Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quick Hits

Yesterday Pedro Martinez workout with tons of scouts watching him and when the scouts left they said we were unimpressed and not interested anymore. It was said that the Yankees and Angels are not going to pursue him anymore. That is according to Buster Olney. Pedro will have to drop his price down with more and more not looking at him anymore.

Jon Heyman noted with the Cubs ownership unsure, it will hurt their chances of signing Pedro Martinez.

Mark Cuban will not jump in for the re-bidding for the Cubs again.

Buster Olney also mentioned the top 3 suitors for Mark Derosa is the Mets, Cardinals and Cubs. Earlier this week it was said the Cubs are not going to pursue him.

According to Peter Gammons, with the ownership not in place, it will hurt the chances of making a big addition to help their club.

I will keep you posted.

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