Friday, January 8, 2010

NL Central Update...

Here is the latest from the NL Central:

Chicago Cubs:

* The have been searching for a RP, 4th, SP and a bench player. Names in recent posts of options.

* Signed CF Marlon Byrd to a 3 year 15 million contract. Contract backloaded.

St. Louis Cardinals:

* Signed OF Matt Holliday to 7 year contract worth 120 million.

* Have been looking for 3B and have been link to Miguel Tejada but to pricey right now.

Houston Astros:

* Have just signed P Brett Myers to 1 year deal worth 5 million with an option.

* Have signed P Josh Banks to minor league deal.

* Have re-newed contracts with C Josh Towles and Chris Johnson.

Cincinatti Reds:

* They are still in on 21 year old Cuban Defector who is expected to sign in couple days.

Milwaukee Brewers:

* Are expected to meet with P Mark Mulder next week about contract.

Pittsburgh Pirates:

* Have interst in CF Rick Ankiel and relief pitchers Octavio Dotel and DJ Carrasco (both ex White Sox).

I think the Cardinals are better but if Cubs players come back to form they are the best because the Cardinals lost Pineiro, Derosa, Ankiel, and Glaus. Who are all not bad. Also they over paid for Holliday because they were only team interested in Holliday. Also Holliday wont put up same numbers, probably most average.

As of right now Standings are:
1) Cardinals
2) Cubs
3) Brewers
4) Astros
5) Reds
6) Pirates

I will have another one of these down the road.

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