Sunday, February 21, 2010

Notes Around Camp so far...

Heres is the latest aroung the first week of camp for pitchers and catchers. Positionjs players are suppost to meet on Monday.

Ryan Theriot arrvive on Saturday morning in Mesa after arbitration hearing on Friday. He said there is nothing against the Cubs organization.

Carlos Silvan arrive in camp fat and they were not happy. Not a good way to try and make team.

Jeff Samardzija said he wants to make the team as 5th starter out of spring training. Good luck, I see him starting in minors.

Ted Lilly had a MRI on his knee, but results came back negative. Thank God! He also wants to be ready for opeining day. That would be nice but unlikely I think.

That is all pretty much but will have more about camp when it comes out.

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