Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers Offseason in Review...

Next up in my week long series of recapping NL Central teams offseason is the Milwaukee Brewers. Like always I will grade there move with a Win, Even and a Loss after that move listed.

Signed P Doiug Davis to a 1 year contract worth 5.25 million. I actually like this move for Milwaukee but I think is they waited a little longer to sign him, they could of sign him cheaper. But they did not want to take the chance and sign him which is fine. They need SP and they got one but not the only one. Win!

Sign P Randy Wolf to a 3 year contract worth 29.75 million. I like this mover to, again might of overpaid but which teams does not in this century. He will come in and be there 2nd starter behind Gallardo and give them a lift with that good sinker Wolf has. Again they needed SP and they got them this offseason. Win!

Sign RP Latry Hawkins to a 2 year contract worth 7.5 million. Again it was a pretty nice move, they also need RP and they got him a for a reasonable price. Hawkins will go in as there set-up or closer. Win!

Sign C Greg Zaun to a 1 year deal. The terms were not announce but he was probably for 3-5 million and that could be good. He will go in as there starting C with the lost Kendall and could do a better job with the bat. Win!

Traded SS JJ Hardy to the Monnesota Twins for CF Carlos Gomez. Out of all the moves, I like this the best. They need a CF and they got one who can get on base and steal with his speed. Hardy was good 2 years ago but last year he lost it and was sent to the minors. His lost means nothing with the young rising star Alcides Escobar coming up and doing a pretty good job. Win!

So there is the Brewers main moves this offseason, I will have the Cincinatti Reds tomorrow. For the all the moves the Brewers did I like and gave them 5 wins on all moves.

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