Sunday, January 17, 2010

R.I.P. Gaines Adams...

I know this is not related to Cubs but I think it deserves a post:

Today Bears DE Gaines Adams passes away with cardiac arrest (heart attack) from an enlarge heart. Adams was only 26 years old with a bright furure ahead with the Bears.

Adams was the Bucs 2007 1st round pick, 4th overall. He was traded to the Bears in October for a 2010 second round pick. If the Bears can not resign DE Oguleye who is a free agent, Adams was expected to start in his place. Now the Bears plans change and have to find a way and sign DE Oguleye. With the passing of Adams, the Bears will not get a draft pick.

All our prayers of everybody in Chicago, Tampa, and around the NFL are for Gaines friends, pass teammates and his FAMILY.



  1. truly is a sad day for the Bears and the Adams family