Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cincinnati Reds 2010 Projections...

Next up in my week long of series is the Cincinnati Reds 2010 projections.

C Ramon Hernandez: .250avg, 5hr, 33rbi
C Ryan Hanigan: .260, 4hr, 20rbi
1B Joey Votto: .320avg, 28hr, 90rbi
2B Brandon Phillips: .275avg, 22hr, 98rbi
2B Aaron Miles: .220avg, 0hr, 9rbi
SS Olando Cabrera: .285avg, 12hr and 83rbi
SS Paul Janish: .222avg, 2hr and 18rbi
3B Scott Rolen: .299avg, 12hr, 89rbi
OF Jay Bruce: .230avg, 29hr and 88rbi
OF Drew Stubbs: .255avg, 15hr and 33rbi
OF Chris Dickerson: .265avg, 4hr and 20rbi
OF Wladimir Balentine: .229avg, 9hr and 25rbi
SP Aaron Harang: 10-10, 4.19era and 150 K
SP Johhny Cueto: 11-9, 4.30 era and 135 K
SP Edision Volquez: 14-8, 3.80 era and 144 K
SP Homer Bailey: 9-5, 4.10 era, 95 K
Closer Francisco Cordero: 3-4, 2.20era, 55 K, 30-35 in saves
RP Micah Owings: 5-6. 5.40era and 45 K
RP Nick Masset: 6-3, 2.40era and 68 K
RP Arthur Rhodes: 1-2, 2.90er and 52 K
RP Jared Burton: 1-2, 4.00era and 48 K
RP Danny Herrera: 6-3, 3.00 era and 52 K
RP Carlos Fisher: 1-3, 4.50 era and 50 K

Tomorrow I will have the Milwaukee Brewers.

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