Friday, June 19, 2009

Pedro Martinez Notes and Jim Hendry Looking at Trade market...

The Cubs are looking at the trade market but are unsure of needs as of right now. Jim Hendry is working the trade market harder than ever but does not know what there needs will be in July. Hendry wants to see what production he can get from Aramis Ramirez when he returns to action. Until then he wants his hitters that he has now to start producing and winning games. Hendry also mentions that he in unsure of who he will add come July. All this is according to Gordon Wittnymer of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hendry had to say this: "For me to say either way in the middle of June makes no sense," he said. "We could be in the market for a player we never even dreamed of a month from now, You just kind of stay on top of it every day and react to what you may need."

Players I will love the Cubs too go after and could help in the long run and right now:

Dan Uggla: He can play 4-5 days a week with Fontenot going back to the utility roll which I think he is better at. Uggla is batting .218 with 12 HR and 41 rbi's. Uggla may come cheaper this year because last years he was a all star. Then you can hope he starts playing next year like he did 2 years ago.

Marlins/Cubs trade:
Cubs get Dan Uggla
Marlins get Mike Fontenot Mitch Atkins and Sam Fuld

Jorge Cantu: He can play first, second, third and the outfield. He would be good until Ramirez gets back. He is batting .276 with 9 HR and 43 rbi's.

I say propose the same trade as above. Also not to mention Cantu and Uggla are younger than Fontenot.

Russell Brayan: He would be a good utility player and a replacement until Ramirez gets back. He is batting .307 with 15 HR and 30 rbi's.

Mariners/Cubs trade:
Cubs get Russell Brayan
Mariners get Esmailin Caridad

Jose Lopez: I like this guy because he can make contact and barely strikes out. Lopez is batting .248 with 10 HR and 42 rbis's.

Cubs/Mariners trade:
Cubs get Jose Lopez
Mariners get Mitch Atkins and Aaron Miles. Miles and Lopez's contract pretty much matches up. Just hope they take it.

Felipe Lopez: Lopez is going to be a FA after the season and can hit the ball to all directions. He is batting .300 with 4HR and 12 rbi's.

Cubs/Diamondbacks trade:
Cubs get Felipe Lopez
Diamondbacks get Mitch Atkins

These are some names that are cheap in which Hendry will be able to take on their contracts. You also can say trade Kosuke Fukudome for a guy that can hit in a consistent way. Believe me Jim Hendry will see what value Kosuke Fukudome has at the trade deadline.

Rating them in order who I will want first:
Jose Lopez
Jorge Cantu
Dan Uggla
Felipe Lopez
Russell Brayan

Pedro Martinez Notes:

Pedro told Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald that his arm feels good enough to throw and throw and throw and throw, he just needs to polish his breaking pitches.

Pedro said he's in "tippy-top shape, and joked about starting another career soon: "I'm thinking of becoming a swimsuit model, he said.

Pedro will play winter ball in hopes of playing in 2010 if he doesn't sign this year.

He said money doesn't motivate him.

Ken Davidoff and Steve Zipay of Newsday report that the Yankees are only interested in signing Pedro to a minor league deal.

The Yankees will watch him pitch today, along with the Cubs, Rays and Angels.

Jon Heyman of presents a revised list of Pedro's suitors. In order: the Cubs, Angels, Dodgers, Rays and the two New York teams.

Maybe Pedro Martinez will take a discount to come to the Cubs and play in there bullpen. The Cubs then can DFA David Patton who never pitches.

I will keep you posted.

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