Friday, February 12, 2010

NL Central: Houston Astros Offseason in Review...

Next up in my week long of series is the Houston Astros. Like always I will grade the move with a Win, Even or Loss.

Signed 3B Pedro Feliz to a 1 year contract worth 4.5 million. This move is not a big deal but a good signing for a team that does nothing every offseason. He will be starter and they got him reasonably cheap. Win!

Sign RP Brandon Lyon to a 3 year contract worth 15 million. I like the amount they got him for but hate the years for a guy who is an average RP. He will most likely be there closer. He really doesn't put up good stats so it could be to much. Loss!

Sign P Brett Myers to a 1 year deal worth 5 million. I truely love this move for the Stros. They got him a for a good price at 5 million and he can pitch out of the pen and as a starter. He has been good but has been dealing with injuries over the years. If he gets past that, he can pitch really good. Win!

Tomorrow I will have the finale with the lonely Pirates as the Series concludes. So grading them, 2 wins and 1 lost.

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