Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heath Bell to Cubs, Not Happening...

The unreliable Rogers has another rumor that is rarely going to happen:

Numbered List

In a report Rogers says the Cubs have interest in Padres closer Heath Bell. At the Winter Meeting the Cubs were said to have interest in Bell and according to his sources (imagination) the Cubs do in fact have interest in Bell. The 32 year old would be a nice addition to the bullpen that desperately need a make over. Bell went 6-4 with a 2.71 era in 69.2 innings pitch in 2009. He would come in and set-up for closer Carlos Marmol. As much I would be in favor of this, here is why it will not happen:

1) Padres officials shot down the rumor and backing it up saying we are not trading Bell all offseason. Cubs officials also shot down the rumor right after it was reported.

2) The Cubs would have to include to prospects such as Castro, Vitters, Cashner or Jackson. Possibly to of them in a deal.

My thoughts? As much as I would love to have Bell in the Cubs bullpen to start 2010, I would not trade any prospects in the Cubs top 10 list.

I will keep you posted as rumors might start rolling in this week.

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