man Mark Teahen.

Lou Pinellia said when the Cubs get back to playing NL baseball, he will still play Jake Fox at third. I am really happy for the 26 year old Jake Fox.

Aaron Miles is likely to be placed on the 15 day Dl because his arm still has more fluid in it. Bobby Scales is the likely player to be called up.

Reed Johnson will be back in a couple days and that will be good so Kosuke Fukudome can get a day oll. To me he looks warned out and out matched at the plate.

I will keep you posted on everything Cubs.

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