Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Louis Cardinals 2010 Projections...

Next up in my week long of series is the St. Louis Cardinals:

C Yadier Molina: .288avg, 7hr and 54rbi
C Jason Larue: .233avg, 3hr and 13rbi
1B Albert Pujols: .336avg, 44hr and 119rbi
1B/OF Joe Mather: .243, 11hr and 26rbi
2B Skip Shumaker: .299avg, 3hr and 44rbi
2B Julio Lugo: .270avg, 2hr and 24rbi
3B David Freese: .270avg, 9hr and 67rbi
SS Brendan Ryan: .277avg, 7hr and 51rbi
SS Tyler Green: .243, 3hr and 26rbi
OF Matt Holliday: .303, 29hr and 104rbi
OF Colby Rasmus: .256, 18hr and 71rbi
OF Ryan Ludwick: .266, 24hr and 100rbi
OF John Jay: .277, 6hr and 30rbi
SP Adam Wainright: 18-9, 3.03era and 210 K
SP Chris Carpetner: 20-9, 2.80era and 160 K
SP Brad Penny: 11-10, 3.70era and 112 K
SP Kyle Lohse: 7-10, 4.20era and 75 K
SP Blake Hawksworth: 7-5, 3.30era and 35 K
Closer Ryan Franklin: 3-2, 2.20era, 35 saves out of 40 and 42 K
RP Jason Motte: 4-3, 4.20 era and 56 K
RP Dennys Reyes: 1-3, 3.30era and 36 K
RP Trever Miller: 3-2, 2.90era and 50 K
RP Josh Kinney: 1-3, 6.00era and 33 K
RP Kyle McClellan: 5-4, 3.90era and 54 K
RP Jaimie Garcia: 1-3, 5.00 era and 20 K

Tomorrow I will have the Cincinnati Reds in my week long of series.

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