Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NL Central: St. Louis Cardinals in Review...

I did the Cubs today and not next on the series in the St. Louis Cardinals offseason in review. Again I will grade the moves with a Win, Even and a Loss.

Signed P Brad Penny to a 1 year deal worth 7.5 million. I think they overpaid for a pitcher who has been unhealthy and just plain out average. He pitch in the AL and pitch poorly, he they went to the NL with the Giants and pitch good. But every time when a pitcher comes from the AL to the NL always pitches like a CY pitcher. Loss!

Sign OF Matt Holliday to a 7 year contract worth 120 million. Where should I start, oh I know, the 120 million he got. The Cards GM overpaid him but like 20-30 million because no other team was interested. The Cards just were bidding against there self. Don't get me wrong but he will help them out a lot but with the signing they couldn't sign other needs to fill holes. So that could hurt them. Loss!

I thought the Cubs offseason was quite look at the Cardinals. No trade just 2 major league signings and 3 minor league signings. This 2 major major league signings weer losses to. Tomorrow I will have the Milwaukee Brewers offseason in review which I know they were more busy.

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