Monday, January 11, 2010

Greg Maddux Back in Chicago...

Today the Cubs made another step to try and win the world series by signing former and future Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux. Maddux will be the assistant for GM Jim Hendry. If Rothchild does do a bad job this year, the Cubs have a back up plan in Maddux . Maddux said he would love to be a pitching coach and stay in Chicago to.

Its funny how the Cardinals sign former slugger Mark McGwire and former steroid user who just admitted to that today as there hitting coach and the Cubs sign future pitcher Maddux to there team.

R.I.P.: Cubs relief pitcher Angel Guzman brother was shot to death in his car. I hope everything goes well for him and his family.

I will keep you posted as more news might be revealed.


  1. says it was the brother of Guzman, not Guzman himself.

  2. Cubs reliever Angel Guzman is alive and well

    his brother was shot and killed

  3. My bad I new it was his brother but left that word out. But it still sucks for Guzman. Sorry about that.