Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cubs Infield Options...

Yesterday I did 4th outfield options and today I will do infield options.

Olando Hudson: Bruce Levine has reported that the Cubs have look at Hudson in the offseason to be there starting second baseman in 2010. For some reason the Cubs do not have Hudson on there list to go after. A reason could be is that Hudson was bench at the end of the 2009 season of the Dodgers in favor for Ronnie Belliard. In 2009 Hudson had a .283 average with 9hr and 62rbi in 149 games. Hudson is not a leadoff hitter but can bat in the 2 hole. I would sign Hudson to a 1 year deal worth 2 million with 1 or 2 mllion in incentives. His price is falling everyday and not a lot of teams are looking at him. He can be a bargain getting closer to spring training.

Felipe Lopez: Levine mention is his chat yesteray that the Cubs do have an eye on Lopez because he can get on base and he is an left handed batter, he can go with Fukudome as only left handed batter in lineup. Lopez started the 2009 season with the Diamondbacks and then traded to the Brewers. The good thing about Lopez, he is listed as a SS/2B. The Cubs then can prepare Theriot at 2B to get ready for upcoming star Starlin Castro. In 2009 Lopez had a .310 average with 9hr and 57rbi. I would sign Lopez to a 1 year deal worth 3-4 million because Lopez can leadoff.

I like Lopez better because Hudson can't leadoff and play SS. But Hudson will probably come cheaper then Lopez. He would be nice at SS so that Castro can get more work in the minors only being 19 years old.

Tomorrow I will have a different kind of post as the position options is over. I will always keep you posted on everything Cubs.

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