Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Draft Recap, Mark Derosa

According to the MLB Network, the Cubs and Braves are the 2 finalists to land utility man Mark Derosa. I will not be in favor with this move because Derosa does not suit are needs right now. The Cubs need power and speed and Derosa pretty much has neither.

Here are the players the Cubs drafted on day 1, day 2 and day 3.

Round 1, pick 31: Brett Jackson, position-CF college-California age-20.
Round 2, pick 79: David LeMaheiu, position-IF college-Louisiana age-20.
Round 3, pick 109: Austin Kirk, position-LHP school-Owasson High School age-19.
Round 4, pick 140: Christopher Rusin, position-LHP college-Kentucky age-22.
Round 5, pick 170: Wesley Darville, position-SS school-Brookswood High School age-17.
Round 6, pick 200: Brooks Raley, position-LHP college-Texas A&M age-20.
Round 7, pick 230: Blair Springfield, position-SS school-MacArthur High School age-18
Round 8, pick 260: Robert Whitenaack, position-RHP college-New York age-20.
Round 9, pick 290: Richard Jones, position-catcher college-South Carolina age-21.
Round 10, pick 320: Joseph Thomas, position-3B college-Florida age-20.
Round 11, pick 350: John Mincone, position-LHP college-New York age-19.
Round 12, pick 380: Burundi Davis, position-OF college-Texas age-20.
Round 13, pick 410: Chad Taylor, position-SS school-Jefferson High School age-18.
Round 14, pick 440: Daniel Keefe, position-RHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 15, pick 470: Bryan Shields, position-CF college-Florida age-21.
Round 16, pick 500: Keenyn Walker, position-CF school-Utah High School UT age-18.
Round 17, pick 530: Barrett Dail, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-21.
Round 18, pick 560: Matthew Williams, position-catcher college-Duke age-22.
Round 19, pick 590: Sergio Burruel, position-catcher school-Arizona age-17.
Round 20, pick 620: Eric Erickson, position-LHP college-Miami age-21.
Round 21, pick 650: Greg Rohan, position-1B college-Ohio age-23.
Round 22, pick 680: Derrick Fitzgerald, position-2B college-Virginia age-20.
Round 23, pick 710: Jeffrey Pruitt, position-CF college-California age-21.
Round 24, pick 740: Gerardo Esquivel, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 25, pick 770: Justin Bour, position-1B college-Virginia age-21.
Round 26, pick 800: Stephen Grife, position-RHP college-Ohio age-22.
Round 27, pick 830: Corey martin, position-RHP college-North Carolina age-22.
Round 28, pick 860: Jordan Petraitis, position-3B college-Ohio age-22.
Round 29, pick 890: Timothy Clubb, position-RHP college-Missouri age-22.
Round 30, pick 920: Daniel Sheppard, position-catcher school-Downers Grove age-18.
Round 31, pick 950: Andrew Clark, position-1B college-Indiana age-21.
Round 32, pick 980: Kenneth McNutt, position-RHP college Alabama age-19.
Round 33, pick 1010: John Lambert, position-LHP college-Florida age-21.
Round 34, pick 1040: Joesph Varner, position-RHP college-Texas age-21.
Round 35, pick 1070: Kevin David, position-catcher college Los Angeles age-21.
Round 36, pick 1100: Brandon May, position-2B college-Georgia age-21.
Round 37, pick 1130: Peter Mooney, position-SS college-Florida age-19.
Round 38, pick 1160: Robert Wagner, position-3B, college-Panola age-22.
Round 39, pick 1190: Nicholas Struck, position-RHP college-Oregon age-20.
Round 40, pick 1220: Eric Whaley, position-RHP school Florida age-18.
Round 41, pick 1250: Jacob Schmidt, position-RHP school-Minnesota age-22
Round 42, pick 1280: Trey Ford, position-SS school-Arizona age-18.
Round 43, pick 1310: Colin Kaepernick, position-RHP college-Ohio age-21.
Round 44, pick 1340: Frank Dijiulio, position-RHP college-Florida age-19.
Round 45, pick 1370: Addison Dunn, position-RHP school-Warren Area HS age-18.
Round 46, pick 1400: Glenn Cook, position-CF college-Miami age-24.
Round 47, pick 1430: Joseph Jocketty, position-3B school-Montana age-18.
Round 48, pick 1460: John Massham, position-RHP school-Illinois age-18.
Round 49, pick 1490: Christian Segar, position-CF school-New Jersey age-18.
Round 50, pick 1520: Zachary Cleveland, position-RHP college-Colorado age-20

Positions the Cubs drafted:

I say the Cubs did pretty good on the draft for being towards the bottom of the draft. I say 6-10 players will make the MLB and 2-4 players be in the MLB in 2-3 years.

That is it for the draft and when anything Cubs come around, I will have it.

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